Sunday, October 16, 2016

If Trump Doesn't Win

While the Trump campaign gears up to--hopefully at least--throw a Hail Mary before election day, I'm looking across the football field anticipating the throw won't make it anywhere near the end zone.  And I'm wondering what's next?  How to respond to a "President" Hillary?  How to thwart her political power so she does as little damage as possible?  Maybe there's info that will disqualify her before Inauguration day?  Can Trump uncover the real source of the "Locker Room" Tape leak?

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Its Sunday afternoon and my mind is relaxed after Sunday Mass, sitting here in my Okie armchair.  I'll give in and exercise my mental muscles this afternoon for enjoyment, and to vent about the Rigged Election.  Here's some ideas.

1.  Uncover the real source of the tape's leak.  Expose the conspiracy.  Tag it to the Establishment.  Spin Trump's role into some kind of continual leader of the Anti-Establishment movement.  Keep the Trump momentum going long enough to really make cracks in the Two Party Establishment, or at least try.

2. If the Republicans can be shown to be behind the leak, then they broke their promise to Trump to be fair to him.  His agreement would become null and void.  If a loss to Hillary is certain, he could shake things up before November 4th by declaring himself Independent out of protest.  Or contest the election results as rigged and sue the hell out of the GOP/Democrats all the way to the Supreme Court before Hillary takes office.

3. Trump should consider suing Billy Bush and every major news outlet that leaked the tape, while doing everything he can to debunk his accusers.  How could he not win??  A legal win might redeem his image enough to maintain his popularity.

4. As long as Hillary and Bill rule from the White House, release (in a legal way) weekly reports about their past corruption until Hillary is castrated or impeached.

5. Consider a movement to not recognize Hillary's election, if legal grounds can be shown.  If so, let the Tea Party Republicans force impeachment proceedings as soon as she takes office.

Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know in the Comments section below.

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