Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Okie Trad and Laramie Hirsch having Cigars with a Trusted Tulsa Trad

Its the 4th Day of Christmas, and I'm kicking back once again in my Okie Armchair by the Netflix fireplace to blog, smoking a brand spankin' new corn cob pipe with the finest tobacco, given to me by one Laramie Hirsch for Christmas.  Thanks again Hirsch.

corn-cob-legacy-pipe.jpg (350×171)

Readers may have stumbled across an October post about Hirsch and me enjoying a cigar at Classic Cigars and Lounge in Downtown Tulsa.  Talking about our blogging hobby that night, I decided, what the heck, I'd be using my hobby in part as one voice for traditional Catholics in my Local Church.

The original post:  Calling All Okie Traditionalists

13928755-Whiskey-with-ice-cubes-and-cigar-isolated-on-white-background-Stock-Vector.jpg (962×1300)

Cigars with a Trusted Tulsa Trad:

Fast forward a couple months later--last night--Hirsch and I met up again at the same cigar lounge, but this time with a local Tulsa Trad gentleman we've only known so far through Facebook.  He's a man I'd consider to be one pillar in the local trad community.  I'd give his name, but then I'd risk people pressuring him to say who we are, and if so then, well, we'd have to kill him.  haha

So, I'm not exactly in the habit of buying $10 cigars, but it was actually well worth it considering the one cigar would last an hour and a half.  We grabbed a corner towards the back and started ordering whiskeys, rum and diet cokes, and a hot toddy for Hirsch who had a sore throat.  The waitress was attentive with holiday cheer, bringing us endless supplies of Gardettos and Vickis potato chips.

gardettos-snack-mix.jpg (600×600)

This was a new experience for me, already newish to the cigar bar scene, but this time in a group of fellow Okie Trads in the back of a literally smoke-filled room, as it were, ruminating and reflecting on church, society, and daily life.

Subjects varied.  Of course there was the requisite examination of our blogs and the Konderla Affair, but soon we were sharing our stories as traditional Catholics and common experiences with familiar people and places across the Latin Mass scene.  After an hour or so the discussion turned more deeply to details of current, geopolitical affairs--of which I am decidedly ignorant--but no worries, I grabbed a bag of Vicki's and leaned back and listened.  By then I had a very heavy buzz going on from the cigar.  (Mental note: next time ask clerk which cigars give less buzz)

Words of Affirmation:

There are a few things I think I can impart from this somewhat incognito meetup with this Catholic gentleman, who likewise takes the pulse of our Local Church:  it seems we are not alone in our analysis of recent events in the Tulsa diocese, and a similar consternation is running through the local trad community.

Likewise, in our opinion, while there is a time and place to address our specific trad differences, now is the time more than ever for Okie Trads across the spectrum to unite in publicly defending the true Faith. As in, here in Oklahoma.

At any rate, it was an affirming evening.

Are there any local Okie Trads out there who would like to join in next time for cigars and whiskey?  How about Bishop-emeritus Slattery, if somebody knows how to get ahold of him!?

Monday, December 26, 2016

Memory Foam Pillow

Got one for Christmas, and man oh man, thank you Santa.  I've been adjusting and readjusting my pillow on a nightly basis for years.  Last night I felt like I was sleeping with the angels on a soft cloud.  They're about $25, but well worth it.

pillowhand.jpg (600×400)

Anybody need more rum in their eggnog?

May the warmth of the manger keep us warm on this second day of Christmas.

2turtledoves.jpg (599×453)

Two Turtle Doves

Thursday, December 15, 2016

2 New Polls: Are you an Okie Trad? And What Do You Think of the Blog?

UPDATE:  Just a Few More Hours to Vote, My Online Friends!  

Spiked Eggnog and Mistletoe Kisses to All Who Vote!  :)

Monday, December 12, 2016

A Tribute to Homeschool Mothers

I was recently surprised to hear that homeschool mothers here in Oklahoma have been reading my blog, but it seems I haven't been getting the best reviews I guess based on my rants and raves about the new Tulsa bishop's doings.

Here's the deal.  I am a traditional, orthodox, practicing Catholic.  That is first and foremost in the mind of me and my own domestic family.  When I look across the diocese I see a new religion everywhere.  I don't pretend this view is infallible, but I've formed it slowly for decades, and its how I see it from my Okie armchair.

As I said before LINK, I want to write blog posts about the Catholic Church here in Oklahoma.  I want to see it purely for what it is at present, the good, true, and beautiful, as well as the bad, false, and ugly.  I'm an "idealist-realist."

All this said, I want to reach out to and inspire my fellow Okie Trads in particular, and that very much includes our local homeschool mothers.  So here is my tribute to them.

Homeschooling Mothers Rock!

Imagine a man who works two jobs yet finds quality time for his wife and kids and to pray the family rosary.  I have to admit, that's a challenge to imagine.  How many men are like that just here in my local area?

But flip over to the other side of the coin.  In fact there are dozens (if not dozens and dozens) of mothers across just my own diocese who also work two full-time jobs, yet also make time to pray with the family, if not be the one to kneel down at night with their children and be the spiritual leader of the nightly rosary.  These women are heroes.

No-Just-In-Stay-At-Home-Mom.jpg (700×400)

Two jobs?  Yes.  Its doubly heroic.  While most modern women shun the life of a domestic engineer and homemaker in favor of careers, these bold, superhuman souls have embraced the traditional life of matrimony, a word which means "motherhood."  And at the same time, they are able to summon the talent and courage to provide a holistically authentic Catholic education for their children themselves, which they certainly are not getting in public schools or your average postmodern parochial school.  Their work is a silent, at times thankless job.

school1.jpg (400×288)

Imagine rising early to feed husband and children, organize the household's share in daily chores, and then settle into a day of lesson planning, grading, lecturing, academic discussions, and field trips, all the while doing the laundry, cleaning the toilets, frequenting doctors and dentists, and finding time perhaps each week to meet with other homeschooling mothers in the diocese, for shared "coop" classes and healthy socialization.

Dear Homeschool Mothers here in Oklahoma and far and wide, I salute you!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Family and the Holidays

Its the holiday season again which reminds me of my youth when I reviled in excitement for the whole month of December.  The Christmas tree, Nativity set, Advent wreath.  Shopping, outdoor Christmas lights, writing Santa.  And my greatest anticipation was of Christmas eve.  Usually all the relatives would pour into our family's home smiling carrying armfuls of presents.  The tree was now decorated and lit.  My mother being European, she always wanted a live tree that looked like this:

fraser-fir-christmas-tree.jpg (300×399)

It was a jolly evening of egg nog, litte quiches, mini eggrolls, my sister's specialty chocolate chip cookies, my mom's favorite of ruffles potato chips with French onion dip.  Lots of "So how have you been doing?"  Lots of "Oh you're getting bigger since the last time I saw you."  By the end of the evening we were beat, and the Catholics were off to midnight Mass, me an hour early to prepare to help serve Mass.

