Monday, June 24, 2024

Traditionalist Scruples

I’ve had lately these moments of doubt about my traditionalist views.  I hesitated to defend Archbishop Vigano.  I paused for a second before writing phrases like “the errors of Vatican II,” or “the modernists have a stronghold in virtually every chancery..” 

I say “there is an ape of the Church everywhere within its structure eclipsing the true Church.”  And then later I think about all the people who read my views, that what I say has to be true and in accord with the Faith, if not I will be punished by God.  

But then I re-consider what I wrote, and my intentions, and what I’ve learned about the Church since coming to Tradition, above and beyond what I learned growing up Catholic in the Novus Ordo rite. It would be wrong, untruthful, and scrupulous to seriously doubt what I now know to be true. 

It would be against right reason, Catholic truth, and the deposit of Faith.  There is no denying or hiding or being silent for an irrational fear of sin that the Church is facing a war within itself between itself and the modernists.  That the modernists largely have the seats of power, and orthodox Catholics are left in the shadows, like a kind of underground Church.  

There is no sin in defending Vigano, the Faith from the conciliar errors, or resisting the Novus Ordo, and rejecting the new religion that does in fact exist.  God will judge us in everything we say or do, including this blog post and every post I’ve written.  God knows there have been moments my conscience regretted certain choices of words, but He also knows that I am professing and defending the Catholic Faith publicly as my confirmation commands me to do.  

If I am presented with the Catholic Faith vs. a counterfeit version of it, even if that counterfit is embraced by bishops and priests worldwide, I profess the true Faith and reject the false faith they are presenting. And because so few understand that this is the reality, given my own formation in the Faith, philosophical and theological training, and ability to write, I remain steadfast to this little hobby and apostolate. 

If I abandoned it out of scruples, given the gift of the Faith God has given me, during an age of disbelief and apostasy, that would be wrong. So I continue. 

Saturday, June 22, 2024

God is in Control. A Backpacking Miracle.

I have to confess one of my weaknesses has always been worrying, or anxious thoughts about the future. I think it started around age 3.  I think the cause was partly hereditary but partly environmental.  I learned to cope with stress by worrying sometimes. My dad was 45 when I was born and prematurely greying, which led to me sometimes fear he might die prematurely which was a somewhat irrational fear for a kid to be carrying around.  This is still a weakness I’m trying to overcome, which is to a great extent behind my current health crisis, such that by writing this post I hope to advance in this.  

Anyway, flash forward to age 40.  I had lost a lot of weight in part motivated by the worry that if I didn’t I could face serious health problems.  I had exercised and followed a strict diet for over a year.  Part of my motivation was to get back into backpacking once I reached a certain weight, which I did.

We went out and bought new backpacks and gear and I planned out in detail our two day, one night backpacking trip on the Butterfield trail in Devil’s Den State Park in northwest Arkansas.  I was very excited about it, but still too consumed with my weight loss efforts.  

The Butterfield trail is about 14 miles long, which calculates to roughly 25,000 steps.  On the last day, the last several miles were grueling to the point I was in a kind of daze pushing myself to the end of the trail.  I was exhausted and in hindsight still not in shape to do that trail, but I did.

On the VERY last step, the 25,000th step, as my foot stepped off the trail at its exact end, the sole of one of my boots came off completely.  Those boots had held up for over 20 years.  I had come prepared with all sorts of gear, but nothing to repair a boot sole.  I walked across the park parking lot and sat in some shade at a picnic table pondering this.

It occurred to me if the sole had come off anywhere along the trail, say half way the night before, or even the last mile, it would have been extremely difficult to walk on that foot up and down that rocky trail without a sole.  I would have been in a pickle. But the fact it came off the very last step of the trail occurred to me it was a miracle. After all those years wearing those boots, and not only for backpacking and hiking, after 25,000 steps on that trail, it came off at that most opportune time. 

I paused and thanked God, asking for insight to this miracle.  What He communicated to me was not only that He took mercy on me so I could have full use of the boots to complete the trip, but I also had an overwhelming sense He was laughing at me in a light-hearted way, as if to say I had worried too much about my health and losing enough weight to complete that trip.  From that I also took away that this is something I need to work on, but generally most of the time not a sin but a fault or weakness, given the sense God was being light-hearted with this miracle. The boot sole didn’t just come loose on its own.  God Himself intervened and caused the sole to fall off the boot at that precise moment. The odds are just too infinitesimally low to think this was just a coincidence.  

