Saturday, November 12, 2016

Pope Francis Characterizes Young People Attached to the Latin Mass as "Rigid"

I'm sure a bunch of you are like me, in the category of "young trad."  It seems the Holy Father, Pope Francis, thinks we're "rigid" for preferring the Traditional Latin Mass.  What a pleasant thing to read about this restful Saturday morning.

pope-francis-interview-1980284w300.jpg (300×200)

Here's what he said the other day in an interview, as reported on Rorate Caeli Blog.

My Comments: 

I take the pope's comment as an insult to traditional Catholics.  And if you're a Latin Mass Catholic pretending this pope respects you or the Latin Mass, think again.  This pope looks down on you.  You are full of human weaknesses beyond saving.  He is not trying to counsel or convert you from your "rigidity."  He's rejecting you as a Weirdo.

It all baffles the mind.  Christ's Vicar repeatedly insulting Catholics trying to be faithful to the timeless teachings and practices of Christ and His Church, to save their souls.

Whatever.  I'm still celebrating the Election, basting my slow-roasting fatted calf in my backyard, drinking Rum 'n Cokes.


  1. Rigid. He's on a mission to get out there and hug the Lutherans. But he'll spit on the Traditional Catholics.

  2. I once quietly prayed outside an abortion clinic. A pro-abort guy got in my face screaming "You're intolerant!" spitting in my face.

    What Francis is doing with statements like this is projecting the very thing he condemns.