But like many American families, throughout the 364 other days of the year our family contacts and support were at best mediocre.  A lot of infighting, petty quarrels, and cool neglect to give support to each other, but mixed in with a few visits and good deeds.  And I was always the little peacemaker wanting the family to come together.

Decades later, our Fam-damnily, as I sometimes call it, is the same or worse. Family get-togethers are more sporadic, smaller, and shorter.  Its hard.

As I'm writing this I glance at the Nativity set.  There's the Holy Family.  Joseph, Mary, and the Baby Jesus (hidden under a mini blanket until midnight Christmas eve).  Its cold outside.  I don't expect we'll be spending any get-togethers with family these holidays, save my mother, despite our best wishes.

Every year I've hung onto the expectation of some level of family warmth during the holidays.  I suppose its an attachment I formed in my youth bursting with energy those Christmas eves, waiting for our relatives to come over for an evening.

But this year I'm going to try and do it differently.  It will be a quiet but spiritually-renewing Christmas, God-willing, doubly focused on the "real meaning" of Christmas.   This Advent feels rightly some light sorrow for me, fitting for this liturgical season, but in a couple weeks Christ will come and be our Joy!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: The Okie Traditionalist Interviews "Pope Michael" of Kansas, USA

Disclaimer: consider this is a "Catholic human interest story" to give ya'll some momentary relief from the latest ecclesiastical gaslighting coming from Francis. I'm not a proponent of the papal claims of one Pope Michael.  Its just that I think he's thought-provoking and refreshingly genuine.  I address him as "Pope Michael" since that's the name he's been going by for decades.  

Introduction:  So, there's a traditional Catholic man who, for over 25 years, has been living his life in rural Kansas with the earnest conviction he was validly elected to the papacy in 1990.  Over the years, I couldn't help be curious about his story since he lives just one state north of mine, and turns out was born and raised in Oklahoma City.

I recently pondered his story here: LINK. A fellow trad blogger Mahound's Paradise followed suit here LINK. And Kudos to Canon 212 blog for picking up our posts.

Pope Michael Documentary.  About an Hour Long. 

He has almost entirely been characterized over the years as a bizarre, loonie phenomenon of the traditionalist movement.  I understand that.  But to me there's something beneath the common laughable caricature of him--a quiet, humble, devout man who has something relevant to say, to whom at least some traditional Catholics can relate during this time of ecclesial crisis.   I know I've personally found his youtube videos edifying over the years.  I may be risking my blog stats on this one, but my bet is you'll find his willing interview compelling and elevating.

Without further ado, I give you Pope Michael the First, of Topeka, Kansas...

Interview with Pope Michael:

Thank you Pope Michael very much for granting The Okie Traditionalist blog this interview.  Perhaps past interviews with others have focused more directly on your claim to the papacy, and contesting the legitimacy of the popes and bishops following Vatican II.  But I’d like this interview to be a bit different.   I would like to get your insights as a man, as a Catholic--who yes I believe sincerely believes he was actually elected to the office of pope--but who, like many of us confessing the traditional Catholic Faith, is first and foremost trying to become a saint.

Can you tell us where you are now living? About the house you’ve settled into? What your day-to-day life is like?

I live in an old Victorian house built in the late 1800's in the neighborhood of Oakland in Topeka. It is four bedrooms and three baths and in need of a bit of work yet as it was a repossession. I live with Frater Francis Dominic, who joined me over a year ago to work for the Church. Our life is simple. We rise about 6:30 and have an hour of prayer from 7:30 to 8:30 followed by Mass. After Mass we eat breakfast and are off to work. Frater Francis Dominic now manages I write and study, as well as run Christ the King Library This is what feeds us. We are bringing out of copyright Catholic books back into print, because truth is timeless.

We have Rosary together at three in the afternoon in conjunction with one of our priests, who prays from his home at the same time. We plan dinner for around seven in the evening. Before dinner we may sit on the porch in the summer or in the living room in the winter for a spell. We retire about nine in the evening. Some times we will watch a religious video on the internet or even a movie to relax, as we have no cable television.

I’ve heard your mother’s health has declined. How is she doing? She strikes me as a salt-of-the-earth Catholic with a warm heart. PS My condolences on your brother’s passing. May he rest in peace.

Mom started slowing down shortly after her 83rd birthday in 2011. When I moved to Topeka in 2013, she moved into independent living. She drives over for Sunday Mass every week, unless snow is expected. Then I pick her up the day before and she spends the night in our main floor guest room. She will also come occasionally and spend the night or even a day or two and participate in prayers as well as eat some of her favorite foods. During the All Souls Octave, we took a trip out to visit Dad's and my brother's graves and pray to gain the plenary indulgence for the All Souls Octave. Mom and I made it to a cemetery every day of the octave as we both have a special devotion to the Poor forgotten Souls in Purgatory.

This may be a challenging question. Can you relate to us on a human, personal level what it has been like to live life for over a Quarter of a Century in Kansas, USA believing you are actually the pope, while almost everyone dismisses you as either "crazy" or an "anti-pope." Can you share with readers what this has been like for you?

This is a challenging question. I am a veteran in the movement, leaving Novus Ordo 44 years ago at age 13. This was an unpopular decision and not 'religiously correct' nor acceptable. We believed that we are in the Great Apostasy (II Thessalonians 2) and were ready to be persecuted and possibly even martyred. And this shaped my thinking. In making the decision the question is not whether or not anyone will accept, but is this God's will.

Several times I had to make unpopular decisions, that brought ridicule and even shunning, because of my position. “And you shall be hated by all men for my name' s sake: but he that shall persevere unto the end, he shall be saved.” (Matthew 10:22) And so, when I realized we needed to organize the election of a Pope, I was ready to be hated. I was ready to be called every name in the book, and this for helping organizing the election of a Pope. When three quarters of those showing solid support began making excuses why we should not proceed now, I knew it would be difficult. Most were based on human respect, which we know is worse than worthless. It has not been easy. Many surrounding me for a quarter of a century wanted an easy way to end the problem, when God expects us to be faithful to His holy will and do the work He gives us.

Turning to the issue of Francis in Rome. Overwhelming evidence suggests he holds a heretical opinion on Communion for the divorced-and-remarried. 4 cardinals have publicized their dubia. A line has been drawn in the sand. Aside from the question who is currently the true pope, what are your thoughts on this situation?

For many, this will be a time of decision.  We all had these times in the past, which is why we are where we are today. In 1972 for my family it was whether or not to depart Novus Ordo, which we decided to do. Traditional Catholics know the true doctrine, that the divorced and remarried may not receive Holy Communion while living in sin. In fact, in the United States there is an excommunication from the Second Council of Baltimore for those who divorce and remarry. (Under Paul VI, the US Bishops asked for this excommunication to be removed, and Paul VI removed it.)

It is my opinion that Francis will reaffirm his heretical position, which will make it clear that he willfully adheres to heresy. Saint Robert Bellarmine states that a man cannot be head of a Church, which he has departed by heresy. It will be time for people to deal with the fact that Francis is not Pope and then look into the matter more closely.

