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Vestment Fundraiser for Latin Mass Priest. 'Tis the Season for Giving!

This being the Season of Advent, and since Advent is a penitential season, and since Almsgiving to the Church is the highest form of penance, and since the greatest items the Church needs is for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, what better way during this Season of Giving than to donate to a Traditional Catholic Priest for violet vestments for celebrating of the Traditional Latin Mass!

What is so enjoyable about donating to this, is that your name will be embroidered on the inside of the chasuble to be worn at Mass, where the Priest will pray for you for years to come!  Follow the campaign's updates including photos.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Tulsa Bishop Konderla Responds "Indirectly" to the Okie Traditionalist. In the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic. My Response.

My thanks to fellow local traditional Catholic blogger over at Forge and Anvil (read there his article), Laramie Hirsch, for keeping up with the story that originated here last month (LINK).  I was surprised to see this development.

I had challenged my Bishop by means of three emails over several weeks to confirm us faithful Catholics in his diocese in our Catholic Faith, by teaching how the Vatican Pachamama pagan ritual was a grave violation not only of the First Commandment, but of the very foundations of our Catholic Faith.  I was clear, succinct, and respectful.  He did not respond directly to me.  

Instead, Bishop Konderla then responded indirectly this month in our actual diocese's newspaper, the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic, which I actually had suspected he might, by the fact he raises concern specifically about following online blogs and Catholic news sources and people contacting him recently to complain about the scandals of the Amazon synod.There is about a 0.001% chance he's not talking in part about the response to my blog's initiative.  And clearly those who would agree with the protest are large enough in number to warrant the Bishop himself addressing it publicly to the whole Diocese.   

So instead of objecting to the Amazon/Idolatry in the Vatican scandal, he decided to correct those of us orthodox, tradition-loving Catholics, his own lay faithful in the diocese and outside it, like those who would be reading a blog like this, who exercised our Catholic rights to contact him, who would employ the public usefulness of a Catholic blog, and Canon law 212 that enables us to voice our concerns to the hierarchy, both privately and publicly  

He is clearly implying in what he wrote that our actions and attitudes about the Amazon synod/Pachamama scandal, as discussed online, are extreme, misdirected, emotionally unbalanced, and spiritually unbalanced.   I think it is fair to acknowledge those facts before any evaluation is made of them.  

Folks, I am afraid he is reflecting the very attitudes too many of your own Bishops have both to the Crisis in the Church and Catholics who would oppose it, because we love our Catholic Faith.  Control the faithful opposition through gas-lighting.  Ironically, that tactic only backfires.  Thinking, genuine Catholics across this diocese can see through it.  I cannot read the Bishop's heart, but in the order of objective facts as laid out, that is actually what he is doing.  Dismissing us.

Bishop Konderla knows many Catholics are reading The Okie Traditionalist and Forge and Anvil.  He knows many believe and act as we do, as tradition-loving, orthodox Catholics, who would love our local Church enough to raise public concern when our own shepherds are leading the sheep into modernism and liberalism.   Whether we live in Tulsa or any town parish across Eastern Oklahoma under his jurisdiction.  

He knows many of us want reverent, sacred liturgy, sound preaching, and uncompromising pastoral direction.  That we are nauseated beyond belief at the perversion of the Catholic Faith which circumstances force most Catholics in this diocese to witness every Sunday.  

He also knows, no doubt, that the young, Tradition-loving priests of his Diocese follow the information disseminated in part from our blogs.  Even our seminarians sitting in their dorm rooms this very evening.  That many such priests are aided and encouraged to be true Catholic priests by tuning into the Catholic blogosphere for encouragement and relevant discussion on a daily basis.  

He knows many Catholics sit in the pew of the Novus Ordo Mass who would or are petitioning for the truly Extraordinary form of the Catholic Mass (the Traditional Latin Mass) to be offered in their local parish.  He knows we are not going away or will remain silent and inactive.

I will obey what my Bishop said in his article in this:  I will continue as I do to focus on my spiritual life more than sharing online, during my free time.  I will focus on Advent, as he says.  I will make sure I am not "extremely upset" as he says of those who contacted him.   After this post is logged, I will say my night prayers and prepare for the work week.  Life goes on, but I will get this out.  

I refuse to be silent as he is clearly indicating.   Catholics are not idiots, but people of intelligence and logic.  We observe facts and use common sense.