God knows many times since then I’ve had trials in which I succumbed to worry, including my present trial.  My challenge is to always remember God is in control over everything, His Providence is omnipotent, omniscient, and perfect, such that there is no purpose in worrying.  I pray God eradicates this fault in me once and for all.  

And I’m sure you the reader have also witnessed the supernatural Providence of God intervene to help you yourself overcome vice and grow in virtue.  He is in control. 

Friday, June 21, 2024

Vigano Represents The Target of FrancisChurch

Vigano’s Vatican trial and outcome isn’t really about Vigano.  It is about the traditional Catholic Faith, traditional Catholics, and the remnant Church.  We are opposed to the St Gallen Mafia’s agenda to elect and use Bergoglio to stamp out once and for all what is left of the true Faith within the Vatican and chancery structures.  

And by FrancisChurch I mean those modernists using this pontificate to push their agenda. 

Regardless whether or not Pope Francis validly received the papacy or not, or if it’s right for Vigano to pass judgment, he has simply become the most visual symbol of this resistance to their agenda, even more so than the SSPX bishops, including Bishop Williamson.  Despite any of his flaws, Vigano is the one prelate most representing this resistance to FrancisChurch, and preserving the Faith contrary to its agenda.  

Whether you go to a diocesan TLM, the FSSP, the SSPX, or a sedevacantist Mass, this is the reality, and why we must get behind Vigano in defense of the true Faith.  How the Vatican partisans of the new religion treated Archbishop Lefebvre was the same as they are now treating Archbishop Vigano.  

While there are obvious differences, the conciliar church in 2024 is even much more of the anti-Christ than it was at the time of Lefebvre, who called Paul VI a kind of anti-Christ, saying Rome had fallen into apostasy, and even at some point calling into question if John Paul II was a valid pope.  And John Paul II was like a Pius X compared to Francis.  So it isn’t really about Lefebvre against JPII, or Vigano against Francis, it is about the True Church against a schismatic and heretical facade of the Church, an ape of the Church, that has in fact made its stronghold within the Vatican and practically every chancery.  

We get bogged down by personalities and the latest controversies, wondering how Pope Francis can outlaw the true Mass, when the reality is we have two religions and two versions of the Church.  One is the Catholic Church.  The other is a false church, and those overseeing this false church who are consciously professing and practicing modernism and liberalism, already condemned heresies, then they are at least in material schism from us, from the traditional Church.   

They will no longer tolerate us.  Their agenda, that is the modernists, is to wipe us out, abolish the old Mass, cancel faithful bishops and priests, and soon enough censure faithful lay Catholic bloggers and podcasters.  We and Catholics who engage the Catholic blogosphere are essential because almost no bishops and priests, including traditional clerics saying approved TLMs, are speaking out, because, even if they wanted to, they risk getting cancelled.  So if the modernists in the Vatican crack down on us bloggers with a document, so be it.  

If I ever get an email from my Bishop to shut down the blog, which canon law allows Catholics to do to speak or write their concerns and opinions publicly and to profess the Faith publicly, for speaking out against the false church, I would defend my rights.  It would be silencing the remnant Church which requires the laity to stand up publicly as I am doing here.  As all the other traditionalist bloggers and podcasters, and online media, supported by traditional bishops and priests already.  

I stand with Archbishop Vigano just as I stand with Archbishop Lefebvre, because I stand for the traditional Catholic Faith, and in opposition to the new religion of modernism that has practically taken over the Vatican and chancery structures, leaving us like the true Catholics during the time of Arianism practically without the churches, but with the true Faith.  We will not accept the false teaching that an individual has a natural right to publicly profess a false religion, or that God formally uses Protestant and Orthodox churches, or any religion, to save souls, or that the hierarchical Church can be reduced to a quasi-Synodal democracy, or that the Mass can be said like a secularized Protestant service.  