I’m curious what you think of President-elect Donald Trump? Did you vote for him? Do you think his unexpected election was perhaps a divine intervention for the good of our country?

First of all President-elect Trump is one of the things wrong with this country. He is a public adulterer as was one other president in history, Ronald Reagan. Trump is on his third 'wife', while Reagan was on his second. “[16] Jesus saith to her: Go, call thy husband, and come hither. [17] The woman answered, and said: I have no husband. Jesus said to her: Thou hast said well, I have no husband: [18] For thou hast had five husbands: and he whom thou now hast, is not thy husband. This thou hast said truly.” (John 4:16-18) Note both men are 'conservatives', which means conservatives have lost sight of the doctrine that marriage lasts until death. None of the Democratic Presidents have been divorced and attempted to remarry.

The family seems to be one of the main institutions under attack by Satan today and the enemies of the Church. What counsel can you offer married people and parents at this moment in time, 2016?

First of all, pray for your family and for yourself. Daily family Rosary is not enough. If the schedule allows add morning and night prayers. Marriage is a school of selflessness, especially once you have children. Learn the Faith thoroughly, especially in matters regarding marriage and raising a family. I recommend getting rid of the television. You do not have time for the TV. Married couples need to spend quality time together and parents need to spend time with their children.

You need to do little things with your children. I have seen too many parents become so involved in trying to 'save' the Church or in fighting abortion, that they lose their own children. Parents, do your home work. Can we expect our children to come to us with serious questions, if we do not have a strong bond with them already? We need to make our own family our first priority after our own salvation. We need to stop getting distracted by 'side' issues. Instead we need to build strong families and prepare the children to follow our own good example.

Looking out across America and the world, you yourself are observing spiritual darkness. Disbelief, atheism, even public acts of satanism. What advise can you give to those professing the Catholic Faith, trying to become saints during these times?

“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.” (Apocalypse 18:4) We need to spiritually step away from the world. We need to spend our time on task, the task of becoming a saint. Some want to protest the public acts of satanism, but let us look to the early Christians. How did they counter a pagan world? They became saints, standing firm for the Faith when called. There were no protests in front of pagan temples, but prayers ascended from their homes.

We need to study the science of the saints and become masters of this science. We need to tend to our own duties and let the rest of the world do what it will. We need to live the Catholic way of life and preach by our good example, ready to put in a word when God gives an opening. An hour a day in prayer, true prayer would be a good idea. Begin with meditative reading of good spiritual books, such as Soul of the Apostolate. Meditation is nothing more than a sermon we preach to our own self from which we draw resolutions to conform our will more to the will of God.

Would you be open to more interviews in the future? What websites can readers look at to learn more about you? I’m sure readers would be interested to hear your views on church and world events as they unfold in the months and years to come.

Yes I would be willing to discuss issues as they arise.

Thank you again Pope Michael for this interview. I hope it will give readers a chance to know more about you. God bless.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jack Mikkelson: a Great Up-and-Coming Traditional Catholic Novelist

My Bloggermeister Extraordinaire, online culture warrior colleague Laramie Hirsch, of the well-followed Traditional Catholic blog The Hirsch Files, has taken a hiatus from writing his blog for this month of November to work on his latest novel.

But before departing for his writing retreat, Hirsch plugged another Trad Cat novelist named Jack Mikkelson.  So I'll follow suit in this blog post to promote the kind of contemporary literature this society needs to re-establish a connection to all that is natural, realist, good, true, and beautiful.  This books reminds me of the stuff of Christian fantasy literature popularized by J.R.R. Tolkein or C.S. Lewis.  I give you...

bovodar+cover.jpg (398×624)

Just $2.99 on Amazon.  BUY IT HERE

Would make a good read over the long Thanksgiving weekend, don't you think?!

Friday, November 18, 2016

"The Four" Ask Pope Francis for Clarification--a Watershed Moment?

(Update:  10/22/16.  Head Bishop of Greek Episcopal Conference accuses The Four of apostasy, heresy, and schism.  As reported by Steve Skojec over at OnePeterFive.  LINK)

Whew, thank God for an end to a long work week!  I'm kickin' back in my Okie armchair this chilly Friday evening puffing away on a Swisher Sweet cigar. They're cheap but make for a good long smoke.

So folks it looks like we may be witnessing a potential Watershed moment in the Francis Papacy.  Coming down the pike this very week, a group of senior, conservative Cardinals--now called "The Four"--led namely by Cardinal Burke--upped the ante and called Pope Francis' bluff, making their doctrinal Dubia public.  Francis had not given any definitive, Yes-or-No answers to their simple, crafted doctrinal questions Re Communion-for-the-Divorced-and-Remarried, or what I like to call the Francis Heresy.  The Remnant Reports About it Here

dambreaks.jpg (500×375)

Watershed Moment??

The Four have got the progressivist pontiff backed into a corner in plain view.  If he doesn't answer, his silence proves that his Amoris Laetitia document on the family in fact does officially permit sacrilegious reception of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in certain circumstances.

I'd bet a months wages Francis RIGIDLY remains closed-lipped.  But wait,  didn't he recently call young Catholics devoted to the Traditional Latin Mass rigid?

Will more cardinals and bishops publicly and openly join The Four?   Behind every orthodox bishop is a Catholic who knows his faith, but the question will be, will they be brave enough to unite once and for all in publicly defending that Faith?

Something must be stirring in the minds of many at least conservative-leaning cardinals right now after The Four confronted Francis.  I can imagine them asking "Is it time to consider the possibility we're dealing with an effectively heretical pope?"  For decades, virtually no prelate (well I can think of one or two exceptions!!) has had the balls or doctrinal clear-mindedness to publicly confront the Vatican modernists!  ............UNTIL NOW!

cardinals_810_500_55_s_c1.jpg (810×500)

"The Four"

Think of all the apostasy coming out of the Holy See itself these last five decades. Think of all the homosexual prelates (still) in the Vatican, and those prelates (still) criminally covering up Universal Clerical Pedophilia from the Top-Down!  But chew on this:  UNTIL NOW, no Vatican cardinal has summoned the courage, bravery, fortitude, grit, or guile to publicly confront the modernist Powers-that-Be on any of it!

Turning to Cardinal Burke, he strikes me as committed to the end to see this Initiative finalized.  I believe he's got the wisdom and cojones to go the distance on this.  What other cardinal or bishop is so poised to lead the confrontation of Francis' revolutionary pontificate?

pic003.jpg (708×475)

Kind of Reminds Me of Archbishop Lefebvre 

Momentum Growing?

If by a miracle, conservative, patriotic Americans can get Trump elected last week (!!!), stepping on the head of the all-powerful liberal Establishment, what if--I say what if--we traditional, conservative Catholics can similarly galvanize orthodox cardinals and bishops to FINALLY stand up to the Modernist Revolution under the Francis Pontificate?!!  Miracles do happen--like they did on November 8th.  I'm still pinching myself.

800,000 have signed this PETITION to Pope Francis on behalf of the Family!

