Sunday, November 13, 2016

TULSA DIOCESE UPDATE: What's Going to Happen to Fr. Ripperger's Exorcist Order, or Mother Miriam's Community??

Re: the Doloran Fathers:

Most-Sorrowful-Mother-3-980x551.jpg (980×551)

(Former) Monastery for the Doloran Fathers, Northeast Oklahoma.  Once a refuge for troubled souls seeking spiritual support.

I've been getting emails asking for updates on the new situation in the Tulsa diocese.  I've felt the pulse of my fellow Okie Trads, and its irregular and elevated.   As for the Doloran Fathers, all I know objectively at the moment is that they have reopened their website (LINK):

During their time of transition from Tulsa, the priests of SMD request your prayers.  During the transition period, we have been informed that the society remains a Public Association of the Faithful.

In my mind's eye I'm looking across the Okie landscape imagining the Monastery established in the countryside by the Exorcist priests.  I am imagining them waking early to say their private Latin Masses and then spending the rest of the day packing up their belongings, explaining to donors and supporters what happened, reserving U-hauls, and making last-ditch efforts to find a sympathetic bishop that will take them in.

When I reported their Shut Down back in September, I learned a lesson in prudence and choice of words, being schooled by Mother Miriam (who's also been trying to start an Order in Tulsa) of the Daughters of Mary.  And so if/when there is more news to report, I want to make sure I have very concrete details, which are of certain public knowledge, about the fate of these traditional Catholic communities.

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Want to Get the Details Right

If you can help me with any of these questions, please either Comment below or email me (see email upper right corner).

1. Has Bishop Konderla publicly explained yet in detail his decision?

2. Do we know yet what is +Konderla's attitude towards the Latin Mass and trads in his new diocese?

3. Is there any chance the Exorcists priests will find a new home?  Or will they have to return to their former dioceses or religious communities?

Re: Mother's Miriam (renowned Jewish convert/EWTN contributor), and the Daughters of Mary (also attached to the Latin Mass):

1. Do we know yet if/when Mother Miriam's Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel's Hope community will be permitted by Bishop Konderla to take the habit and to take religious vows?

2. Has the new Bishop given any assurances (including to the donors and supporters in the diocese) that he will not also shut them down?

Again, if you have any concrete, public info, please email me or comment below.


  1. Praying for the fathers every day.
    (But I kinda wish y'all would get out of the earthquake area.)

  2. Yeah these earthquakes are crazy. Never experienced it before. I'm inclined to believe the theory its from Okie oil and gas companies using fracking. Not a good omen for this state. Hmm, might make a good blog post.

  3. Perhaps this is one of the early shots in Pope Francis's not-so-hidden war on Catholic traditionalists as mentioned in a recent article on Rorate Caeli, In a series of recent homilies, speeches and off-the-cuff news conferences, Pope Francis has repeatedly stepped up his attacks on traditional Catholic morality, practice and formation. The establishment of the Doloran Fathers appears to have been "nipped in the bud" as it were by the newly-installed Tulsa bishop following orders from the top. Apparently in Begoglio's church it is better for "discerning" clergy to "accompany" suffering souls possessed by demons all the way to Hell than it is to engage in the "rigidity" of freeing those afflicted souls from their possession.

    1. That is good, solid, healthy sarcasm. Love it. Send it to Francis the Merciful.

    2. That is good, solid, healthy sarcasm. Love it. Send it to Francis the Merciful.

    3. That is good, solid, healthy sarcasm. Love it. Send it to Francis the Merciful.

  4. I agree with your theory JMA. It looks like a good chance the Exorcist Society Shutdown came from higher authority than the new Tulsa bishop.

    All Bishop Konderla has to do is say something to assure Latin Mass Catholics in his diocese he supports the Latin Mass and those attached to it.

  5. I see the diocese has cut ties with Mother Miriam.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on this. Just confirmed this in their newsletter. Writing up the post tonight. This is another tragedy against traditional Catholic religious under the new bishop.