Saturday, October 17, 2020

Tulsa Leftist Landlord Backs Anti-fa Tenant, Tells Trad Catholic to Take Down Trump Sign: Among Other Saturday Morning Musings

My Saturday Morning Musings

I love my Saturday Morning Musings, as I reflect sitting here this early Saturday morning at the #1 rated diner in Oklahoma, aka The Freeway Diner, a very clean, friendly place with large servings at a competitive rate.  Ordered up a ham and cheese omellete, bacon, small salad, and my requisite diet Coke. 

And I'm lovin' this Fall weather.  It's funny how my melancholic temperament works.  Whereas the sanguine disposition would thrive best in Spring and Summer, jubilantly embracing the flowering of biological life, warm weather, and all things external, the interior-oriented introvert thinker, such as I tend to be, tends to wake up when heat and humidity subside.  It is a bitterly cold morning that sharpens our senses, and the warmth of the fire that draws us into the primordial essence that is Life.

Freeway Cafe

After eating and blogging, Peanut and I are off to a 45 minute hike to the top of Turkey Mountain, then I have to clean out the trunk of my car, and organize my fishing gear for our fly-fishing trip tomorrow after Sunday Mass, before having to work later today.

Drawn into the Primordial of Fall Weather

And so this time of year my inner being feels pulled into the primordial, the inner realities, and contemplation of the dynamic of life on Earth, while engaging that reality even more robustly with Fall weather.  I am talking about the engaging Presidential Campaign, as we are a witness to the unfolding of history, and our nation's descent into Socialism Communism.  Watching Trump battle Biden the Radical Left is like watching Gandalf battle that dragon before he and it are plunged into an abyss.  "You shall not pass" is what I want to yell out.  But I continue to fear Trump will lose, and we must prepare for that.  

Trads Love Gandalf

I've been drawn into the competitive spirit of hunting, fishing, and college football.  Go Sooners!   I think for a male, there is something this time of year that affirms our God-given gender.  The Left will demonize it as "toxic masculinity."  The Realist who believes in objective, knowable Truths will say otherwise.   There is something about building and maintaining a fire, pulling in a trout from the stream, chopping firewood, and sitting in a deer blind in the brutal cold of a pre-dawn November morning waiting for a deer, that rightly and properly raises the testosterone levels, and keeps the psyche more firmly on track in one's duties of state.  It is as if the competitiveness of Nature you experience this time of year draws you closer to the divine source.  To savor a meal of wild meat, sip wine, smoke a cigar, and gaze into the fireplace, anticipating the Christ Child in the dark, cold manger of Christmas soon.

I'm an OU fan--last week's game was historical.  If they win this year, it will be as jubilant as a Trump re-election, for Okies that is.  I'll be talking about other competitions here soon.  End of the month I'm taking a used car dealer to small claims court--that should be fun.  We'll see who wins November 3rd (or thereafter).  And in November, I'm readying myself to go turkey and then deer hunting.  Will post pics here if I kill an animal.

Tulsa Leftist Landlord Backs Anti-fa Tenant, Tells Trad Catholic to Take Down Trump Sign

With social media having been taken over by Big Tech, which we now know is ruled by the Left, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are no longer a viable means of disseminating objective information.  Perhaps the conservative alternative is all we have left, where we will fight back online: blogs, podcasts, and discussion forums.  And so I would never in a million years report this except at a place like this.

I will not say who the person is, but a traditional Catholic and his family in Tulsa were discriminated against recently by their Landlord, probably breaking multiple federal, state, and local laws, not to mention the First Amendment to the Constitution.   

They rent a house and decided to put up a modestly sized, very nice re-elect Trump sign hanging on the front of their house, to the side, having checked first with the city about relevant ordinances.  The upstairs tenant, who has an anti-fa sign in her window advocating abolishing the police, complained to the Landlord, who told the family to take down the sign (which they did, to avoid eviction).  The day before she complained, someone had torn down the sign.  When asked of the Landlord why they must take it down, they were told  "If I let you hang a political sign on the outside, I would also have to let the girl above you hang one too."  

Cue the book/movie 1984.

Take Down that Trump Sign!

Apparently, neither the conservative nor the liberal in this case have a right to free speech, except inside their rented space.  The Trad in question reports that he responded by placing a Trump sign inside the front window, and installed an outdoor min-security cam.  Will report any developments here.

(Update: 10/18/20.  Said Trad reports that today someone left a message in front of their house saying "Mark my words, I will kill your [explitive]."  For hanging "Trump 2020" signs in the window.")

We're going to have to keep fighting for the rights of God, Christ, His Church, faith, the family, property, and the sanctity of human life until our last dying breath.  We are a counter-revolution.  We are simply responding in measured proportion to the Revolution that is unfolding before our eyes every day.  So be it!  It is after all Life-affirming to engage in the battle for the Social Kingship of Christ.  It is part of Human Nature, and the Natural Order after all.

Have a blessed Fall weekend, fellow Okie Trads and Beyond!

Talimena Drive, Southeast Oklahoma

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Pence Won the Debate. Cause for Hope, and More Prayers.

As I write this, the debate is almost over.   In my opinion, any personal support for Trump aside, Pence won the debate hands down.  This is a very good turn around since the last debate.  I think pundits will make that clear in the days ahead.  Here are my thoughts on the debate.

1. Biden's running mate acted extremely immature throughout the debate.  Her sarcastic sneers and hateful tone towards Pence/the Trump side was transparent to everyone, especially the thinking element that is the 10% "undecided voter."  Frankly, she acted like a Femi-Nazi, and I am sure the undecided saw that.  She only showcased her radical leftist personality, supporting the Trump claim that a Biden presidency spells radical leftism for the whole country going forward.  That woman did not act even remotely in a stately way becoming of the office of Vice President (or President, since the Vice President is a potential President).