This Watershed Moment would take a concerted, global unity of sorts, united at least in spirit.  The SSPX, FSSP, and other traditionalist organizations, all the pro-life/pro-family Catholic apostolates, all the disenfranchised, orthodox Catholics wanting answers, uniting behind The Four--with Cardinal Burke at the helm!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Yes, I Kinda Like "Pope Michael" of Kansas! :)

I may be the only one.  His parent's elected him pope.  He spends his day divided between his private library and chapel.  He wears a white cassock.  He's got what five followers in the world including his mother?  Its obviously an odd story.

POPE.jpg (400×300)

Pope Michael of Kansas

But to me this guy in the state just north of mine, is sorta cool, in a quirky kinda way. Gotta admit, he's likable.  I'm willing to stake my blogging stats and go out on a limb with this one.  The guy is more of a knowledegable sage than say the Dimond bros., or whoever is running

Pope Michael on Youtube

To me, the guy is harmless, and in a way I can understand his mental universe.  I mean, if I were a sedevacantist (only this current pope could tempt me to consider that thesis), and if the Church is supposed to have permanent successors to St. Peter--right?--then logic would dictate to me there'd need to be an extraordinary papal election of some sorts.  Would make sense.

I suppose if I had thought the chair was empty for several decades, I'd probably have been a "conclavist" too.  David Bawden, pardon me Pope Michael the First, took the next step and researched the issue, wrote a book about it, sent it out around the world.  But only a few people responded showing up to the Kansas conclave back in 1990.  So by default, he got the vote.  At least there's some logical consistency in the narrative.

And then the poor guy gets no followers, but continues to believe he was validly elected pope, so he plugs away since 1990! at his Vatican-in-Exile from rural Kansas.  And he's still pluggin' away in 2016.  Man oh man, think about it.  What if he were somehow actually pope (he's not, I'm being ironic), can you imagine the absurdity of living in his shoes when no one will believe you, but you are actually the Vicar of Christ?

The Moral of the Story:

I emailed him once out of curiosity and to challenge him, and he responded with manners and civility. A wacky friend, tempted by idleness I suppose, visited him once from Oklahoma for kicks just to get out of town.  Pope Michael put him up for the night, allowed him to attend his Mass (it was a "dry Mass," this was before somehow he got ordained a priest and later a bishop), the guest bedroom was laid out very nicely, and the pope's mother made a fine dinner, and breakfast the next morning.  I hear she is a good cook.

Every time I hear the story of Pope Michael its about an eccentric, anomalous guy from Kansas, a sedevacantist (i.e. until he filled the chair), traditionalist Catholic with the idiosyncratic belief he is somehow the pope.  But I think this characterization misses a deeper story.  His story is that of a lot of traditional Catholics out there--including me--understandably crazed by the Crisis in the Church, shifting back and forth across the traditionalist, polemic spectrum, yet trying to be faithful and holy. Some just go a bit too far.

I think this soul doesn't even rise to the level of an anti-pope.  He's an interesting, at times edifying fellow from rural Kansas who has a few things to say to Catholics.

A few years back, some students from Notre Dame made an entertaining, sleepy kind of documentary about David Bawden, uhum I mean "Pope Michael."  I think its somewhat telling of the absurd times we are in, and I bet some of you could kinda relate to this guy, as traditional Catholics.  Without further ado...

Full Documentary.  Pop some Popcorn!

As Always, the Comment Box is Open!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

TULSA DIOCESE UPDATE: What's Going to Happen to Fr. Ripperger's Exorcist Order, or Mother Miriam's Community??

Re: the Doloran Fathers:

Most-Sorrowful-Mother-3-980x551.jpg (980×551)

(Former) Monastery for the Doloran Fathers, Northeast Oklahoma.  Once a refuge for troubled souls seeking spiritual support.

I've been getting emails asking for updates on the new situation in the Tulsa diocese.  I've felt the pulse of my fellow Okie Trads, and its irregular and elevated.   As for the Doloran Fathers, all I know objectively at the moment is that they have reopened their website (LINK):

During their time of transition from Tulsa, the priests of SMD request your prayers.  During the transition period, we have been informed that the society remains a Public Association of the Faithful.

In my mind's eye I'm looking across the Okie landscape imagining the Monastery established in the countryside by the Exorcist priests.  I am imagining them waking early to say their private Latin Masses and then spending the rest of the day packing up their belongings, explaining to donors and supporters what happened, reserving U-hauls, and making last-ditch efforts to find a sympathetic bishop that will take them in.

When I reported their Shut Down back in September, I learned a lesson in prudence and choice of words, being schooled by Mother Miriam (who's also been trying to start an Order in Tulsa) of the Daughters of Mary.  And so if/when there is more news to report, I want to make sure I have very concrete details, which are of certain public knowledge, about the fate of these traditional Catholic communities.

4178107-Exact-measurement-of-inch-2-54-centimeters--Stock-Photo.jpg (1300×1005)

Want to Get the Details Right

If you can help me with any of these questions, please either Comment below or email me (see email upper right corner).

1. Has Bishop Konderla publicly explained yet in detail his decision?

2. Do we know yet what is +Konderla's attitude towards the Latin Mass and trads in his new diocese?

3. Is there any chance the Exorcists priests will find a new home?  Or will they have to return to their former dioceses or religious communities?

Re: Mother's Miriam (renowned Jewish convert/EWTN contributor), and the Daughters of Mary (also attached to the Latin Mass):

1. Do we know yet if/when Mother Miriam's Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope community will be permitted by Bishop Konderla to take the habit and to take religious vows?

2. Has the new Bishop given any assurances (including to the donors and supporters in the diocese) that he will not also shut them down?

Again, if you have any concrete, public info, please email me or comment below.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pope Francis Characterizes Young People Attached to the Latin Mass as "Rigid"

I'm sure a bunch of you are like me, in the category of "young trad."  It seems the Holy Father, Pope Francis, thinks we're "rigid" for preferring the Traditional Latin Mass.  What a pleasant thing to read about this restful Saturday morning.

pope-francis-interview-1980284w300.jpg (300×200)

Here's what he said the other day in an interview, as reported on Rorate Caeli Blog.

My Comments: 

I take the pope's comment as an insult to traditional Catholics.  And if you're a Latin Mass Catholic pretending this pope respects you or the Latin Mass, think again.  This pope looks down on you.  You are full of human weaknesses beyond saving.  He is not trying to counsel or convert you from your "rigidity."  He's rejecting you as a Weirdo.

It all baffles the mind.  Christ's Vicar repeatedly insulting Catholics trying to be faithful to the timeless teachings and practices of Christ and His Church, to save their souls.

Whatever.  I'm still celebrating the Election, basting my slow-roasting fatted calf in my backyard, drinking Rum 'n Cokes.

Friday, November 11, 2016

We've Gotta Celebrate Our Victory, AND Take Pleasure in Their Defeat!

For me, election night was, while exhausting, one of the best nights of my life!!! Praise the Living God!!!!  A bona fide miracle!  I could't believe it.  What a privilege to witness an exact moment in our country's history where God Himself seemed to intervene to tip the scales at least in the direction of the Social Kingship of Christ.  One person beat the odds against the Establishment, like David vs. Goliath.