I refuse to back down on this scandal, especially his dual refusal to denounce the Idolatry in the Vatican while likewise correcting us Okie Catholics who care enough to contact him, and about any scandal that unfolds in what he dismisses as the "24 hour news cycle," in the weeks, months, and years ahead in which the modernist Revolution racks our Church.  Both at the local and universal level.  

I refuse to do what he is suggesting and follow a servile kind of passivistic, quietistic kind of piety and respect for authority, where I just keep my head down when our own ministers and others should enter the sanctuary and try and assault our Lord.  

Even my local Protestant brothers, especially Okie Evangelical Christians, would agree with my critical questioning of my Bishop in this, and all Catholic Bishops, who remain silent to institutionalized idolatry, in the very Church that goes back historically to the Apostles.  

Bishop Konderla, I am emailing this response to you.   Again I am listing your contact info below for Catholics to continue to respectfully express the exact same dismay and concern again to you, and to all our Bishops, who are charged with one thing:  to transmit Catholic Tradition to save souls.  

Not to save the rainforest in the Amazon, promote invalid female deacons, reduce the dignity of priestly celibacy, or to accommodate Christ's Church to the ungodly pantheistic spirit of the modern world.   Or to bow down to a pagan Mother Earth goddess.  We refuse to be okay with the pope and cardinals objectively participating in a pagan ritual worship of a false god, no less in St. Peter's basilica, and silencing objection to it.

Bishop Konderla, I am not judging you at all on a personal level.  That has never been my intention, and I stand by everything I have said here in substance that is at all critical of the acts and omissions you decided to make when you became our Bishop three years ago.   

Bishop Konderla, I write this out of love.  Love for the local and universal Catholic Church I was raised in, in every parish I have contributed to since childhood.  I write this out of love for you as our Bishop, because I believe hearing these truths, and by our prayers and witness, you will hopefully be moved one day to clearly uphold the doctrine, piety, reverence, and sacred traditions of our Church.  Regardless of how the chips may fall.

To express your concern over this, please contact Bishop Konderla at the Diocese of Tulsa:

Please contact again Bishop Konderla:

(918) 294-1904

Onward and upward!

Friday, November 29, 2019

Okie Trad Interviews: The Man Who Tossed the Pachamama Idols into the Tiber River

Preface: last month he removed the Pachamama idols--the ones used in the Vatican pagan ritual--from a Catholic church in Rome and threw them into the Tiber river. Mr. Alexander Tschugguel of Vienna, Austria, recently married by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, a Catholic pro-life and pro-family activist, interviewed recently by Dr. Taylor Marshall, Michael Voris, and LifeSiteNews, just got back to Austria after a speaking tour in the US. Folks, I give you a follow-up interview of Alexander the Pachamama Tosser.


Hello Alexander, on behalf of traditional Catholics here in the US, especially in our neck of the woods here in the Diocese of Tulsa, Oklahoma, I thank you for your heroic deed and for granting this interview for the readers of the Okie Traditionalist blog. Welcome.

How was your recent trip to the USA?  Were you successful getting out your message?  How were the people?

My trip was wonderful. I got to visit different parts of the US, first Pennsylvania, then Washington DC, New York City and Texas. I was so happy to see all these fantastic Catholic communities there. I met many large families with a lot of children, which is always wonderful to see - people who know and live the faith with dedication and are willing to stand up for it in public. The audiences were very receptive. This trip was a blessing in many ways, not least because it showed me that although the crisis in the Church is very bad at the moment, it has also forced many Catholics to open their eyes to what is going on and to take sides. This is a phenomenon that can now be observed both in Europe and in the US.

Where can we now give support to your new St. Boniface Institute initiative, especially to provide for legal and otherwise support for you or others, now and in the future, who would do such Catholic Action? Does this new initiative have projects planned in the near future?

Right now you can go to our website: (LINK) and subscribe to our newsletter there. If you like, you can also give us a donation via Patreon or Paypal. In the next few weeks, we will set up a research group and start to publish articles and videos about issues concerning the Amazon Synod, the increasingly alarming connection between the Vatican and the UN and other subjects that are important to us as Catholics. We are setting up our institute right now and are already planning a conference in May in Vienna. We see it as our main aim to bring faithful Catholics in Europe together - people who have the courage to stand up for the faith in public. We are already well connected within Europe, but through this institute we hope to be able to build up a strong voice to be heard everywhere. Our goal is to show how the current crises in the world and the Church are actually no more than different aspects of one and the same crisis. We can only overcome this crisis by turning back to Catholic tradition. We must use the weapons that God has given us - we must pray and profess the truth in public without fear. We will not win if we play by the rules of the left.