2.  Pence on the other hand was consistently stately, objective, respectful, rational, laying out facts, following the nature of what a debate is.  He did not give into the sanitized "conversation" that was attempted to be imposed on him.  He was a gentleman, which made him the winner hands down.  Americans as human beings, instinctively according to their nature as human beings, saw through the baloney from the Left, and the intellectual honesty of the Trump ticket.

3. A last thought, the moderator, though less rabid than Chris Wallace, showed a liberal double standard showing bias against Pence.  Many times she said "thank you" to indicate Pence should finish, but then she wouldn't let him complete his sentence or thought;  whereas, she consistently let the other side keep talking on and on with little or no correction.  Typical liberal media hypocrisy.  Hopefully the 10% undecided will see through the BS.

Pence definitely won, which gives some hope, but we need to pray more and more these next 27 days.   God does work in mysterious ways, and everything is according to His Plan.  Time will tell.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Okie Traditionalist Chimes in: Trump lost the First Debate, not a Good Omen

Just finished watching 10 minutes ago.  Trump lost in my opinion, in part because Wallace spun the debate to make Trump look like he was the unbridled jerk constantly interrupting Biden, even though Biden (and Wallace) also kept interrupting Trump.   In extra-mental reality, nobody won.  It was a lot of mud throwing both ways.  There was little or no demonstration of their positions in a coherent and logical way.  Trump was truthful, and Biden lying, but from my Okie armchair, that reality was not conveyed in this televised debate.  The media certainly will declare Biden the winner, and most will buy that.

It was sad to watch, because Trump could have been more in control of the debate, by letting Biden talk on and on making a fool of himself, but for this debate Biden came across more stately (even though he will be the first president of the Communist States of America).

I'm still praying and hoping, but not holding my breath.  As I said in two previous posts expressing my thoughts on the election.  I don't think this debate is a good omen for Trump, or for this country.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Saw this Bumper Sticker in Traffic: My Response

It said "I believe in a separation of Church and Hate."

I had to pause a moment, sitting there in my car, waiting for traffic to move.   I had never seen that slogan before.   It was obviously a play on the idea of a "separation of Church and state."  And the term "hate" on a bumper sticker immediately comes across leftist.  I half expected some other kind of bumper sticker like "keep your rosaries out of my ovaries."

The thing is your average driver here in Oklahoma, including your average Okie conservative, is probably just going to think "well yeah, duh, of course hate isn't a good thing, especially at church."   Some will pick up that it's a leftist slogan against religious moral conservatism, but I suspect most will just nod and let their subconscious mind absorb the highly politicized PC meaning of the slogan.  And that such propaganda from the secularist Left is very effective on the masses.

My Response.

That bumper sticker is hateful.  It is hateful to Christianity, and specifically Catholicism, in particular its traditional doctrines against the act of abortion and act of homosexuality.  What is is saying is "If you or your Church believes abortion or homosexuality [or transgenderism, etc] is a sin, then you are hateful, you are a social threat to contemporary society, and should be treated as such."

The Left is winning.  PC control of our thoughts, free speech, and religious rights is winning.  If you give even an inkling of a hint that you are an actual believing member of the Catholic Church, or an Evangelical church, you are an Enemy of the State, and an enemy to whatever group you belong.

With each passing day in this Chastisement, I think that Christians in general need to be more and more careful in the expression of their faith and moral values in public.  Even me writing this runs the risk someone will out me as a hate-monger simply because I identify as a traditional Catholic.  

How did the early Christians practice their Faith under the Romans when Christianity was illegal and persecuted?   Christianity today is not exactly outlawed yet, but it is persecuted everywhere in public life.  They worshiped in house churches, used secret symbols to identify themselves to each other.   But as a group they were still persecuted, with many martyrs.

Today we Christians are experiencing what some call a "soft martyrdom."  The tactics of the anti-Christian Left are systematic and extremely intense.  The Left has total control of the mainstream, and will continue to have that control 100 x more if Biden/Communism wins.

It will mean we have to be even more clever and secretive, much more than the times of the early Christians, when an age of social media-driven narcissism has literally engulfed every facet of contemporary society.   It will mean more retreat, for traditionalists, conservatives, Catholics, Evangelicals to unite in a common counter-revolution against the age of anti-christ.

Lord help us.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Saturday Morning Musings: Fall Weather, the Presidential Election, Cultural Narcissism

Fall Weather

Praise God for this weather.  It's only three days until Fall officially begins, but Fall being my favorite season, I start to count this time already as "Fall."   As soon as the mind-numbing purgatorial heat-humidity of August in Oklahoma has past, I'm already into the spirit of the Fall season.

Which for me means being outside more in more tolerable temperatures, fishing, hiking, grilling, and backyard fires.   There is something primordial and life-affirming to gaze silently into the flames of a fire, with cool crispness in the air, contemplating the inner nature of things. My senses come back alive this time of year, as it were.  

The Presidential Election

As of late, with the presidential election, I've been contemplating more and more the future of our country.  Yes, I am praying quietly for a second miracle, that Trump is re-elected, but I'm not expecting him to, as I wouldn't expect any kind of miracle.  Maybe he will, God knows.  It will be interesting to see what goes down after November 3rd in terms of predicted contesting of the election from the losing side, potential civil war, etc.   And with the passing yesterday of Supreme Court Justice Injustice Ginsberg (may the Almighty God have mercy on her soul), pundits are suggesting a possible stalemate scenario, if a contested election goes to the Supreme Court that does not have the full nine justices.   

But if Biden wins, we have crossed the Rubicon.  There is no turning back.  Conservatives will have to concede that the federal government will certainly be from now on a One Party system of Communism.

I hope I'm wrong.  Who knows, what if some good patriot discovered/leaked that Biden frequented Epstein's island and women come out accusing him of raping them when they were sexually trafficked minors.    Or some new damning evidence comes to light that proves publicly beyond reasonable doubt that the Democrats (Washington D.C.), Obamas/Clintons/Bidens/etc, are ruled over by a blackmailing Cabal of cocaine-snorting, child molesting, occult devoted, orgy-arranging powerful elites.  It could happen.