There already is a kind of schism inside the Church between Catholics and the modernist establishment, since Vatican II.  It is just that under this pontificate, that schism is playing out even more clearly considering what has lately been coming out of the Vatican, and the agenda to shut down once and for all traditional Catholicism.  And by “traditional Catholicism” I’m not talking specifically about Catholicism in the 1950’s, but Catholicism of 2000 years vs the ape of the Church that is eclipsing the true Church, as the moon would eclipse the sun.  So when they accuse Vigano of schism, generally speaking they are pointing that finger at us.  There IS a schism. And we are on the right side, while the modernists and liberals are the real schism.  We pray for their conversion, but will not back down publicly professing and defending the Faith. And if it comes to it, continuing on as the underground Church. 

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archbishop Vigano Facing Vatican Trial Today

He’s charged with denying the papacy of Pope Francis, breaking communion with him, and rejecting Vatican II.  We can expect he will soon be excommunicated.  Before then, he has a right to put Pope Francis and the St. Gallen Mafia on trial as part of his defense for concluding Bergoglio was illegally and invalidly elected.  

Include evidence Pope Francis knew about McCarick before rehabilitating and promoting him, to show the judges why obviously in part he is being charged. Extend the trial with canon lawyers to bring forth the information to expose why he thinks the papal election was invalid based on a leftist agenda.  Expose FrancisChurch in the trial, and expose what comes out in Vatican court online and to the press. Expose their agenda that goes back to before 2013.  

Despite Vigano’s vitriolic excesses recently, in my opinion concluding the election was invalid is not grounds for excommunication. Nor his stance on Vatican II which is essentially that of the SSPX. What comes out through this trial will hopefully expose even more clearly to the world the Rot that has attached itself to the papal office, especially since 2013.  Vigano’s contribution goes deeper than a traditionalist critique of the current state of the Church, but a direct expose by one of the top prelates of the Church of the St Gallen Mafia agenda.  

Blessed are the persecuted. Archbishop Vigano is one of the few bishops defending the Faith.  Despite any at times excesses in speech, let us get behind him no matter what the sentence is.  If he is excommunicated, no doubt it will be from the “conciliar church” of modernism, not the Catholic Church. The Holy Ghost will raise up Archbishop Vigano even more in the fight for the Faith, just as He did Archbishop Lefebvre. Catholic bloggers, let’s follow this. Traditional Catholic bishops (like Bishop Gracida who also thinks the 2013 election was invalid), priests, theologians, and scholars, please study and speak out on this. Soon we can expect diocesan TLMs to be banished, so Archbishop Vigano and the priests in his new society will be ever more important to provide the true Mass and true Faith.  

Monday, June 17, 2024

Latin Mass “Final Solution” Coming Soon

According to Rorate Caeli from Vatican insider sources.  RC was first to report Traditionis Custodes before it was dropped like a nuclear bomb on the Church.  The “final solution” is a reference to the Nazi “final solution” to exterminate the Jews.  Therefore we can expect soon Pope Francis will exterminate the Latin Mass once and for all. Remember, TC said the goal was to get Trads to bridge over to the Novus Ordo.  History repeats itself. After 1970, bishops acted to suppress the Latin Mass, and an underground movement was immediately formed.  

Thanks to RC for this warning, so we can be prepared when it hits, to not become traumatized like so many were after TC hit, but instead have immediate contingency plans to carry on in accord with canon law, moral theology, and the doctrine of the Faith. 

Once upon a time, Cardinal Ottaviani wrote to Mr. McFarland of Oklahoma City encouraging him to build a privately owned traditional chapel for the true Mass, which he did.  In Tulsa, the Latin Mass community began at a side altar with Fr. Spellman at the Augustinian St. Rita’s Chapel, then at a family’s garage chapel, then Masses at a hotel, then Archbishop Lefebvre blessing St. John Fisher Chapel in Broken Arrow.  Resistance to the new religion would continue in Tulsa at the SSPX chapel and then FSSP parish. Yet the SSPX left Tulsa, two diocesan TLMs have been established, yet the final solution is coming sooner if not later.

I’ve been a Catholic for 49 years, 25 going to the TLM, over 10 years to to the SSPX, and the majority of the rest to the FSSP.  Bishop Konderla supports the three TLM groups, plus Clear Creek, for pastoral reasons. I’ve seen no preference for Tradition. But he will obey the final solution when it comes.  No doubt in my mind that means no more TLM at Sts. Peter and Paul, or Holy Cross in Wagoner, and requiring FSSP and Clear Creek priests to say the Novus Ordo.  