Do you expect to be criminally charged or sued for what you did? Or to be retaliated against? Have you now heard anything?

I haven’t heard anything yet. If something happens I will let you all know. If I am charged, we will at least find out to whom the statues actually belonged.

Do we know where those Pachamama statues are now, that is the ones that were apparently recovered from the Tiber? In a Catholic church? If so, I would think that would be a call for further action, to expose the scandal.

Right now all I know is that one of these statues is on display in Würzburg, Germany. I don’t know where the other statues are. If we see them on display in a church again, we would of course try to alert all faithful Catholics and call upon them to protest vigorously. There is no room for pagan idols within the Church!

Have you perhaps considered the legal/moral defense that as a Catholic you/we have legal rights to remove property from a Catholic church that is, according to Church teaching and law, a great sacrilege? That all Catholics, including the laity, share in the ownership of our Church including the right to maintain the sacredness of our churches. Could you even hire canon lawyers to make that kind of defense, should you be charged, where you would defend yourself and Church teaching on the First Commandment (publicly!) perhaps even in the highest tribunal of the Church, namely that of the Diocese of Rome, since that is where the apparent “theft” took place?

If I have to defend myself in Rome for what I did, I think many Catholics would be willing to help me. And to answer your question: Yes, I think it is right to remove pagan idols from a church. Many priests and bishops and even a few cardinals have confirmed this.

Many believe the laity ever more need movements of action that respectfully pressures the Hierarchy to remove paganism, idolatry, heresy, irreverence, banality, and the whole post-Vatican II modernist regime of novelty once and for all from our Catholic Church. But even some traditional Catholics tend to insist on what could be described as passivity and silence, out of respect for Church authority. Perhaps they do so out of excessive fear. Such seems to be the posture too of almost all bishops about this Synod-Pachamama scandal. They may object to the protest over and removal of the statues as going against the decision of the Pope and Vatican. What would you say to them?

I would say to them that I really understand their position. But if you look at the history of the Church, you will find many examples of people, laymen and clergy, who publicly asked the Hierarchy to stay Catholic in times of error. Not every Catholic might necessarily be called to do this, but there definitely are circumstances where it is justified - St. Thomas teaches this. If you really love someone, it is your duty to point out them when they are doing something very wrong. When we publicly disagree with the Holy Father, we do so out of our love for him and for the Church. We don’t do it lightly, ever. If we did not love him, we would ignore him. We must always let ourselves be guided the perennial teaching of the Church and by holy scripture. There is objective truth and we can recognise it.

I heard you say many are now writing you reporting similar scandals in their diocese. In our own local Church, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for example, for decades a convent of Benedictine Sisters once practiced daily Buddhist meditation and chant, with an idolatrous statue of Buddha for veneration. Another example, perhaps still in a local parish hangs an icon of Martin Luther King, a Protestant and adulterer, with a halo, next to other icons of Saints. I am sure similar, objectively sacrilegious objects are to be found across my Diocese, and in most other Dioceses. What do you think should be the organized response of the laity when these objects will not be removed by the Bishop, based on advice given to you by priests or from reading the lives of the Saints? Is there a right or obligation to remove them as you did?

Actually I do not think that we always have the right to act in this way. We should always be very cautious and study each situation carefully before we decide to act. First we should privately ask the priest in charge to remove such objects from the church. If nothing happens, we should repeat our request in public and point out the scandal to others and ask them to protest as well. Of course we should not attend mass at such churches anymore. If nothing is done and the sacrilege continues, I think we then have the right to remove such items - like statues of Buddha, for example.

In the weeks ahead, what events or discussion do you expect to unfold surrounding this “Throwing of the Pachamamas into the Tiber” event? Is this little crusade now “water under the bridge” (pun intended)?

Right now, all the Catholic media worldwide are talking about this. For me, this means that now is a time to make decisions. Do we want to follow the teaching of the Church and the Lord’s commandments? Do we really think that Catholicism can be reconciled with modernism? Should the Church follow the zeitgeist? I think we should ask ourselves which side we want to be on. And yes, the discussion about the “Incidentia Tiberis” helps people to make this decision. It’s definitely not “water under the bridge”. I have the feeling that this has startled many people and has encouraged them to think about what is going on in the Church. I think we should use this momentum to create a strong Catholic movement.