Te Deum's are being sung across social media by traditional Catholics. A major battle in this culture war was won, and the enemy is showing the horror of their humiliating defeat, like demons screaming in terror as they spiral down into hell.

dore+david+goliath.jpg (500×300)

David holding up the Head of Goliath

But Where is the Celebration??

The day after the election was a bit mystifying for me here in conservative, bible-thumping Oklahoma (65% voted for Trump).   It was a bit of an echo chamber, the only noise I heard coming from bitter, liberal sore losers.  What deafening silence from the conservatives in my own state, knowing what a historic, monumental victory conservative America had the night before.  Nary a smile or knowing glance from my fellow Okie, let alone any hoots or hollers.

Its gotta be Fear.  Fear of letting any liberal at your work, school, or marketplace know that you're a red-blooded conservative, a true-believing Christian.  I'll admit, I feel that fear.  We've become culturally conditioned by political correctness to be afraid of openly being who we are in public, because--until now at least--they have devised ways of undermining our socio-economic status if we do.

Our fear needs to come to an end!

71KpvfCqQzL._UL1500_.jpg (1500×1196)

Get Yours Here, just 99 cents:  LINK

Now is the time! President-Elect Trump, with all his flaws, is our proven leader and hero in rising above political correctness and fear.  One self-funded maverick stood up against all the Powers-that-Be, and on behalf of the common man, got elected to Presidency.  We, the anti-Establishment, need to follow his lead.

My hope is we traditionalist conservatives will seize this historic, divinely-appointed moment to rise up and fear no more.  To 1000% celebrate the victory of Trump and the American People over liberals and liberalism.  To set aside once and for all any scruples to celebrate God's punishment of these anti-American, pro-sodomy, pro-abortion, anti-Catholic Nazi Traitors of our country.  Pray for them, evangelize them, have hope for them, but treat them for what they are, sworn enemies who want us dead, or worse, to not even exist.

Did not David cut off the head of Goliath and hold it up in celebration that an Enemy of God's People was defeated?  When the Allied Forces took Germany to end World War II, did they not rightly break out the champagne to celebrate Hitler's death?

20f88127f43e95155822618e7b222d93.jpg (236×148)

Before Political Correctness turned us into Zombies

So let us reclaim our human nature and once again hold our heads high, tell people we are happy Trump won and will Make America Great Again, wear our Trump hats when we run up the street for groceries, and stop taking shit from the godless, liberals.

The next phase of the culture war has just begun, with President-Elect Trump at the helm!  Te Deum!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Donald Trump Wins the Election! You Heard it Here First!

Denial_riverinegypt.jpg (700×500)

Its 2:30am EST and the reluctance of Hillary-Podesta and their paid-for Print Media to admit Trump has won Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (not to mention more states to come), and therefore won the Election (Halleluiah!!!), is as absurd as it indicates Mass Liberal Nasty Denial.

Reminds me of Dumb and Dumber:

Michael Voris' CMTV Live coverage is at this moment discussing the absurdity of this mass denial of the liberal elites, not to mention the cowardice of some conservative media to call this election.  Kudos to them.

Therefore, little me, The Okie Traditionalist, will call the election! :)

Donald Trump has won the necessary 270 Electoral Votes and

I do hereby proclaim Donald Trump President-Elect of these United States of America.

Praise the Almighty God!  Tonight was a Miracle.  Time for bed...tomorrow (hopefully) we throw the biggest party of the 21st Century!

fireworks-LOTI.jpg (1000×664)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Day has Arrived

The annoying NeverTrumpers and despairing Naysayers have been salivating in their prediction of a Trump loss.  Yet, I'm praying my rosary and holding out hope. Or perhaps I'm holding my breath, like a Cubs fan going into the World series. The clock ticks.  By the end of Tuesday, tomorrow night, we will know the fate of our country.

tick-tock-Google-Search.png (475×260)

If Hillary Wins:

Satanic black masses will be said around the country in celebration.  Hillary will bow in thanksgiving before her private altar to the Evil One.  Soros, et al will throw an all-you-can snort orgy for the New World Order elite--Billy (and Jeb) Bush will be the guests of honor.  Millions of unborn children otherwise saved under different election results will await their bloody slaughter. Polygamists will make a bee-line for the Supreme Court.  Russia will continue preparing for World War III.  Political correctness will go on a raping rampage against conservative Christians like you and me.

leadspiritcooking-696x604.jpg (696×604)

The Next Secretary of State?

And I'll have to buy land out by Clear Creek monastery, or move to St. Mary's, Kansas.  Something.  I will further retreat and adapt.   Sacks of rice, treated water, and ammunition.  It will mean a major defeat in this culture war.  It will mean chastisement rather than some relative relief.  God's Will be done.

If Trump Wins:

BUT, WHAT IF, just WHAT IF...tomorrow night these ongoing polls are proven fraudulent, and Trump wins those key states??  It could happen.  All the unborn babies around the country will leap in their mothers' womb.   Day One, Trump will repeal all illegal Obama Executive Orders. The building of "the Wall" will ensue.  Maybe it'll be the 8th Wonder of the World.  If so, I'd bet Trump will literally have Big Gold Doors for the legal immigrants.  A one-man War on the Establishment and Globalism will be waged from the Oval office.  What entertaining consolation, at least for the next 4 years!

I will kill a fatted calf and host a week-long block party in my neighborhood with overflowing liquors and wine.  All personal debts and harbored injuries will be forgiven.  By a miracle of God, tomorrow just might end up being one of the happiest days of my OUR life.  Dare we hope?

HERO_IBIZA_CLOSING_PARTIES_Privilege.jpg (1600×900)

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Friday, November 4, 2016

An Okie Traditionalist Mother Writes into the Blog

Last week I decided to step out on my front porch and blast my trumpet across the Traditional Latin Mass Movement of Oklahoma, to offer what help this little blog might give our Local Church. (Calling All Okie Traditionalists).

One devoted Catholic Mother named Andrea, from a RURAL parish south of Oklahoma City, as she describes it, responded expressing her experience as a traditional Catholic riding the Back Pew in her local, modernist parish.