Perhaps a more likely scenario is Biden makes an utter fool of himself in the debates, saying something so Biden-like that it goes viral, or Trump's lawyers make a strong enough case of election fraud if Trump loses for him to win.  Not over hanging chads, but this time over mass conspiracy by the Dems to manipulate absentee ballots.

But I'm not holding my breath this time around.  

Cultural Narcissism

Besides heading out for one last Blue Hole outing here in a minute (not planning to swim, too cool out), and plans for Sunday Mass, this weekend I'm nose deep in this excellent book, the authors resonating very well with my traditional Catholic world view.

I talked about this subject a couple posts back.  And I think its what we really need to understand going forward with our certain cultural decline, especially if Biden/Communism wins in a few weeks.

We conservative Christians can expect more and more "soft martyrdom," socially and economically.  Women can expect their faithful husbands to report more and more crazy behavior and personalities at work, pushing a radical leftist agenda, making the work environment more inhospitable.  Present issues about sexuality and gender will get worse, but I expect the conditions to exponentially shift in our disfavor.  

And this is all about entitlement.  People thinking they have special rights just because they say so, above and beyond the actual rights granted to them by God, nature, reality, not to mention the law.   Social media has turned almost all of us into junkies, and its ubiquitous power is growing.  There is no turning back for the mainstream from this, barring some dystopic fallout, except maybe for individuals, families, and conservative local communities. We must have our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tic Toc (for personal reasons, I especially hate this one), Amazon prime, yada yada.  That includes by the way the Catholic "Blogosphere" or trad blogs/websites/discussion fora.   We are addicted.  I even run that risk posting this.

Baby boomers, Gen-Xers, Millenials, Gen-Yers, whatever is next, we all have slid into this culture of narcissism.   Me, me, me.  The measure of a person being self-esteem, self-confidence, physical appearance, and financial status, combined with how tuned in said person is to our PC, social media culture.   What comes to mind writing this is the Netflix Black Mirror episode called "Nose Dive."   Narcissism has already destroyed our society.  Humanity, decency, morality, religion, Christianity, God Himself, all these on a practical level are gone.

All because we are precious, and good enough, and smart enough, and dog-gone it people like me (mocking reference to the SNL character Steward Smalley).    

Our grandparents and great-grandparents were not like this.  Their value system was the complete opposite.   They valued their neighbor, coworker, and fellow parishioner when he was honest, fair, polite, loyal to family and friends.  Status, in comparison to our view of it today, was proportional.  A doctor for example was valued more for the work they do for the sick, for the nobility of their education, training, and profession.  Today that is out the door.  A doctor's status is now based mainly on their income.  Being a "doctor" now means being a rich bad-ass, more than a healer.  Which is one of the main reasons I decided in my youth against this profession.

Thus ends my Saturday Musings, fellow Okie Trads and Beyond.  Enjoy the weather.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

My Predictions for November 3rd

I've been following debate lately on a trad Catholic forum about whether or not people think Trump is going to win.   I sense there is wishful thinking.   Trump, it is argued, has been a great president, he remains resilient, this time four years ago he was predicted to lose but he miraculously won, and surely he will contest the election if he loses.  Such is the line of thinking.  Trump is predicted to win, because well we desperately need him to win.

This is because we are at a pivotal moment in American politics, it is argued.

As readers here may recall, I am very pro-Trump, not anywhere close to being a never-Trumper.  I wear my camouflage, re-elect Trump 2020 hat all over town, every chance I get, despite the rare positive comment or nod.   I think Trump was chosen by Divine Providence to fight the loss of whatever is left in the Christian West, despite his flaws.

But I do not think he is going to win, unfortunately.  This is a major tipping point from a two-party system of capitalism vs. socialism, to a one-party system of complete outright communism.  And I am of the mind that under Biden and his certain predecessors, we are looking dead-square at the Communist States of America.  I hope and pray I am wrong, but I am prepared for the worse post-November 3rd.  And here is why I am predicting Trump loses:

1.  Abortion, sodomy, transgenderism, whatever new perversion is coming down the pike, PC control of our thoughts and free speech, all these are still in full throttle.  Despite some inspiration from the Trump presidency, when I take the pulse of the nation circa September, 2020, the pulse is dim and irregular.   The American people just don't value enough anymore what Trump represents:  liberty, God, faith, family, and the sanctity of human life.  We are afraid, and addicted to our social media culture.

2. All of this explains what many trad Catholics describe as a Chastisement we are now entering into with the "Covid Pandemic" and economic crisis.

3.  The most independent polls keep predicting Biden to win.  

Bottom line I think is, we need to double down right now in prayer for the next 48 days, begging for God's mercy, but not to presume upon a miracle, but to prepare for more punishment for our sins.  Of course the election may be contested without resolution, and who knows civil war can break out, but I personally doubt this will happen.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Thoughts on Cultural Narcissism

If you would have asked me in the 90’s for one word to characterize the unraveling of contemporary society, I would have said materialism.  If you would have asked the same question to my conservative parents back in the 70’s they would have said liberalism.  Fifty years later, my own answer is different but similar: narcissism.

Here I’m not mainly referring to that overtly clinical and pathological condition called Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but instead to a new cultural paradigm that has infected most Americans today, in my daily observation.  An extremely disordered emphasis on:  status, physical appearance, mental fitness, to the marginalization of moral character, ethical and professional behavior, social decency, and often traditional religious faith.  

It would take a very wise exorcist or psychologist  to break down the complexities of how evil and all-reaching this cultural phenomenon has become.    

A cultural narcissism that reveres celebrities, pop cultural icons.  That grossly confuses rights with entitlement.  That is rights devoid of responsibility to others.  Therefore entitlement without real justice towards others.  Which by definition is what most would recognize as evil.  

The kind of narcissism that values a person for how much social media presence, online “friends,” views, and likes they get.  For how superficially nice and politically correct they sound.  For their mastery of the latest lexicon of positivistic social buzz words and phrases like “awesome,” “no worries,” or “amazing.”

