Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rick Delano of the Movie "The Principle"

Today Rick Delano got into a heated exchange with my blogger colleague Laramie Hirsch on Facebook, about the election.  LINK to FB thread  During the thread, Rick plugged his movie "The Principle" saying:

"I happen to have made the only important science doc of the last decade or so"

I've watched parts of Delano's film, and do find it interesting and revealing in places.  It does border on geocentricism which I think tends to be unhinged.  This may remind you of an eccentric online personality who uses the online handle of Cassini, a well-intentioned retired gentleman who wrote a long book on the subject from a Catholic perspective.  He's taken to posting the entire thing in Catholic forums.  It comes across as a scientific kaleidoscope for one man to vent his angst about modern science.

Kaleidoscope_13.jpg (696×641)

Hirsch himself once gave intellectual space for Cassini to express his views after being banned from a Catholic forum:  LINK   Likewise, Hirsch supports Delano's central thesis as commendable--that the Copernican principle is erroneous when it denies any special place of Earth in the cosmos.

So kudos to Delano in producing his documentary "The Principle" to challenge the status quo of modern science.   Modern science has become divorced from natural philosophy--i.e. cosmology--especially the Catholic, scholastic system of thought rooted in St. Thomas Aquinas.  When material causes in the universe become separated from the efficient, formal, and final causes (this is Thomistic-speak), then everything becomes reduced to random, cosmic dust.

aristotles-four-causes.png (654×722)

In my mind Delano's inflated statement doesn't exactly reverse my favorable opinion of his work, but rather I'm a tad bit concerned about his personal attitude towards fellow online Catholic bloggers.

Its not like we little Okie bloggers at present really compare to the online presence of someone like Rick Delano!

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