Michelangelo-pieta-detail-2.jpg (600×600)

A Mother Writes In (emphasis mine):

You describe our situation exactly. We would be the traditionalist sitting in the back row of the Novus Ordo, cringing as we try not to notice the gum chewer to our left, the short skirt and low-cut blouse to the right . . . here comes the part where everyone holds and lifts hands, another Protestant infiltration, Our Sacred Lord placed in dirty hands and flopped in the mouth . . . Even the hymns are not reverent; "They will know we are Christians by our love" was written by an ex-priest (Peter Scholtes). One gets weary having to sing Protestant hymns every Sunday. Coming out of mass, I feel saddened and worn out. So much disrespect for the Eucharist. How does one block every bit of it out? It is difficult and with 4 children in tow, everything matters so much more.....The Oklahoma parish we currently attend is VERY tiny. We are the only family with younger children there. I had a conversation with one of the older parishioners (she is in her late 60's). She seemed angry when I mentioned my love of the Latin mass. Her comment was how horrible it was, how she was just a "spectator" and didn't get to be "involved". I pondered her comment for a good long while. This, indeed, is the root of the whole problem. The mass, that was once solely "about" Christ, is now about US or ME. I'm bored, I want to be a part of it too, I want to pass communion out too, I want to do this and that, etc. It's all me, me, me. And there you have it: altar girls, lay ministers, musicians with guitars only a few feet from the altar, which family gets to carry up the gifts this Sunday . . . and the list goes on and on. And then, somewhere in all of this distraction, is our Precious Lord.
We are all suffering. I hold on to what Christ said, "...the gates of hell will not prevail against His Church." And so, I wait . . . patiently at times, and not so patiently at other times. And once in a while, we get to attend a Traditional Latin Mass . . . the mass that my generation was robbed of..

Thank you Andrea for standing up and sharing your story from Rural Oklahoma. I'd estimate there are on the order of Thousands of traditional Catholics here in Oklahoma like this mother, "sitting in the back row of the Novus Ordo," with very similar experiences.

ok-largemap.png (756×550)

My Thoughts:

Allow me to add some comments on the sections I underlined above.  I think it can be easily forgotten--I know I do--that perhaps far more traditional Catholics across the RURAL parts of our state (as in other states) are enduring the mental-spiritual torture of their local Novus Ordo Mass, then the hundreds of urban Trads blessed by Providence to be able to make it regularly to their TLM in the city.

This devout Catholic Mother asks how she can "block every bit of it out" with 4 children?  Coming out of Mass she feels "saddened and worn out."  The realist in me, who sees no way to divorce the mind from reality, sees no way to "block out" the pervasive Ecclesiastical Mental-Spiritual Abuse, except by staying home on Sunday to pray.

Her anecdote about the angry, older woman in her parish bashing the Latin Mass of her youth, makes me want to go outside and scream.  But considering its 11:30 pm, that might not be the best idea.  I find it ironic those who disdain our Catholic Tradition are often our church elders (lay and ordained alike), while those reconnecting with Tradition tend to be the younger generations.

Anyway, its getting late and I better wrap it up.

If you ever have a similar experience at your own "local, modernist parish," please stand up and share to help readers better re-orient themselves towards the traditional Faith/Church.

Have a restful, cool (finally, thank God), Fall weekend!  I'll be making chili and lighting a fire tomorrow evening!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Calling All Okie Traditionalists!

Ruminatin' and Reflectin' about this Blog:

fence-sitting-cowboys.jpg (600×402)

Late last night, while puffing on a cigar and sipping my usual diet Coke with rum, I enjoyed a conversation with my fellow Okie Trad Blogger Laramie Hirsch (HIRSCH FILES), ruminating and reflecting on what seems to have become a natural evolution for this here blog.  And so I wanted to tell ya'll I've decided to use in part this hobby of mine--The Okie Traditionalist Blog--to express one emphatic Voice on behalf of Traditional Catholics here in Oklahoma.

I'm especially reaching out directly to you clear-minded, un-apologetically traditional Catholics who have at least an IOTA of courage and desire to have a public Voice against the Great Apostasy in our own Local Church.

Okie Traditionalists in the Novus Ordo Back Pew:

I also want to befriend all those faithful Okie Catholics Sitting on the Fence about Catholic Tradition, what to think about a Pope Francis or his newly appointed Tulsa Bishop, let alone Vatican II or the Novus Ordo Mass.

Crunchin' the Numbers:

I'd estimate there are about 750 explicitly Traditionalist Catholics here in Oklahoma, spanning two dioceses, 5 Latin Mass parishes, a monastic community, and two convents.

But get this, there's about 300,000 Catholics in Oklahoma.  3.8 million Okies...8% conservative estimate 20% "practicing" = 60,000 regular Mass attendees.  If just 5% of those were so inclined to believe and practice the Faith as our ancestors always did, that would mean there are:

3000+ would-be traditional Catholics spread out across the state of Oklahoma!

I know this disenfranchised group very well, as I've spent years in solidarity riding the Back Pew with these Salt-of-the-Earth folks at Novus Ordo parishes, toting our Sunday missals dressed in proper Sunday dress.  If I had a dollar for every time I experienced Dry Heaves witnessing the typical sacrileges of the Novus Ordo, I could sit down at my local diner and order up my favorite steak and eggs.

Chartres+Cross.jpg (640×480)

My Fellow Trads in Eastern Oklahoma:

Over the years, I've hobnobbed on the hilly Eastern side of this Ranching, Oil-derrick-producing, Bible-thumbing state with very devoted traditional Catholics living near the monks of Clear Creek monastery, in Tulsa at St. Peter and Paul parish, Most Precious Blood Parish (FSSP), and the Society of St. Pius X Chapel.

My Fellow Trads in Western Oklahoma:

Likewise, in the West where the dirt turns red, I've worshiped with Trads at the FSSP, SSPX, and Queen of Angels Chapel (recently closed after pastor retired). Recently, I shared my A+ impressions of one vibrant Latin Mass parish in OKC: :
St. Michael's Chapel.

3904112_orig.jpg (600×800)

For a Short Overview and History of the Traditional Movement here in Oklahoma, I also wrote a bit here, when I started this blog back in June:  CLICK.

For Love of the Church, with No Bitterness:

So I feel I share your Voice.  Our Voice is not one of bitterness, intemperate anger, unbridled chatter, nor neglected respect for Episcopal Authority, but rather one of deep love for our Church.

I leave you with this final thought.  What if we Okie Trads could, while maintaining our individual traditionalist communities, UNITE in defending Catholic Tradition across the Heartland?  If not in the flesh, then at least together in spirit!

To set aside FEAR and SILENCE and instead share our VOICE, respectfully to members of the Hierarchy when need be, as lay Catholics and Confessors of the True Faith!

maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)

Viva Cristo Rey!

As Always, the Comment Box is Open!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Standing in Line for Confession

Have you ever felt the torture of endlessly waiting in line for confession?  Did you ever feel the temptation to be impatient at the woman who spent 15 minutes with the priest, while a dozen people wait in line, only to come out smiling oblivious to the situation?

Such was my pre-confession penance today as I dropped into a local, urban parish for Saturday afternoon confession, thinking I'd beat the crowd and be on my way. No such luck.  A seemingly clever crowd had already quickly formed.  Each penitent was in the confessional for at least 5-10 minutes, and I was around #8 in line.  I couldn't help but do the math.

confession.jpg (2300×1213)

I think I have enough empirical evidence from many very similar experiences over the years waiting in line for confession, to observe a pattern.  I don't have X-ray vision, but I'd bet a weeks wage that most people are sitting down with Father face-to-face for a spiritual chat/counseling session.  There's a pressing voice from my subconscious that tries to interrupt my prayers in the confession line.  It says "What is going on?  Why is the priest himself taking so long?  Confess # and kind, and receive a few words of advise, because there's a lot of people out here."  But then it subsides long enough to remember why I am there in the first place--to confess my sins and do penance.

penance_confession_steps.jpg (437×385)

If I had a dollar for every time I showed up quite early-ish for confession, but even after waiting 45 minutes the priest emerges saying "Sorry I need to start Mass," it would be enough to pay this months Netflix bill.