And, bearing a cultural disposition that runs opposite to this current of cultural narcissism, no matter how well educated or authentically sociable you are, makes you look like an anti-social weirdo.  In a society that constantly equates Appearances with Reality, then that will invariably be the perceived reality.     

And perceived anti-social weirdos, even if in objective reality they are not but quite the opposite, will only suffer socially and economically.  Whereas a narcissist is fueled by narcissistic supply, where their self-esteem builds from being venerated as superior by their peers. the narcissist likewise needs to tear down the non-narcissists and non-enablers with narcissistic rage.  

Narcissistic rage plays out constantly in the most sophisticated and complex ways in contemporary social circles, especially the work place, with a meanness and harshness that makes high school bullying look minor in comparison.  

This narcissistic rage is usually cold and calm, calculated, and conniving.  It is insidious but deliberate.  It has learned the subtle yet surgically precise art of psychological manipulation to their advantage.  Gas-lighting being a prime example. And the non-materalistic, not-pathologically-self-centered simple individual, especially the religiously conservative Christian kind, is a sitting duck in this dynamic.  

You could take an alternative route.  Live and work in a rural area of a conservative state.  Homeschool or send your kids to a trad school, relocate to Clear Creek monastery or St. Mary’s in Kansas, etc, cancel Netflix, start your own Catholic family business, but you won’t escape this new paradigm.  

The new paradigm of secularist culture is the ever growing dominance of social media, hedonistic values, PC culture promoting entitlement, and an exponentially growing super-focus on superficial externals.   It is a kind of oppressive collectivist socialism where simple Average Joes and plain working class families are more and more treated like lepers.   

And with the unrolling of the next waves of new social media, technology, and PC culture, this is only going to get worse.

Ironically, most are not overt narcissists of the Hollywood variety.   Most are actually average Americans with average looks and intelligence, most of whom feel pressured to succumb to narcissism on a daily basis. And most do.  

I confess I have, at moments, as we all have.  

But it is the minority, not a tiny perecentage either, who have willingly promoted cultural narcissism by making gods out of career advancement, a six figure income, six pack abs, and superficial social acceptance.  These are the group leaders, managers, executives, politicians.  In the name of their own narcissistic path of conquest, they have created a national culture of narcissism through government support, gross commercialism, social media, etc.   

Yet it is the majority of us who go along with it, on some level still subscribe to it, refuse to speak out or go against the current, whether that be in our family, social, church, or work circles.  Especially the latter.  

Because according to the new paradigm the end is no longer God, or the State, or Society, or the Family, or Democracy, etc. 

Rather the new paradigm is the Self.

And that, readers, is diabolical.  Even if you don’t believe in the devil, a world that holds gratifying the Self as the ultimate end is pathological.  It is no less oppressive and socially destructive than communism under Russia or China.  And in the end, that deified Self only devolves into destructive behavior, inner discord, and despair.  

I’ve read recently a couple books about the current problem of narcissism, but a good place to start are insightful talks by Jordan Peterson on the subject.

In conclusion, in my observation, cultural narcissism is the new post-modern paradigm of bringing down what Christian culture did exist before the cultural revolution of the 60s.   Being more subtle but culturally lethal than the superficial, explicit materialism of the 90’s, this pandemic needs to be understood, and remedies given.   

For example, instead of focusing on developing self-esteem, treat that as secondary; instead focus on the development of your spiritual and moral character.   Instead of focusing on wealth, advancement, and how cool you look, focus instead on your responsibilities, especially those to God and your family.  

And the perennial remedy always remains: traditional Catholic Christianity.   To imitate the Saints, and the simple life of the Holy Family.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Thoughts on Wearing The Mask

Who would have ever imagined we’d all be mandated by Big Brother to wear a mask over our face whenever we enter public places?   It’s been a mandate here in my city the last couple months.  I’ll wear the thing most of the time for little other reason than I’d rather throw it on when I run in the grocery store for a gallon of milk than become suspect #1 by the security guard and every other do-gooder.   

Yes, I agree with my fellow trad Catholics of common sense that this corona thing is mainly about government control.  I had dinner with a trad Catholic health care professional guy recently talking about this, who even thinks that the coronavirus might not even be an actual air-borne pathogen but instead a piece of RNA natural to the human body.  These theories abound online, which I have decidedly refrained from delving into, sensing they are all right in their central thesis that this pandemic has been extremely distorted and manipulated by the powers-that-be. 

What occupies my frontal lobe lately about all this, is what God is spiritually unfolding before our very eyes in response to our ever-darkening culture.  There can be little doubt that we are in a Dark Age, and I believe that the “coronavirus pandemic” is the first wave of a great chastisement. 

Abortion on demand, a militant SJW/PC movement chopping away at the foundations of western, Christian culture, an increasing culture war over identity politics, and an actual real spiritual and psychological pandemic called narcissism.   The silent majority, average ordinary working class families, conservatives, Christians—these are ever more by the day oppressed by radical left ideologies that have control of most of our institutions and businesses.   God is no longer tolerating this.   I'm personally prepared for the next wave, probably a major economic collapse.   

And so I’ve been wondering what the symbolic significance is, in the present phase of chastisement, that is what God is communicating, by allowing governments to force us to wear these dang face masks all day?

Consider what The Mask, when worn, is somewhat suppressing.   It makes it harder to show off all the fake make-up most women wear, the plastic surgery, the vanity.  It curtails somewhat our ability to speak, to lie, gossip, slander, and commit calumny.  It makes it harder to manipulate language to dominate others.   It makes it harder to overeat, commit gluttony, get drunk, do certain kinds of drugs, at least when you're having to wear The Mask. Think how many of the most common kinds of sin, that perpetuate our current narcissistic culture, emanate actually from the face and mouth.  