Can you share what acts of Reparation for the Vatican-Pachamama-pagan ritual scandal have been planned that you may know of? In terms of public prayers or penances?

I know of many good initiatives! Millions of rosaries are being prayed in order to make reparation. Priestly societies asked their priests to celebrate Holy Mass and to fast so that the faithful may be protected from harm. We are going to organise a Rosary procession in Vienna in May. I think every Catholic knows that we must all pray and ask God for help and forgiveness.

I understand you are a traditional Catholic who attends the Traditional Latin Mass, aka the Mass of the Saints, after having converted to the Church from Lutheranism (by the way, my German Lutheran great-grandfather, who was racially part Jewish, was killed at Auschwitz under Hitler for protesting the killing of the Jews in the town square). My own German mother was raised High Lutheran, in Bavaria, where their Liturgy was somewhat close to the traditional form of the Roman rite. Can you tell us how you discovered our Catholic Tradition.

I converted when I was 15 years old and on the first anniversary of my conversion, the priest asked me if I wanted this Holy Mass to be celebrated in the traditional rite. Back then, I did not know about this form of the Mass, but I said yes. I did not really understand it, but it kind of stayed in my mind. Two years later, when I had already attended traditional Mass a few times, I decided to go there as often as I could. But it really took some time for me to understand that the traditional form is not just the form which I personally prefer to the novus ordo, but the form which really represents everything our Church teaches, where the focus is on the Holy Sacrifice and everything follows the God-given order.

What parting words would you like to offer readers of this Catholic blog?

Many traditional Catholics talk about modernism quite often. But as we all know we live in times largely shaped by modernism and therefore none of us can quite escape its influence. So to really get rid of that, we have to understand that our duty as Catholics is not to invent a “new system” or “new state” but rather to fight for what has already been handed down to us by Christ and what we can understand by contemplating creation itself. When we pray the “pater noster” we ask the Lord “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. We really have to understand that God does not want us to invent something new, he wants us to discover what His plan is and to follow that.

There are many things to do right now! The pro-life issue is more important than ever. There are many attacks on marriage, too, so defending the family is a duty for every man and woman of faith. And we really should work on our personal sanctification. We need the Catholic Church for this because God told us that “extra ecclesiam nulla salus”, and we want our Church to stay true to tradition. The Church can never change. We, the faithful, are the body of Christ. Even if the body is sick and deformed, it is still the body. Its existence is good in itself and therefore it is our duty to keep it as healthy and clean as possible. We need our tradition and our teaching. Stay Catholic and try to find the nearest church that offers traditional Mass. It is the best you can get!

Danke shon Alexander!  Thank you!  God bless you, your friends who supported you, and your wife.  I hope we can talk again down the line.  Keep up the good fight, for Christ and His Church!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Thursday, November 21, 2019

We Need a Moratorium on So-called "Self-Esteem." I'd Think.

Self-esteem.  It is the modern Idol we erect and bow down to in adoration on a daily basis.  We place it on an the altar of Self, light incense before it, get down on our knees, and prostrate ourselves.  To ourselves!

Everything now has to be about building your self-esteem.  Gotta enroll your kids in every build their self-esteem, of course.  To the detriment of those moral virtues that need the regular domestic life of the family, as in being at home, to cultivate.   Gotta look sharp and sexy, have a snap in your step, and be as articulate as advanced AI.   Why?    To create that in-demand image, which if we conform to it we have graduated to having "healthy self-esteem."  So they say.

I once told someone I felt I had fair self-esteem.  They asked me if I thought my self-esteem had grown over the years.  I said it was pretty much at the same level.  They then made the ridiculously obtuse statement “Um but, like, if your self-esteem isn’t increasing, it’s decreasing...the key is to have a healthy degree of, you really need to pamper yourself a lot...selfishness can be a good thing."   The gastric juices churned in my stomach, knowing this attitude is universal in modern, contemporary society, and exponentially the more far removed one is from the so-called second and third world.

Take a poor child say in the Philippines.  They would already be thinking well on themselves to have clothes on their back, parents who take care of them, and a formal education.

But in the land of prosperity we've got our Deepak Chopra’s, Anthony Robbins’, Eckardt Tolle’s, and Oprah Winfrey’s all telling us effectively that the supreme God and lawmaker of the Old and New Testament is bogus.  That the truth is we are all god, that the aim of life is self-divinization.