It can be an added penance too sometimes hearing the response, or should I say non-response, of the priest when I confess grave sins.  I'll confess acts that could objectively damn my soul for all eternity, and I get a "Ok, that's very good.  For your penance say one Our Father and one Hail Mary, and go in peace."  Um, ok.

But today I was humbled when I knelt down in confession, when it was Father, and not me, who kept it going for 5-10 minutes.  He gave nothing but Church teaching and spiritual admonition.  And so I realized that the probable reason it had taken the better part of an hour wasn't because of whiny Catholics seeking free therapy, but because this good, faithful priest was trying to save our souls.

What is the Lesson learned?  Get to confession as early as possible to beat the crowd?  Perhaps.  Bear the weird, snail-like pace as a form of penance?  Yes. Confession lines in the modern Church are suffering from the same dysfunction?  That's obvious.

No, the lesson I took home was that no matter how nutty or dysfunctional the experience, what matters is Christ's Mercy is alive in the Sacrament of Confession!

Concerns-that-Tony-Blairs-first-catholic-confession-could-be-a-biggie.jpg (350×222)

Yes Joseph, I quite agree!

And so I wish all you Cyber friends a good night!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Last Debate Tonight. What will Happen?

I've got a lot of work to do tonight, but I'm going to have to tune in at least for a while to the last debate between Trump and Hillary.

Since the last debate, embroiled by the "Locker Room" leaked tape, there's been a daily release of damning information about both sides.  An all out mud fight to the end.

Berandal-2.jpg (2048×1360)

A liberal friend today asserted--without any infomation to back up the claim--that Trump started the mud throwing, and Hillary is maintaing focus on the issues.

A sequence of events shows otherwise.  Billy Bush releases the tape--> the media spread it everywherfe --> Anderson Cooper asks Hillary about it in the debate --> she uses it to condemn Trump as unfit for office and an enemy of women.  That is the causal sequence so far.  Following the temporal time line, Trump responded to Hillary AFTER her condemnation with an all out exposure of her immoral support of Bill's ACTUAL sexual violations of women.  That is the sequence.

4267028_orig.jpg (1100×796)

Today I was surprised to learn that the media has largely been ignoring what seems to me to be the biggest scandal in the Clinton camp.  Apparently, her campaign has sponsored an organized effort to cause the violence reported at Trump events.  This is immeasurably more treasonous to the democratic process than Nixon's bugging DNC hotel rooms at Watergate.

Will Trump rise to a level of confidence, clarity, and surgical exposure of Hillary-gate tonight?   I'm still praying Hail Mary's Trump wins.  It'd take prayers for it to happen.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dog, a Man's Best Friend

My waist line has gotten rather wide these last six months, and so, inspired by coworkers competing with me in a "weight loss" challenge, and by my ongoing low carb lifestyle, I threw the weight loss plan into 5th gear.  Grabbing the dog leash, my dog instantly knew it was time for an outdoor adventure.

So off we went, out the door, down the step, and onto the sidewalk.  Periodically looking down, she looked ecstatic with joy, soaking in the more pleasant temperatures of Fall.  Calling down to her checking how she was doing, she smiled up at me with a warmth and loyalty I must admit I not regularly experience from my fellow Homo sapiens.

man-dogs-best-friend.jpg (950×534)

Did you know dogs are by nature related to humans?  Its in their genetic breeding to be subordinate to us.  They need us, and often we need them.  They perk up and turn their head side to side in wonderment when they notice something curious about us.  When we are down, they intuitively know, peering up at us with sad, puppy dog eyes, jumping on our lap to give us a lick saying "Are you okay?"

My dog is, in a sense, my best friend, or at least she ranks up there as A best friend. She stares at me sometimes in adoration for hours on end from the couch, while I blog away in my armchair on the other side of the room.  She waits in tense anticipation Saturday mornings, hoping I'll take her along for errands. 

I love my dog!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Ite Missa Est

Yesterday we had the privilege of attending a Traditional Latin High Mass offered by a diocesan priest in his parish.  I was struck by the solemn way he chanted the last part of the Mass "Ite Missa Est," which in liturgical Latin basically means "Go out on a mission."

The idea is that when the priest dismisses the faithful at the end of Mass (from "Missa" meaning "Mission"), he is commissioning the laity to spread the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the truth of His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church to all the world.

The_Blessing.jpg (374×458)

But I confess this commission perplexes me sometimes given my state of life.  I am not a priest, and I have heavy burdens of career as I carve out my socio-economic niche in the ever emerging Socialist States of America.  I hear one voice saying yes--pray, raise Catholic families, invite people to Mass;  but don't start one-man apostolates!  As in a shadow of doubt being cast on Catholic laymen working to spread the Faith online. On the other hand, traditionally the Church has encouraged that laity to organize lay apostolates to spread the Faith, under the umbrella of "Catholic Action."

9956012_orig.jpg (936×325)

Just consider the wealth of traditional catechesis on the Fish Eaters website, run by a laywoman.  I'd bet a week's wages many traditional priests and parishes use her resources.   Or how about the Remnant newspaper?  I don't think they exactly have the official approval of the local bishop, but I've come across plenty of traditionalist priests (under a diocese) who read the Remnant.

fe2banner.jpg (980×156)


But when do organized efforts of the laity to evangelize directly require the official blessing of the hierarchy?  And how many members of the present hierarchy would actually support efforts to "convert" people to the true Church as our Catholic ancestors did?  How many Catholic men could reasonably get away with trying to directly convert their coworkers, besides perhaps "sharing" their Faith? Secularist forces seem to almost silence us believing Catholics wherever we go.

No_Proselytizing.png (364×281)

When I recall the "Ite Missa Est" at the end of Mass, I am compelled to spread the Faith, but I become bewildered sometimes how to actually go about it!

Any advise?  Share in the Comment section below!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

If Trump Doesn't Win

While the Trump campaign gears up to--hopefully at least--throw a Hail Mary before election day, I'm looking across the football field anticipating the throw won't make it anywhere near the end zone.  And I'm wondering what's next?  How to respond to a "President" Hillary?  How to thwart her political power so she does as little damage as possible?  Maybe there's info that will disqualify her before Inauguration day?  Can Trump uncover the real source of the "Locker Room" Tape leak?

hail-mary.jpg (428×600)

Its Sunday afternoon and my mind is relaxed after Sunday Mass, sitting here in my Okie armchair.  I'll give in and exercise my mental muscles this afternoon for enjoyment, and to vent about the Rigged Election.  Here's some ideas.

1.  Uncover the real source of the tape's leak.  Expose the conspiracy.  Tag it to the Establishment.  Spin Trump's role into some kind of continual leader of the Anti-Establishment movement.  Keep the Trump momentum going long enough to really make cracks in the Two Party Establishment, or at least try.