Conclusion:  even if there really is a verifiable coronavirus pandemic, and developing herd immunity through modest exposure is key, such that having to wear The Mask turns out to be a big joke played on us by Big Brother, what if it is also a divine penance?  Because most of us are too preoccupied with what goes into our mouth every day.  Because most of our pagan counterparts with higher status gain control by lying and manipulating, through the mouth. 

I don’t like Big Brother, but I think this penance right now is a small price to pay for actively tolerating the Sodom and Gomorrah we’ve allowed our country to become. 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturday Morning Musings: Trump visit to Tulsa, More Blue Hole Outings, Home Alone Trad of Sorts

Happy Saturday readers.  I am not sure how many readers I currently have to be honest.  I haven't had a lot of traffic lately and you can't exactly trust blogger's stats, when a "click" here could be from some bot circulating the web.  It is weird that on occasion I get certain comments I don't publish sort of related to something I wrote about, advertising some service, as if a computer program scans the multitude of blogs--hold your breath, there are literally 40,000,000 blogs on the web--to post comments for marketing purposes.   Anyhoo.

Trump Visit to Tulsa:

For me personally it was a breath of fresh air for our great president to kick off his 2020 campaign here in T-town.  It was a great speech, engaging, down to earth, entertaining, and most of all inspiring.  When this man is long out of the White House, he will have left a legacy of populist, anti-Establishment social conservatism, and a real effort at reviving the Christian, Western foundations of this country.   An effort we can never set aside.  

Trump Speech in Tulsa

The wife for our wedding anniversary surprised me with this present:  Trump Hat.   In fact, I'm wearing it now.  For ten bucks, it is very well made and comfortable.  And I plan to wear it all over town, even among the liberal elites, until President Trump is most certainly re-elected.   

Btw, my take on the BOK center not being full during the speech is that a) people were deterred by the liberal media from attending under the false pretense of preventing the spread of covid, b) people are generally much less likely from going to such events right now because of covid.  For relevance, compare Trump vs. Biden crowds going forward.

One of the best parts of the speech I most appreciated was when Trump said while pointing to the crowd of Tulsans, paraphrasing here, "the real elite in this country are people like you, not the left wing radical liberals, but people who believe in God, faith, the family, and the future of our country."  And he is right.  Those who are truly successful in this life are not the rich, popular, with a polished veneer about them to impress others.  Rather, take a simple country family, usually lower income, like most in Oklahoma, that is those who are raising their family in the fear of God, putting service, friendship, community, and simple living above the frills of this world;  they are the ones truly successful in the eyes of God and reality.

As a side note, I truly think the presidency has changed Trump to be more humble, religious, and putting priorities in the right place.
Given recent events like his online response to Archbishop Vigano or Taylor Marshall, I think we have reasonable hope to see Trump convert to Catholicism, and for Melanie to come back to the Church.  Heck, if that happened, I could easily imagine them attending the TLM given their appreciation for tradition, culture, and the historic Church.  Something to pray for anyway.

More Blue Hole Outings:

I just can't stop talking about this place.  If you live in Tulsa, go east on 412, then north through Locust Grove to Salinas, hang a right at the stop sign, go maybe seven miles east and Blue Hole Spring is on your right.  $10 per car!   Lots of picnic and camping sites, a concession stand (where you can blow up your floating devices for a dollar), cheerful Wanda the owner sits out front in the shade every day being I think in her 80's, and then of course there is the crystal blue, ice cold spring that cascades across her property, with a waterfall and several swimming holes.  One gets fifteen feet in places.

Blue Hole Springs
Oklahoma Oasis for Families

One of my favorite memories as a kid was snorkeling during canoe trips catching crawdads, so I decided this summer to take up that hobby when going out to 'ol Blue Hole.  We've already been I think five times.  Haven't seen any crawdads, but with my new snorkeling gear I've seen a variety of fish and some interesting underwater rock formations.  At any rate, my personal rule of thumb, once the severity of deep summer heat/humidity hits Oklahoma in July, is to confine myself more or less indoors until temps subside in September.  But perhaps should there be a cooler day, we might head out there for any evening bbq/swim.  

Blue Hole Springs--check them out on FB!

Home Alone Trad:

Talk of Creation brings me back to talk of our Creator and our Catholic Faith which brings us into a personal relationship with Him.  I know this covid crisis has been hard on everyone, in a special way us Catholics who normally attend Mass every Sunday as an obligation. Masses are opened back up, but with limited seating.  And there is still the danger of spreading covid, especially if you have contact with it, and may spread it to the older, more vulnerable parishioners at Mass.

And so we are finding ourselves for the first time in our life not being able to attend Mass much now.  For one, we only attend a traditional Catholic liturgy, not the Protestant-ized Novus Ordo Mass, so that already severely limits your options.  And on top of that, both me and my wife, working in the medical field, often have contact with covid patients.  We ourselves actually had covid back in April having to be quarantined.  We likely now have some acquired, natural immunity, but we can still transmit what we could pick up from our patients, so it is hard to tell at this moment when we can prudently resume normal weekly Mass attendance.  It would be for some time, maybe into 2021.  In the meantime, on Sundays we watch live-streamed TLM, pray the rosary, and otherwise observe holy leisure that day.  There is a peace still in that, knowing throughout Church history, and still in many parts of the world, Catholics have persevered not having weekly Mass.

Anyway, good to touch base with you all and put some thoughts down in writing.  In the past blogging has had its set backs and distractions, but I am glad to keep this, one of my hobbies, going.  Gotta wash the car, run some quick errands, then play around with my drone!  (note to self: consider showing drone footage on The Okie Traditionalist blog one day).  Happy Saturday!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday Morning Musings: Trad Forums, Trad Narcissists, Hobbies, Blue Hole Spring

Happy Saturday Okie Trads and Beyond. Yep, I’m still blogging. Took a little pause during the first wave of the covid crisis mass hysteria.  Plus had to reflect about the current state of the Catholic Blogosphere as discussed in my last post. One of the Catholic bloggers I think who is able to keep his blog within the definition of this new genre is Oakes Spalding over at Mahound’s Paradise, chiming in with insight and irony.  But he too seems to be taking some pause. 

