Monday, November 7, 2016

Election Day has Arrived

The annoying NeverTrumpers and despairing Naysayers have been salivating in their prediction of a Trump loss.  Yet, I'm praying my rosary and holding out hope. Or perhaps I'm holding my breath, like a Cubs fan going into the World series. The clock ticks.  By the end of Tuesday, tomorrow night, we will know the fate of our country.

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If Hillary Wins:

Satanic black masses will be said around the country in celebration.  Hillary will bow in thanksgiving before her private altar to the Evil One.  Soros, et al will throw an all-you-can snort orgy for the New World Order elite--Billy (and Jeb) Bush will be the guests of honor.  Millions of unborn children otherwise saved under different election results will await their bloody slaughter. Polygamists will make a bee-line for the Supreme Court.  Russia will continue preparing for World War III.  Political correctness will go on a raping rampage against conservative Christians like you and me.

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The Next Secretary of State?

And I'll have to buy land out by Clear Creek monastery, or move to St. Mary's, Kansas.  Something.  I will further retreat and adapt.   Sacks of rice, treated water, and ammunition.  It will mean a major defeat in this culture war.  It will mean chastisement rather than some relative relief.  God's Will be done.

If Trump Wins:

BUT, WHAT IF, just WHAT IF...tomorrow night these ongoing polls are proven fraudulent, and Trump wins those key states??  It could happen.  All the unborn babies around the country will leap in their mothers' womb.   Day One, Trump will repeal all illegal Obama Executive Orders. The building of "the Wall" will ensue.  Maybe it'll be the 8th Wonder of the World.  If so, I'd bet Trump will literally have Big Gold Doors for the legal immigrants.  A one-man War on the Establishment and Globalism will be waged from the Oval office.  What entertaining consolation, at least for the next 4 years!

I will kill a fatted calf and host a week-long block party in my neighborhood with overflowing liquors and wine.  All personal debts and harbored injuries will be forgiven.  By a miracle of God, tomorrow just might end up being one of the happiest days of my OUR life.  Dare we hope?

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  1. Was your fatted calf served plain, just a cook hacking pieces off for the partiers, or did you whip up some secret's-in-the-sauce barbeque.

    You may want to hold off on that calf for a few months. Obama didn't want to do anything before the election (or after, with a Clinton win) that Clinton might want to walk back. Now, there's nothing to restrain him. He will work with his cronies in the UN to unilaterally -- and without Israel's involvement -- declare the State of Palestine. This will bring the wrath of G-D down on the US, as someone touching the apple of His eye.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jim. I'm still slow-roasting the fatted calf in my backyard (no bbq sauce), but it should be through by Saturday if you want to stop on by.