2. If the Republicans can be shown to be behind the leak, then they broke their promise to Trump to be fair to him.  His agreement would become null and void.  If a loss to Hillary is certain, he could shake things up before November 4th by declaring himself Independent out of protest.  Or contest the election results as rigged and sue the hell out of the GOP/Democrats all the way to the Supreme Court before Hillary takes office.

3. Trump should consider suing Billy Bush and every major news outlet that leaked the tape, while doing everything he can to debunk his accusers.  How could he not win??  A legal win might redeem his image enough to maintain his popularity.

4. As long as Hillary and Bill rule from the White House, release (in a legal way) weekly reports about their past corruption until Hillary is castrated or impeached.

5. Consider a movement to not recognize Hillary's election, if legal grounds can be shown.  If so, let the Tea Party Republicans force impeachment proceedings as soon as she takes office.

Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know in the Comments section below.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Billy Bush--Who Leaked the Trump Video--is Jeb Bush's COUSIN! Makes you Wonder.

Trump has been sprinting towards victory these last few months.  But last week a GRENADE was placed in his path just feet from the finish line, by tabloid journalist Billy Bush, almost certainly guaranteeing a Clinton victory and deeper descent into Darkness.

faceplantbig.jpg (636×350)

I'm probably the last person who would spin a conspiracy theory, but there's an interesting fact to this story that begs the question.  It has barely been discussed that Billy Bush is apparently a cousin of....drum roll please....Jeb Bush!

According to Wikipedia,
Billy Bush's uncle (his father's older brother) is George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United StatesGeorge W. Bush, the 43rd President, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush are Billy Bush's cousins.    (LINK)

Do you recall how Jeb was expected to be the Establishment nominee, but when The Donald dominated him in the primaries, he--his mom--and the Bush clan boycotted Trump? And, don't the Bushes have the reputation of being a very powerful oligarchy, a political dynasty, that has manipulated global politics for decades???

So I think the Billy Bush Trump Leak begs the question:

Did the Bushes have anything to do with the release of the Trump Locker Room Tape, decisively delivering the White House to the Clintons?

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)

Trump should invest however many millions of $$$s it would take to uncover and expose the real source of the leak, before its too late!!!

If (when?) Trump loses, the real story will be what powerful sources conspired to release that tape.  It would manifest all over social media how nearly absolute in power the Establishment really is, whether Democrat or Republican.

If Trump loses, we'll have to consider in what direction we should move.  Try and "fit in" more and more in the Socialist States of America, for socio-economic survival?   Or shift towards more segregation in Catholic, conservative communities, and stand up publicly against the liberal revolution, come what may?

I'm thinking more the latter.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

St. Michael's Latin Mass Chapel--Oklahoma City

An Oasis:

I always find rest and repose visiting this out of the way place of sacred worship built and maintained by Okie Trads since the '80s, devoted to the Traditional Latin Mass.  A highway from midtown OKC takes you due west through the suburb of Bethany, past Nazarene University.  Glance to your left and there's Jim's diner, a frequent place for parishioners after Mass to gather.  Hang a right, then a left, and you're going down a quiet road in a small neighborhood.  It feels like a quiet hamlet in the country.

3904112_orig.jpg (600×800)

Turning the rounded corner a sign greets you which reads "St. Michael's Catholic Chapel, Traditional Latin Mass."  A small quaint, beautiful Spanish-style church makes this spot a surreal oasis.  Just feet from the church door, ducks and geese swim in a picturesque pond, across from which is a house owned by one Mr. John McFarland, an esteemed elder of the parish.  Across the parking lot is the rectory with an inviting garden reserved for parish picnics and festivals.

church4.jpg (640×480)

Remnant newspaper author Brian McCall, Esq., an attorney and law school dean, and St. Michael's parishioner, penned a book on the chapel's history.  Once upon a time, Mr. McFarland, confronted with the Novus Ordo, wrote Cardinal Ottaviani of the then Holy Office in Rome, who wrote back advising him to use his wealth to build a church devoted to preserving the traditional Mass.

Step inside the church, and your traditionalist sensibilities will be embraced--in no uncertain terms--by a courageous plaque on the wall quoting St. Athanasius:

Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ."

The building is in excellent condition, very neat, clean, and well maintained.  You can tell the quality of a building by their restrooms.  Enough said.  Going inside the nave, you can't help but pause to admire magnificent statues, paintings, chandeliers, and high altar.

Take a peak inside, in this video (go to Time 2:20):

A Vibrant Latin Mass Parish in Oklahoma:

Parishioners fill the church for Sunday Mass.  A platoon of weekly-trained, dutiful altar boys accompany the priest as he ascends the altar for the Holy Sacrifice.  The women's choir is bar none the most angelic choir I've ever heard. Gregorian chant and Sacred Polyphony transport you to heavenly realms every Sunday and major Feast Day.

Catechism classes, men's and women's groups, homeschooling coop activities fill each Sunday's bulletin.  If you're visiting OKC on a Saturday, take advantage of the conferences after Mass provided by the priest.  Be sure to bring some dinner to eat during the talk; other's do, its a tradition.  And before leaving town, I highly recommend visiting Bricktown entertainment district in downtown OKC.

For Mass Times, check out their Website:  LINK

Oh, by the way, the priests who serve this parish are members of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X.  For more information on their work, visit their website here:  LINK

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rick Delano of the Movie "The Principle"

Today Rick Delano got into a heated exchange with my blogger colleague Laramie Hirsch on Facebook, about the election.  LINK to FB thread  During the thread, Rick plugged his movie "The Principle" saying:

"I happen to have made the only important science doc of the last decade or so"

I've watched parts of Delano's film, and do find it interesting and revealing in places.  It does border on geocentricism which I think tends to be unhinged.  This may remind you of an eccentric online personality who uses the online handle of Cassini, a well-intentioned retired gentleman who wrote a long book on the subject from a Catholic perspective.  He's taken to posting the entire thing in Catholic forums.  It comes across as a scientific kaleidoscope for one man to vent his angst about modern science.

Kaleidoscope_13.jpg (696×641)

Hirsch himself once gave intellectual space for Cassini to express his views after being banned from a Catholic forum:  LINK   Likewise, Hirsch supports Delano's central thesis as commendable--that the Copernican principle is erroneous when it denies any special place of Earth in the cosmos.

So kudos to Delano in producing his documentary "The Principle" to challenge the status quo of modern science.   Modern science has become divorced from natural philosophy--i.e. cosmology--especially the Catholic, scholastic system of thought rooted in St. Thomas Aquinas.  When material causes in the universe become separated from the efficient, formal, and final causes (this is Thomistic-speak), then everything becomes reduced to random, cosmic dust.

aristotles-four-causes.png (654×722)

In my mind Delano's inflated statement doesn't exactly reverse my favorable opinion of his work, but rather I'm a tad bit concerned about his personal attitude towards fellow online Catholic bloggers.

Its not like we little Okie bloggers at present really compare to the online presence of someone like Rick Delano!