Trad Forums

When us trads are on the outer margins of the secular culture, not to mention on the outer edge of the current Catholic Church, that makes us about 0.001% of the population.  So one thing we do is turn on our computer and start googling “traditional Catholics,” invariably landing smack dab in the land of trad Catholic forums like Fish Eaters, Suscipe Domine, or Catholic Info.   They’ve been invaluable sources of info for me on anything related to our Catholic Tradition and it’s preservation.  

But I never found them sources of fruitful (or adult) debate on serious religious issues that fellow trads already share common belief about.   Laramie Hirsch even converted his blog back in the day into a Catholic blog at first to respond to what he called an Echo Chamber of Group Think he found so intolerable for him that he started blogging in response to forum critics.  Every man needs a hobby or two.  Circular firing squad of narcissists, he’s said. 

I’d say 90% of posters do tend to be decent people able to engage in civil exchange of info and mutual collaboration among fellow believers and devotees to Tradition.  But the other 10% in my 20 year experience mostly lurking across forum land, with the occasional stints posting, tend to act like narcissists trying to dominate the space like it’s their own clique.  Vox Clamantis, owner of Fish Eaters, made a list of traits to characterize the online “toxic trad” not welcome to post there.   Traits like treating the Faith like a gnostic philosophy for a tiny elect. 

Kind of a distraction to daily life.  


Posting in trad forums was one of my hobbies as of late during the colder months, now taking a break until Christmas, but with summer upon us swimming, fishing, and the front yard garden beckon.    And when I say swimming, if you’ve followed my blog the last few years you know I’ve become a fan of Blue Hole Spring near Salinas, OK an hour east of T-town.  They’re on FB.  It’s an Oasis.  A must visit for any family nearby.  Yessir. You can fish there too. 

We bought some flowers and more herb plants for the front flower beds.  There’s something life affirming and relaxing to come home at the end of a hard day of work to the Mrs., and before dinner watering the garden, then sitting on the porch with a whiskey soda watching your plants grow.  Every man needs his hobbies. 


Monday, April 20, 2020

Time for a Moratorium on the Catholic Blogosphere?

Since Easter, we've seen in the Catholic Blogosphere a flame war, across Twitter and certain blogs, over a clash between Taylor Marshall and his now former podcaster colleague Timothy Gordon, and Gordon's brother.  Gordon takes issue with Marshall's more recent support of the SSPX, Marshall in turn on Easter Sunday "tweeted" he and his family attended Easter Mass at the SSPX.    In the spirit of the Risen Lord, these gurus and their groupies have since had it out across social media.  While I've rarely used Twitter, my glance at what everyone was saying suggested a schism now between Taylor and Timothy, who up until a week or so ago were good friends.   

You can't make this up.

Enter Fr. Z at his blog, who, like Marshall, once was a strong critic of the SSPX and traditionalists who support their line of thought;  ironically, now he is on the side of the SSPX putting the Gordon bros and other anti-SSPXers in their place with a couple blog posts.

(Edit on 4/26:  and the last several days now the anti-SSPX inquisition has continued thanks to Michael Voris and Christine Niles of Church Militant, issuing an expose of certain SSPX priests accused of sexual abuse;  labelled by many a biased hit piece because it portrays the entire SSPX as a stronghold for perverted priests covered up by their superiors.).

Round and round we go.

Keep in mind these are almost entirely lay Catholic men, asking for donations, many depending on those donations as their primary source of income to buy groceries for their kids, with a major online presence and following.

Also somewhat recently we learned that Taylor Marshall and his colleague Alexander Tschuggel, the guy who tossed the Pachamama idols into the Tiber, actually planned together the whole event, the unrolling of it to Catholic media, and the subsequent exposure of Alexander as a Catholic leader.  What many had a problem with most, is that Marshall (and at the time his sidekick Gordon) acted the whole time like he had never met Alexander, and that he was surprised to learn how he dunked the Pachas.   Something that he himself, we now learn from him, orchestrated.

Another lay Catholic, asking for donations, with a major online presence.

Quite the unprecedented paradigm shift since the lay Catholic blogosphere has gained a major stronghold in the last few years.  Can you imagine Thomas Nelson, founder and editor of TAN books, pulling off internet media stunts, getting in spats on Twitter, or showing off his hot wife, trad brood, and cool haircut in order to sell Catholic classics?  And spread the Catholic faith?  He was a hard core trad, but I'm certain he was guided in his apostolate/business by priests helping him select books to publish, and giving oversight to any editorializing.

And then, almost on a weekly basis, we are treated to another flame war against Frank Walker of the website Canon212 by Steve Skojec of the famous OnePeterFive, usually through Twitter.   Though Skojec claims it all goes the other way.

A lay Catholic, making $150,000 a year through his Catholic website, spreading the Word about Christ and His Church, by means of inter-trad flame wars on Twitter, and writing blog posts as the editor-in-chief of...his own website.

Need I go on?  It's all been a spectacle building momentum the last decade for any Catholic who would dare use google to research Catholic subjects or news.  When odds are they will land squarely inside the Catholic blogosphere.

Now we have every other trad blogger personality acting like a pundit about the coronavirus crisis.  Michael Matt is sounding the alarm about the bishops suspending public Masses for the last FOUR weeks (as if that constitutes a crisis), alerting all of us to the globalist machinations unfolding before our eyes about the lockdown, vaccine, etc.

Another lay Catholic, asking for $, now with a major online presence.

The trad pundits are distilling all the public information now about the virus, so we will get the big picture from a Catholic perspective, especially how, in their view, we are certainly facing an apocalyptic shift in society.   Taking a glance, the trend is to predict for the reader/listener how this is going to go down according to eschatological, end-times prophesy.

