Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Last Debate Tonight. What will Happen?

I've got a lot of work to do tonight, but I'm going to have to tune in at least for a while to the last debate between Trump and Hillary.

Since the last debate, embroiled by the "Locker Room" leaked tape, there's been a daily release of damning information about both sides.  An all out mud fight to the end.

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A liberal friend today asserted--without any infomation to back up the claim--that Trump started the mud throwing, and Hillary is maintaing focus on the issues.

A sequence of events shows otherwise.  Billy Bush releases the tape--> the media spread it everywherfe --> Anderson Cooper asks Hillary about it in the debate --> she uses it to condemn Trump as unfit for office and an enemy of women.  That is the causal sequence so far.  Following the temporal time line, Trump responded to Hillary AFTER her condemnation with an all out exposure of her immoral support of Bill's ACTUAL sexual violations of women.  That is the sequence.

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Today I was surprised to learn that the media has largely been ignoring what seems to me to be the biggest scandal in the Clinton camp.  Apparently, her campaign has sponsored an organized effort to cause the violence reported at Trump events.  This is immeasurably more treasonous to the democratic process than Nixon's bugging DNC hotel rooms at Watergate.

Will Trump rise to a level of confidence, clarity, and surgical exposure of Hillary-gate tonight?   I'm still praying Hail Mary's Trump wins.  It'd take prayers for it to happen.


  1. I read the following from Charles Coulombe today:

    A dear friend of mine pointed out to-night that if Trump is defeated and refuses to recognise the outcome of the election, it will do enormous damage to the system. Nixonfaced the problem of a questionable election and refused to fight it; Gore deided to fight the result in 2000. Mrs. Clinton declared that she would abide by the results if she lost. A lot depends upon a lot of things. But regardless of what either candidate chooses to do, I am willing to wager that a large proportion of the losers' followers (whichever one it is) will refuse to believe the election results legitimate. This shall contribute mightily to making the country ungovernable.

  2. It definitely seems we're headed for a major political war AFTER November 8th. Will Trump contest if he loses? Would the GOP too? Next few weeks will be very interesting.

    My bet is on Trump contesting through the courts. Hillary can't link his campaign to Putin/Wikii leaks, but Trump now has videos of Clinton operatives organizing violence at Trump rallies, with close links to the White House.

    1. Trump brought this up twice in last nights debate, and Hillary neither confirmed or denied.