Friday, October 14, 2016

Billy Bush--Who Leaked the Trump Video--is Jeb Bush's COUSIN! Makes you Wonder.

Trump has been sprinting towards victory these last few months.  But last week a GRENADE was placed in his path just feet from the finish line, by tabloid journalist Billy Bush, almost certainly guaranteeing a Clinton victory and deeper descent into Darkness.

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I'm probably the last person who would spin a conspiracy theory, but there's an interesting fact to this story that begs the question.  It has barely been discussed that Billy Bush is apparently a cousin of....drum roll please....Jeb Bush!

According to Wikipedia,
Billy Bush's uncle (his father's older brother) is George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United StatesGeorge W. Bush, the 43rd President, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush are Billy Bush's cousins.    (LINK)

Do you recall how Jeb was expected to be the Establishment nominee, but when The Donald dominated him in the primaries, he--his mom--and the Bush clan boycotted Trump? And, don't the Bushes have the reputation of being a very powerful oligarchy, a political dynasty, that has manipulated global politics for decades???

So I think the Billy Bush Trump Leak begs the question:

Did the Bushes have anything to do with the release of the Trump Locker Room Tape, decisively delivering the White House to the Clintons?

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Trump should invest however many millions of $$$s it would take to uncover and expose the real source of the leak, before its too late!!!

If (when?) Trump loses, the real story will be what powerful sources conspired to release that tape.  It would manifest all over social media how nearly absolute in power the Establishment really is, whether Democrat or Republican.

If Trump loses, we'll have to consider in what direction we should move.  Try and "fit in" more and more in the Socialist States of America, for socio-economic survival?   Or shift towards more segregation in Catholic, conservative communities, and stand up publicly against the liberal revolution, come what may?

I'm thinking more the latter.

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