I get it.  The faithful are hungry for Catholic information and guidance, which the vast majority of clergy are not providing from the pulpit or confessional.   Where are they to turn?

Writing a Catholic blog is one thing, to share your mere opinion to the collective of blogs, to compare notes, disseminate news, ask critical questions of our Church leaders (as canon law #212 permits), and to just wax and wane about what's happening in the world, or in your personal life, from the perspective of your life as a Catholic.  

Even to offer up theological or philosophical articles, and to teach other lay Catholics what the Church already teaches, or to speculate on open doctrinal questions.  Such, according to tradition, requires some kind of Church oversight and supervision which, correct me if I am wrong in my observation, is lacking 99% of the time across the Catholic Blogosphere in bloggers who write "articles" that are obviously essays on per se theological and philosophical subjects.  Even from traditionalist priests or societies giving such blessing and guidance.

It is quite another thing for a lay Catholic to set up a Catholic blog, with or especially without any kind of theological-philosophical academic/teaching credentials, either by means of a degree or certificate, or verifiable official teaching experience, but then to go beyond offering mere opinion, or facilitating the dissemination of information from authoritative Catholic sources.  To set themselves up, effectively, as one-man classrooms.

To develop popularity, evidenced by comments, blog stats, and mentions on other blogs seems natural.  But to carve out an actual following which treats said lay blogger like an enlightened guru, teacher, prophet, leader, and one of their primary sources of Catholic knowledge and guidance seems, well, unnatural, disordered, and spiritually dangerous.

To market this enterprise as a Catholic apostolate, with tiered Patreon donation programs, effectively setting yourself up as a lay pastor with your own flock, teaching, guiding, counseling Catholics in the spiritual life of a Catholic in ways always before reserved for priests and bishops, OR...

By Catholic teachers approved by the hierarchy.   That has always been the constant tradition, for lay Catholics doing anything remotely like teaching on matters of faith and morals, to submit to Church authority.

And for the record, that authority is the hierarchy under Rome, which in my opinion includes traditionalist societies and priests like that of the SSPX.   

I'm not talking about Joe Bloe trad blogger, who likes to talk about what his family made for Easter dinner, in order to share with others the Catholic celebration of Easter, or who just wants to give his two cents in a fun and at times humorous way.

I'm talking about the money-making online, lay professional bloggers, growing in number by the week, effectively pontificating about every jot and tittle that comes across the news feed.  And in turn those lower-tiered bloggers imitating them.

I am not bitter about it all, but sad, and frankly scandalized.  It is not good for my spiritual health to make a habit of seriously following the mainstream of the Catholic blogosphere, in which petty disputes across social media and the blogs themselves come across our screen on almost a daily basis.  And I suspect for most, it is the same.

By this I mean most of us checking in at news conglomerates like Canon212 to skim the headlines, as I do most every day, when I scan my news sources before I start the day.   I scan for substantial news and articles from actual Catholic newspapers and journals, or from priests and Catholic academics.

I doubt Canon212 and the host of trad bloggers/podcasters are going anywhere:  TM, Voris, Michael Matt, Barnhardt, Skojec, etc, especially as the Church keeps spiraling down for the indefinite future.

Considering then all the adolescent nonsense across the Catholic blogosphere that I think most of us agree is a serious pattern, I would argue that other blog posts and discussions like this need to be critically raised before taking it all seriously as we do.  We need a moratorium on the role of the Catholic blog.

What authority or right do they have?  How to prevent them forming, perhaps inadvertently, their own online blog church, with them as their follower's pastor?  How to submit it to divine Church authority--something we can never escape doing if we are Catholic--to guide it and prevent it from becoming a Moshpit of wild, ferral arm-chair theologians "in control of the narrative."

Seems like a fair observation.  Not of all bloggers, but if this post hits a nerve with them, then they know who they are.  And I am not innocent, I've crossed the line before into what I am talking about, even though I think I've consistently staid clear of the trend.    

I welcome comments, questions, points and counter-points being raised, as long comments don't fall into the very thing I'm pointing out, otherwise as I usually do, I will have to delete them.

The Comm box is open and will be moderated.

Monday, April 13, 2020



I’m thinking to plant tomatoes earlier this year.  Maybe some kale and spinach.   If we get rain like we did last year, I can imagine filling the vegetable crisper.  

Some states aren’t allowing people to buy seeds?   Well not Oklahoma.   I also need to add rosemary to the list. Our herbs mostly grew back this year except that one.  Communing with nature is definitely medicinal. 


If/when this lockdown is proven not to work, and we have an impending economic collapse, we’ll need a lot of fortitude to challenge our leaders and any tyrannical laws, and to preserve our family life.    Time to prep now—ending all the panic frenzy. 

Life goes on, with adjustments. Every hour we are reminded to wash our hands, follow protocol—sure—but I’m carrying on with family BBQs, daily routine, Ora et labora.  Never watched the news much anyway before this.   The daily obsession reminds me of other media-driven crises like the OJ Simpson trial that consumed the daily news cycle for months back in the early 90s.


Oh and by the way I decided to tune out every online pundit that thinks having a url or YouTube Channel somehow gives them the charism of authority to pontificate and prognosticate about the prudence of lockdown, Masses being suspended, or whether or not the in-development corona vaccine will contain a computer chip containing the mark of the beast.  

In my opinion, fear is the main enemy now, and people controlling the narrative with fear.   Instead let’s feast, it’s still Easter-tide.   Going for picnics and outdoor outings.  Working, praying, carrying on with everyday life in so far as we can.  Doing some light prep, financial planning, taking precautions.  Otherwise...


Thursday, March 19, 2020

10 Things I’d Rather be Doing than Staying Glued to the Media Talking about You-Know-What

1.   Eating lunch at my favorite Chinese buffet.  Ah snap, the city shut down sit-down eating out.  Something to look forward to once this Lenten mini-Chastisement passes. 