The representative majority of Trads at the FSSP object on some level to the Novus Ordo and conciliar reform.  They adhere to Tradition while not adhering to the new religion that took over the Church after the Council.   A new religion that claims man has a moral right to false religion, approves participation in heretical worship, and is presently working on a new form of the papacy pleasing to Protestants.

We need to be prepared to go underground like the first traditionalists had to do long before any Latin Mass indult. Wherever you are.  That may mean getting quiet approval from the bishop to have Latin Masses in unofficial places. Bishops can suspend universal liturgical laws for pastoral reasons, as many already are post-TC.  Or that may mean relying on supplied jurisdiction. The Novus Ordo, while valid, is doctrinally deficient and an extreme act of imprudence rupturing the Roman rite from its Tradition.  And Catholics have a right to the ancient and venerable rite of that particular Rite to which they belong   Roman Rite Catholics have a right to the ancient and venerable Roman rite as finally codified by Pope St. Pius V.  Even more than their particular Rite, Catholics have a right to a liturgy that does not contradict the theology of the Mass as taught by the Council of Trent, that does not blur the truth of the propitiatory sacrifice (see Ottaviani intervention).  

I pray Pope Francis doesn’t do this, but expect he will.  The next Pope may end up too nice to implement “the final solution,” so I expect the modernists, who Pope Francis himself has said he must follow, to try and suppress the main practice of traditional Catholicism under him. 

Remember the Latin Mass is not a mere preference, but something that we must maintain to maintain the Faith.  The Latin Mass represents the true Faith, whereas the modernists use the Novus Ordo to represent the new religion of modernism.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Thoughts on Fr. Malachi Martin

The first time I ever heard of Fr. Malachi Martin (RIP), I was sitting in a living room in Madison, WI, where I worked for a year after college for a pro-life organization, listening to the late Fr. Charles Fiore (RIP), a Dominican priest who joined the FSSP. He was telling an FSSP seminarian, who was about to travel to meet Fr. Martin, and our group, about how Pope John Paul II had secretly commissioned him, Fr. Alfred Kunz (RIP) a priest of the diocese of Madison who also said the TLM, and Fr. Martin to conduct a secret investigation into the literal satanic underworld of pediphile priests in the Diocese of Chicago.  It was all fascinating and horrifying at the same time. 

Years later, after coming to Tradition, a friend would lend me Fr. Martin’s book WINDSWEPT HOUSE, an eye opener into the forces of evil in the Vatican since the Council.  

Fr. Malachi Martin was, in my opinion, one of the best witnesses to the Crisis in the Church, due to personal holiness, his gigantic intellect, and being a Vatican insider.  The fact he was formerly in the progressive reform camp actually at the Council, but later having a conversion of heart towards the traditionalist position, for me makes him an even more reliable analyst.  

At the same time, he is not without controversy.  In fact he was a sensational person in the Church.  Unwilling to compromise to the liberalism of the Jesuits or of any diocesan bishop, JPII gave him permission to leave the Jesuits and live publicly as a layman, while privately saying Mass (the TLM), performing exorcisms, and writing Catholic  books.  He went by Dr. or Mr. Martin, while remaining a non-laicized priest in good standing. 

His talks with Art Bell were riveting, while at times sounding like fantasy about the end times.  His talk with William F. Buckley was excellent. It was said JPII consecrated him a bishop in secret to go behind the iron curtain and secretly consecrate new Catholic bishops.  But he was accused of having an affair with a married woman, which he denied. In my opinion, the evidence and his credibility demonstrates his innocence with moral certainty. That said, even if it were true, I would also conclude with moral certainty it was a brief moment of passion in the life of a red-blooded man.  Not excusable, but hardly cause to write off his contribution. But again, I’m certain of his innocence in that matter. 

His greatest contribution was to understanding the Crisis in the Church.  Fr. Martin described how the Masons and outright Satanists from within the actual Catholic hierarchy had transformed all the structures within  the Church to advance their goal of a new, New World Ordo version of the Church, by means of the Council.  Also, because he was one of a privileged few allowed by the pope to read the full secret of Fatima, in the Vatican, we know in part at least that it speaks of the great apostasy resulting in a great chastisement.  