Recently I sat in the whirpool at the gym trying to de-stress after work, when I was tortured to listen to a narcissistic conversation between two seemingly progressive millenials, boyfriend and girlfriend it seemed.  The young woman asks “What is the ultimate purpose of meditation?  I’m reading an article about it” as she continues to stare down at her smartphone.  Apparently the reality of sitting with her boyfriend just to enjoy the bubbles and eye-to-eye conversation was just too boring for her.  The boy (man-boy) looks up from his Kindle and says "Huh?  I have no idea."  She responds "Well it says right here (as if some website has the right answers) that the purpose of meditation is to make you go as deep into yourself as you can, to the point you appreciate as much as possible your own self worth."  In other words folks, we lift up our minds and hearts to the Self, to achieve enlightened self-esteem.

Again in this moment, the gastric juices churned.

Even on a practical psychological and social level, the world becomes chaotic and disordered when everyone is running around thinking mainly of themselves.  In the end, if you want true self-esteem, you won't get it from the relentless pop-culture all around us that makes self-esteem the ultimate end of man.

But on a higher level, a religious and supernatural level, all the major traditional religions teach self-abasement, atonement, lowering of self, and viewing oneself as a sinful creature in need of humility and redemption.   None of them would accept this new creed of Narcissism, least of all Christianity.

A reminder from Our Lord Jesus Christ is in order, and I don't mean from those Christian self-help gurus out there that would modernize Christianity into something like the church of scientology.

2 Corinthians 12:9 - And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities
Glorify in my infirmities?  Says the modern.   Sounds lame.

Or how about the lessons from the Lives of the Saints, those fools for Christ who, if alive today, would no doubt be living on the margins of society.  Voluntarily if not involuntarily.  Here are words of wisdom from St. Thomas À Kempis:

I WILL speak to my Lord, I who am but dust and ashes. If I consider myself anything more than this, behold You stand against me, and my sins bear witness to the truth which I cannot contradict. If I abase myself, however, if I humble myself to nothingness, if I shrink from all self-esteem and account myself as the dust which I am, Your grace will favor me, Your light will enshroud my heart, and all self-esteem, no matter how little, will sink in the depths of my nothingness to perish forever.  (Imitation of Christ)

Wha?  "Shrink from all self-esteem?" 

I think it's time we have a moratorium on so-called self-esteem.    It's got so far out of hand, I am not sure we can salvage the term.   Yes we have to respect ourselves as children of God, His gifts in us, his blessings over our lives.  But we don't have to glory in any of our successes or accomplishments, let alone virtues.  I mean, if you read the sacred writers, like A Kempis for example, it's hard to get through a page or two without hearing how it is better to set aside all self pride, and even to be glad when we are humiliated in life and by the world.

Hard sayings, even for us traditional Catholics who love our sacred liturgy, scholasticism, and our trad circles.   Where do we put our priorities?  On developing our spiritual life and personal virtue, quietly, indifferent to the superficial honors and acceptance we get from each other?  For being financially successful, witty, and emotionally and physically fit.   Valuing oneself is not a bad thing in itself, as are these values.

I say it is absolutely fine to even have low self-esteem.  After all, the Saints did!  Muse on that.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Tulsa Bishop Konderla Refuses to Address Concern Over Pachamama Idol Worship in The Vatican Last Month

Scroll down several posts to see the letter I wrote my Bishop.  Whereas in the past I’ve emailed him five separate times about concerns I had, each time him responding quickly and no longer than within twenty-four hours, albeit giving short responses, this time he never responded after two weeks, even after two follow-up emails.   

I shared links to interviews of Cardinal Müller and Bishop Schneider defending the Faith against this scandal, and later asked if he would still respond.  If he should still, I would edit or delete this post. 

But at this point I think it’s safe to deduce that either a) he does not believe in the fundamental Catholic doctrine under attack--the First Commandment forbidding participation in pagan idolatrous ceremonies, or b) is unwilling to exercise his authority as a Successor to the Apostles to confirm the faithful and defend Christ.  That is the same Christ who according to our Creed is “God from God” who Himself condemns all worship of strange gods besides Him.  

I pray for my Bishop that this is simply more a lack of courage to do his public duty to fight the apostasy in the Church, especially in our own local Church, that by our prayers he may be himself strengthened to fully do the traditional, bi-millennial duties of a Catholic Bishop, rather than having fallen into heresy, specifically the multiple heresies of Francis.  