2.  My morning constitutional. Gastrointestinal health experts recommend a routine morning sit-down after awakening to stay regular.  But oh you know what, all the hysterics out there emptied the market shelves of toilet paper.   Guess I’m going to have to go third world. 

3.  Staying home in quiet.  Our twenty first century land of endless entertainment and pleasure has been reduced to Mayberry circa the 1950s.   Do we really need weekly outings to laser tag, malls, and spending more on eating out than on our retirement funds?    I’m enjoying the calmness of less traffic outside my door. 

4.  Reading about nice, everyday, pleasant topics beyond the mosh pit of the geopolitical news cycle.  Books about gardening, cooking, outdoor sports, classic novels.   Too much study of the unfolding of the end times does not make for a happy camper. 

5.  Going camping.  The Spring camping season is upon us.  Visions of steaks and eggs cooked in a cast iron skillet, with crickets cricketing away in the background, removed from larger society, and from You-Know-What.  

6.  Taking selenium, zinc, and vitamin C daily to augment the immune system.  Far more proactive than wringing our hands whining about the What-if of this situation.   Make a list what needs to be done to keep you and yours healthy, do it, and stop worrying.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and chill out with family.  

7. Prepping.  Same principle.  Stock up some food, water, and basic supplies and then sit back with a serene smile while the masses panic looking for things like toilet paper. 

8.  Praying the rosary.   So Francis called for us to pray a rosary about this.  Well, a broken clock is right at least twice a day. :).   Our Lady, pray for us. 

9.  Taking Peanut hiking on Saturday.   Have to work a few hours in the AM, but my little bundle of energy has as much cabin fever as me.   

10. Practicing flying my drone. Fun fun. 

Saturday, March 7, 2020

New Oklahoma Law! Liquor Stores Can Open on Sundays!

In my opinion, a step forward in the right direction. While I’m sure my local hedonists, who think the sum total of human well-being is constituted by material pleasures, and the careerist pursuit thereof, will laud this as a step closer to the complete liberalization of society, for me it’s implicitly and indirectly one little step towards the better ideals of a Catholic society.  At least a de-Calvinizing measure towards Catholic moderation in all things.

I had read an article about how the new law was being voted on this month in the Oklahoma legislature, with low expectations of not being passed.  Something about the local liquor industry not getting the word out to the public in support of it.   But last night after work, when I dropped by my neighborly, quaint little liquor store for my end-of-week 200 ml mini-bottle of Jim Beam, I asked the cashier/owner about it—an always pleasant hipster type—and she smiled ear to ear saying the legislation takes effect this weekend.   

And, for the first time in Oklahoma history (read discussed in my post here about how we had prohibition before it went federal, and used prohibition to discriminate against the Catholic Church here)...drum roll please...this Sunday liquor stores will be open here in the Heartland!

Tomorrow after Mass, you won’t have to endure the crowd of your grocery store to get a nice bottle of wine for Sunday leisure.  Stores open at noon.

Some Catholic traditionalists might disagree, to which I’d counter with this tongue-in-cheek post a couple years back, arguing trads generally speaking, with obvious exceptions, need to be consuming more spirits.  Something on the natural level to deal with toxic traditionalism coupled with the crisis in the Church.

Some commenters, as I recall, warned against alcoholism, that alcohol had once ruined their lives, or that of loved ones.  I countered that yes some people with a personal or family history of alcohol addiction should obviously not drink, but that the teetotaler philosophy only negatively reinforces the problem.  

In my opinion.

The problem being addiction and abuse through the vice of immoderation in food, drink, etc, not the substance of alcohol itself.   It was a fun discussion.  Not even a dogmatic question. 

Hey the word “dogma” has the word “dog” in it, and as I write this 
on my phone I’m sitting on a rocky perch half way through an almost-Spring Saturday hike with my dog Peanut.  Ruff ruff.  That was Peanut saying hi to all you Teetotalers and Spirits-Connoisseurs out there alike. 

All are welcome here at The Okie Traditionalist, regardless of where your temperament sits on the Rigorism-Laxity scale. 

Did Saturday morning tasks and errands in quick, summary order. Later grilling rib eyes, drinking a little Bush lite, practicing my drone flying, and reading.  Tomorrow:  Mass, lunch, visit family, and drop into my local quaint liquor store.   Maybe for some sweet red wine the Mrs likes. 


Happy Saturday. 

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ready for Spring.

Lovin’ this Spring-like weather here in the Sooner State. Which brings to mind the joys of picnics, trips to the lake, elevated serotonin levels, and sunshine.  Yessir.  I suppose the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, so we’re rounding third base approaching Spring. 

I think most people—perhaps me especially—get affected by wintertime, with cabin fever, seasonal affective disorder (cue a frowning face emoticon), or whatever you want to call it.  It is the irony of our fallen state I suppose to find discomfort in the very thing we once yearned for, and then likewise keep yearning for greener pastures.   For that golden valley around the next corner.  That pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Such is my waxing and waning pattern following the turn of the seasons. Whereas in the purgatorial heat of August in Oklahoma I’m counting the days until Fall kicks in, by the next February or March my forward-thinking temperament starts to anticipate longer days, nature coming back to life, and more outdoor activity.  Yessir. 

Are you all getting ready for the coronavirus?   We keep filling our pantry. And I bought some home protection from a fellow Okie Trad, coupled with an exhilarating session of target practice.   When the coronavirus zombies come banging down my door, I’ll be ready to protect me and mine.  Yessir.  

But hopefully this thing just turns out like a nasty version of the Asian swine flu, and you know not the likes of the Spanish flu epidemic that wiped out a hundred years ago—brace yourself—over 50 million people.  Be prepared, is the Boy Scout motto.  

Feeling blessed at this time in life.  With career, health, and family life. Deo gracias.  Looking forward, onward, and upward.  By God’s grace and divine plan.  Shopping to buy a house in the country, making plans for the future, looking forward to Spring, when it’s warm enough to go swimming down at ol’ Blue Hole Spring in Salinas.  Yessir. 

Happy Saturday.