Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dog, a Man's Best Friend

My waist line has gotten rather wide these last six months, and so, inspired by coworkers competing with me in a "weight loss" challenge, and by my ongoing low carb lifestyle, I threw the weight loss plan into 5th gear.  Grabbing the dog leash, my dog instantly knew it was time for an outdoor adventure.

So off we went, out the door, down the step, and onto the sidewalk.  Periodically looking down, she looked ecstatic with joy, soaking in the more pleasant temperatures of Fall.  Calling down to her checking how she was doing, she smiled up at me with a warmth and loyalty I must admit I not regularly experience from my fellow Homo sapiens.

man-dogs-best-friend.jpg (950×534)

Did you know dogs are by nature related to humans?  Its in their genetic breeding to be subordinate to us.  They need us, and often we need them.  They perk up and turn their head side to side in wonderment when they notice something curious about us.  When we are down, they intuitively know, peering up at us with sad, puppy dog eyes, jumping on our lap to give us a lick saying "Are you okay?"

My dog is, in a sense, my best friend, or at least she ranks up there as A best friend. She stares at me sometimes in adoration for hours on end from the couch, while I blog away in my armchair on the other side of the room.  She waits in tense anticipation Saturday mornings, hoping I'll take her along for errands. 

I love my dog!

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