These are not my own private opinions by the way.   They are that of many traditional priests, bishops, and lay Catholics.   And we have two thousand years of Popes on our side whose constant teaching condemns what Francis and certain Cardinals did and publicly promoted last month in the Vatican.

Anyway, it’s late Sunday evening so it’s time for bed.   Please respectfully let Bishop Konderla know you do not support this Pachamama-Vatican scandal.   See below his email as listed online by the Diocese, and the chancery phone number.  Let us be a witness for  the one true God, and the traditional Catholic Faith!

Contact Bishop Konderla:

(918) 294-1904

Saturday, November 16, 2019

My Half Day Trip to Clear Creek

For me, knowing I had an hour plus drive from Tulsa to make it to the monastery’s Office of Lauds at the wee 6:15 am, I wasn’t exactly inclined to rest easy and fall asleep early, though I tried.    How these monks arise daily at what 5 am to pray for over three hours before even having their breakfast, God knows.

My day pack was packed, and my dauchshund Peanut snuggled under her blanket in the front seat.  Had to first hit QuickTrip for Diet Coke, my go-to source of caffeine.

An hour and fifteen minutes later I arrived in the monastery parking lot, it still pitch black outside.  Peanut was restless, but I kept the car and heater running, and after a spell she stopped barking while I attended Lauds and Low Mass, the latter being a most edifying spiritual experience in the monastic crypt.

Entering the upper church for Lauds

Though I will say the challenge during Low Mass, with a church of side altars with priests simultaneously offering the Mass in silence, with a large figure like mine, is to stand, sit, and kneel without making much of a peep. 

Back to the car, Peanut was electrified to see me.  Her reward for waiting was a section of a Slim Jim. 

And then off to our outdoor retreat we went.  Drove past the orchard, farm, and through three gates to finally arrive at Eagle’s Bluff overlooking the clear and majestic Clear Creek.  Grabbed my gear, and let Peanut run wild, with no human being at least within a quarter mile of the monastery.  Bald Eagles soared overhead.  The Fall colors and hilly landscape was serene.  

Had to climb across a fence and down a steep ravine, everything in hand, but was myself rewarded this beautiful setting.  Set up my chair, a space on plastic with my gear, and my fly rod.  Lit up my backpacking stove using charcoal, and started breakfast while Peanut experienced unbridled freedom. 
I was thankful that morning I was able to receive Our Lord truly present in Holy Communion, and for this bit of retreat of my own in nature.
  Here are some pics, which unfortunately won't open up as videos.
Will have to figure out how to upload videos better from my phone.

Made an egg scramble on my backpacking stove.  Peanut had her share.  

Didn't catch any fish, but had a restful morning get-away from the city, thanks to the hospitality of the Clear Creek monks.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Going to Clear Creek Tomorrow

Yep, as in CC monastery.  Just a half day of prayer and fly-fishing.  Leaving very early at 5:30.  
Will post pics here, maybe even some videos. 

Low Mass, then cook breakfast on the creek bank, wait ‘til there’s enough sunlight hitting the water, and then fish for bass and perch.   Pay a visit to the Blessed Sacrament on my way out, buy some excellent monk cheese.  Back by early afternoon.  God willing. 

Anyway, Bishop Gracida wrote me back, cannot do the interview due to not having time, related he says to his age.  Which is 96!   The Pachamama tossing guy Alexander the Courageous replied again still open to an interview, hopefully he has time to answer the further questions I emailed him I anticipate others are asking.  Did listen to part of a talk by him last night live from Virginia, USA, c/o LifeSiteNews.   He’s definitely a great catalyst in this current phase of the counter-revolution. 

Wishing you all a good Fall weakend, Okie Trads and Beyond!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Cardinal Muller Needs to Be the One to Call The Imperfect Council to Remedy the Francis Schism

It should be obvious by now Cardinal Burke is not going to do it. 

Cardinal Brandmüller seems too old to lead the task. 

Therefore, from my vantage point, Providence would put the terrible burden now on the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.   Cardinal Mueller.  He held the second highest authority in the Church for protecting the Deposit of the Faith, after all.  

If he and the valid Cardinals don’t do this, we are objectively facing the real possibility of generations of Anti-Popes elected by invalid Cardinals, spiraling us down even deeper into mass apostasy.  If you can imagine God permitting that. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Any False Idols to Be Removed in the Tulsa Diocese? Or Your Diocese?

