Friday, November 18, 2016

"The Four" Ask Pope Francis for Clarification--a Watershed Moment?

(Update:  10/22/16.  Head Bishop of Greek Episcopal Conference accuses The Four of apostasy, heresy, and schism.  As reported by Steve Skojec over at OnePeterFive.  LINK)

Whew, thank God for an end to a long work week!  I'm kickin' back in my Okie armchair this chilly Friday evening puffing away on a Swisher Sweet cigar. They're cheap but make for a good long smoke.

So folks it looks like we may be witnessing a potential Watershed moment in the Francis Papacy.  Coming down the pike this very week, a group of senior, conservative Cardinals--now called "The Four"--led namely by Cardinal Burke--upped the ante and called Pope Francis' bluff, making their doctrinal Dubia public.  Francis had not given any definitive, Yes-or-No answers to their simple, crafted doctrinal questions Re Communion-for-the-Divorced-and-Remarried, or what I like to call the Francis Heresy.  The Remnant Reports About it Here

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Watershed Moment??

The Four have got the progressivist pontiff backed into a corner in plain view.  If he doesn't answer, his silence proves that his Amoris Laetitia document on the family in fact does officially permit sacrilegious reception of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in certain circumstances.

I'd bet a months wages Francis RIGIDLY remains closed-lipped.  But wait,  didn't he recently call young Catholics devoted to the Traditional Latin Mass rigid?

Will more cardinals and bishops publicly and openly join The Four?   Behind every orthodox bishop is a Catholic who knows his faith, but the question will be, will they be brave enough to unite once and for all in publicly defending that Faith?

Something must be stirring in the minds of many at least conservative-leaning cardinals right now after The Four confronted Francis.  I can imagine them asking "Is it time to consider the possibility we're dealing with an effectively heretical pope?"  For decades, virtually no prelate (well I can think of one or two exceptions!!) has had the balls or doctrinal clear-mindedness to publicly confront the Vatican modernists!  ............UNTIL NOW!

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"The Four"

Think of all the apostasy coming out of the Holy See itself these last five decades. Think of all the homosexual prelates (still) in the Vatican, and those prelates (still) criminally covering up Universal Clerical Pedophilia from the Top-Down!  But chew on this:  UNTIL NOW, no Vatican cardinal has summoned the courage, bravery, fortitude, grit, or guile to publicly confront the modernist Powers-that-Be on any of it!

Turning to Cardinal Burke, he strikes me as committed to the end to see this Initiative finalized.  I believe he's got the wisdom and cojones to go the distance on this.  What other cardinal or bishop is so poised to lead the confrontation of Francis' revolutionary pontificate?

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Kind of Reminds Me of Archbishop Lefebvre 

Momentum Growing?

If by a miracle, conservative, patriotic Americans can get Trump elected last week (!!!), stepping on the head of the all-powerful liberal Establishment, what if--I say what if--we traditional, conservative Catholics can similarly galvanize orthodox cardinals and bishops to FINALLY stand up to the Modernist Revolution under the Francis Pontificate?!!  Miracles do happen--like they did on November 8th.  I'm still pinching myself.

800,000 have signed this PETITION to Pope Francis on behalf of the Family!

This Watershed Moment would take a concerted, global unity of sorts, united at least in spirit.  The SSPX, FSSP, and other traditionalist organizations, all the pro-life/pro-family Catholic apostolates, all the disenfranchised, orthodox Catholics wanting answers, uniting behind The Four--with Cardinal Burke at the helm!

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