Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump vs. Clinton Debate Tonight

11 years ago Trump was recorded in private, behind his back, speaking very lewdly about a married woman.  Listening to the recording, its apparent he was joking in a bragging, locker room kind of way with a guy to impress him.

Conclusion: yes, Trump in the past has been at times a womanizer and said demeaning things about women.

Tonight he takes the stage to battle his opponent "Crooked Hillary" as he calls her, over the Presidency and future of the country.  Hillary has withheld comment on the potentially ruinous Trump tape leak, until tonight.  Trump promises to hit back hard and expose her corruption.

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Trump needs to undo his weakness from the first debate, as diplomatically and swiftly as possible deal with the leaked tape recording, and keep hitting back 10X harder than Hillary on her political record, the email scandal, her reputation as a liar, and yes if necessary the facts of her husband's sexual scandal that got him technically impeached.

Fellow Trads sitting on the fence whether or not to vote, lend me your ear!  Imagine in 3 months Hillary taking the oath standing with Bill by her side, and within hours a President Hillary and President-Emeritus, First Man Bill taking over the White House again.  To appoint the next Supreme Court justice.  To go above and beyond Obama's revolution to create a Socialist States of America.

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President Hillary + President-Emeritus Bill ?

And then weigh that with having a Trump for president, with all his personal flaws, immediately reversing Obama's executive orders, nominating a pro-life Justice, putting all his energy to "building the Wall,"  protecting the rights of conservative Christians, and waging a One Man War from the Oval Office against Political Correctness.

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I trust you'll do the right thing!


  1. As Charles Coulombe said today on his Off the Menu video #9: this country is a bordello. The liberals worked very hard to transform this country into such a place. So, why in the hell do they think that anyone cares whether or not Trump has a potty mouth?

    I mean...Clinton raped women.

    1. Agreed. The election is over. Time to shift gears to white flight or the Benedict option.