Let me know in the comment section.  Or by email:   I will personally make sure the pastor and bishop know that according to Church teaching and law (especially the First Commandment) they need to be removed.  And if they won’t, let’s just say I pray someone will, as would be discussed here.   

After the heroic Catholic response to the Pachamama-Vatican scandal, this sort of thing needs to start happening across all our local Churches.  To defend Christ and His Church.  To support the traditional Catholic Counter-Revolution against the Modernists who have usurped positions of authority in the Church. 

Let’s do this.  Let me know. 

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Fall Saturday Outing

Lovin’ this Fall weather. And the wide spectrum of Fall colors.  I dream during the hot summer months of this slice of the annual calendar.  

As I write this, we’re finishing up an Amish breakfast in Chouteau, OK, centered in Amish country, before we drive east for a day fishing trip on the upper Illinois River north of Tahlequah.   Somewhat in the vicinity of Clear Creek monastery actually.  Note to self, check google maps to see the extra driving distance should we decide to drop by on our way home. 

The plan is to partake of the hilly scenery and Fall decor as we drive down highway 10 with the river on our left, take one of the public side roads to the river bank, and set up a quick day camp with a canopy tent, chairs, and a cooler full of diet A&W and salami and swiss cheese sandwiches care of my German mother.  Then spend the afternoon fishing for perch and bass punctuated by breaks under the canopy to just take it all in. 

Oh before we leave Chouteau now, we’re gonna stop by the Amish bakery.  

Hope you all likewise enjoy some holy leisure connecting with the Creator by means of His Creation. 

Onwards and upwards!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Okie Trad Interview Coming Soon! Of the Man Who Threw the Pachamama Idols into the Tiber

He surfaced a few days ago giving interviews to ChurchMilitant, LifeSiteNews, Taylor Marshall, etc. 

So I thought why not try for an interview myself, and he agreed!  It’ll be a written Q/A posted and discussed here.   I asked questions beyond the initial ones already asked.  Stay tuned folks. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Okie Trad Asks Tulsa Bishop Konderla to Address “Pachamama” Idol Worship in Vatican Synod

Hey readers. Hope you all will have a productive and peaceful work week as we try to make a living in today’s Satanic world.   And remember to visit a cemetery every day of the Octave of All Saints to pray for the dead, and gain a plenerary indulgence for the Poor Souls. 

So tonight I was listening to Michael Matt of the Remnant interview the heroic Bishop Athanasius Schneider at the Catholic Identity Conference, in part responding to the heresies of last month’s Amazonian Synod in the Vatican.   I thought how every Bishop is likewise obligated to clearly denounce the paganism of the Synod, in order to clearly confirm the faithful in the Catholic Faith, but that almost all Bishops continue to be passive and silent.  

How Satanic does this Ecclesiastical Crisis have to get in the highest positions of Church power, including the global coverup of Clerical Sodomy of children, before believing Catholic Bishops stand up and do their sworn duty?   

We the laity do have a critical role in this, to raise our voices in protest to our own local Bishop, to ask them to stand for Christ and His Church, and to refuse our monetary or otherwise material support until the Catholic Faith is once and for all upheld.  See below my email to my own bishop, Bishop David Konderla, sent tonight on 11/3/19.  He has several times in the past responded to my 
emails raising concerns.   

I pray he will respond to confirm us in the Faith and clearly denounce the heresy of false pagan worship of idols, even if it should be done by Cardinals and God-forbid the Pope himself in Rome.   When the Bishop responds, I will post it here;  if he never does, I will likewise discuss it here.   Share with others on social media across the Catholic blogosphere.  

      Dear Bishop Konderla, 
On behalf of orthodox, faithful Catholics here in Eastern Oklahoma, of our own local Church, many of whom read The Okie Traditionalist, I am writing to ask for your response as a Successor to the Apostles, charged with transmitting and defending the Doctrine of the Faith, to the heretical orientation and practices of last month’s Amazonian Synod in the Vatican.  
Specifically, can you please clarify the teachings on false pagan worship against the First Commandment, which absolutely forbids participating in pagan rituals that worship idols?  As we now know, part of the Synod involved the Holy Father and certain Cardinals joining in, and showing their approval of, a pagan Amazonian ritual worship of the mother earth goddess “Pachamama.”  
Several orthodox Cardinals and Bishops have already denounced this unbelievable scandal, calling on us to resist this heretical revolution taking its stronghold in our Holy Mother the Church. 
I pray you will have the courage to do the same!  To please give clear answers to your people here in the Tulsa Diocese, and beyond.   Will you confirm us please in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, to constantly defend the Church’s Sacred Tradition, and to unite us in resisting the Revolution of a false religion that has entered the Church?

Joseph Ostermeir The Okie Traditionalist blog

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Christ the King Festival - St. Mary’s, KS

Every year the Society of St. Pius X sponsors a Christ the King Festival at its Chapel/Academy/College in St. Mary’s, Kansas the last weekend of October.  If you live within driving distance like us, it’s a fantastic and edifying event to attend, as we were fortunate to do this last weekend.

We left vey early Saturday morning with the intention of making their 9 am Low Mass.  No such luck.  Rain and then my need for a road side nap slowed us down.  Arrived at friends’ house to stay there the night, went to The Friendship House for lunch in a nearby town, then shopped for food to make Filipino dishes for the Festival, went home to cook, enjoyed a backyard fire and the Fall weather, then take out Mexican before getting to bed. 

Sunday was ecstatic, full of energy.   There must’ve been more than 1,500 people for the Feast Day Solemn High Mass, after which a huge, long procession formed, led by priests, acolytes, and also volunteers leading the rosary and hymns through the streets of St. Mary’s.  It was like a Spiritual Booster shot to be united in prayer with so many Catholics who believe and practice the Faith as we do.  

After the procession, the people gather for hours of recreation, entertainment, and food in the large, picturesque church/school square, lined by many tables each representing a different Catholic culture.  My wife being Filipino, we brought homemade sticky rice and macaroni fruit salad.  I enjoyed dishing out pieces of mahal blanca, a coconut corn custard. 

Even ran into several old friends and acquaintances who hail from Tulsa, as well as the former infamous Tulsa chaplain Fr. Kenneth Novak.   Met some new friends, including a Filipino SSPX Sister, and a retired academy teacher who came up to us engaging us in a long conversation. 

It was definitely a festive, relaxing, and holy outing.  

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Back Early From Clear Creek Campout

When it rains it pours, and that it did.  At my long anticipated Fall Campout our at Clear Creek monastery.  The older I get the more I understand almost nothing in life is a sure thing, except death and taxes.  

Three days of prayer, meditation, hiking, fly-fishing, rib eyes, and Busch Lite.   Surrounded by chanting monks, and beautiful Fall colors.  Such was the plan.  

But God another plan.  He always does, doesn’t He.  A perpetual daily lesson. 

Yesterday started well.  Caught up with an old trad friend on the phone while driving to CC, about practical issues of medical ethics.  Arrived at what I’m going to call the hanging bridge campsite on CC land, which is right on the banks of the majestic creek.   

Took all my equipment out, made a quick fire, grilled up a steak.  A brother dropped by to unload a truck full of firewood, us unloading it talking about the weather.    Proceeded to setting up my brand new tent, took out the poles, one of the main poles being broken with a vital piece missing.   

I knew there may be rain that night and the next day, expecting to snuggle in, dry and warm with a good book.  But no such luck, with a broken pole the tent could not stand erect.  Which left me with
two choices, drive into Tahlequah an hour plus round trip and buy a new tent, or try and keep dry 
and warm on my bedding under the wall-less canopy I brought.  

That evening after my fire and more steak, the plan did work, me all warm and dry  despite the downpour, from 9pm til about 1am, when I woke up in a large puddle of water.  Fortunately after Vespers, Fr. Guestmaster had mentioned if I get flooded, to go down the road to the old monastery now in part used as a men’s guesthouse.  And that I did.  After changing into dry clothes, I snuggled into a wool blanket covered bed in one of the guest cells.  My homeostatic equilibrium regained, at least for a while. 

Long story short, I did manage to do a bit of hiking with a new hiking stick immersed in an array of Fall colors.  When I fished I caught one small bass, but when I put it in a stringer which I set on some rocks, I discovered just a few minutes later something had partly eaten it.   Such is the food chain.  Step out into the Wild, you are the one vulnerable to everything unpredictable.  

Next day (today, I’m writing this in the evening sitting in my couch with a blanket keeping snug with Peanut), I attended the High Mass, bought some excellent and well priced cheese made by these traditional monks, visited one of the community’s elders perched in his little cabin, then finished the wild but renewing outing having lunch with the monks.  Itself alone worth the trip and sacrifice.