Steve Bannon. Political Prisoner. Going to Prison.

He goes in next month to a federal prison, for four months, for a misdemeanor.  For not testifying before the Communist J6 committee. On the advise of his attorney doing so would violate the law. About executive privilege.  Targeted by Biden’s DOJ for his alliance with President Trump.  Tells Tucker he is not afraid of prison. Plans a strict daily schedule of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, writing, and keeping in contact with his team.  A traditional Catholic who goes to the TLM. A Catholic hero in my book.  Mr. Bannon, keep fighting the good fight. Your unjust presence in prison will only unite the MAGA patriotic movement even more. 

Health Update

Please keep my ongoing recovery in your prayers.  Had a kind of relapse of symptoms the last month, but thanks be to God it’s lifting. I’m resigned to this one day at a time. God’s will be done.  If you’re going through any kind of health crisis, strive every moment of the day to trust in God, offer your discomforts, honor your body as a Temple of the Holy Ghost, and never give up.  Keep getting good sleep, good nutrition, good physical activity, and good moral support. Life is over in the blink of an eye. How we deal with our crosses determines our eternity. I am still learning these lessons daily. 

Friday, June 7, 2024

Russian Nuclear Sub on Its Way to Cuba!!!

As well as other war ships and planes.  To conduct war games in the Caribbean Sea. As a retaliatory measure for Biden approving use of US missals to be fired at Russian targets inside Russia.  

In February of 2022, Putin warned that if the US or NATO directly attacks Russia it will certainly retaliate with a nuclear strike.  It is a part of Russian law.  Knowing how serious Putin  is, therefore either he will issue a nuclear strike in accord with Russian law, or it is highly likely he will.

Last night he stated that if US missals strike inside Russia, it is an act of war.  Today Biden said those missals won’t strike Moscow.

History is in motion as we speak.  Soon US missals will strike Russian targets inside Russia. And within days Russian ships will be 100 miles from American soil.

And at the same time the mainstream media and popular society downplays it all while the world is literally on the brink of WW3, and Russia nuking American targets. 

If you haven’t already, consider the urgency of stocking up and preparing, and pray urgently that war is prevented.  Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.  

DOJ Targets Anti-Trans Texas Doctor

It’s now illegal in Texas for doctors to perform “sex changes” on minors. But the DOJ is charging a Texas doctor of a children’s hospital with felony counts of breaking HIPPA.  For leaking medical documents, with no identifying info included, and therefore not truly breaking HIPPA, to show that this new law is being broken at his facility.  

If convicted, it will ruin his career and to some degree his life.  For acting within the law, in accord with the Hippocratic Oath, to protect children. He is protected by whistleblower legislation, and this would be obvious to the Supreme Court. These leftist prosecutors know they can get away with it because they’re protected by immunity, except narcissism usually results in a blind spot, which in this case is that there are laws against malicious prosecution, criminal and civil.  

This doctor can very well at some point file criminal charges and a civil lawsuit against all directly involved in case of malicious prosecution, empowered to do so if Trump wins, and wages retribution through the office of the president against leftists in the DOJ. The president has the authority to replace top officials with constitutionalists committed to justice for those targeted via the Biden administration. And in due time, God willing, this doctor can still practice medicine.  The culture war continues and must be fought. 

Friday, May 31, 2024

Not Sure about Archbishop Vigano Anymore

As now one of the main bishops leading the traditional movement, I’m not so sure about Vigano anymore. In my opinion, some of his recent statements against Pope Francis seem to have gone too far.  Now he is spreading an unsubstantiated rumor about Pope Francis giving no evidence or other supporting witnesses.  He was heroic in exposing the dark church and its agenda.  His essay on the Ukraine-Russia war was excellent. But he seems in recent years to be acting somewhat unbridled. I could be wrong but that is my impression. However, if he comes forth with convincing evidence, which seems unlikely, my opinion will change. 

Monday, May 27, 2024

Health Update

Please keep my recovery in your prayers.  To summarize, I broke out in nerve and muscle pain through my arms and legs a year ago followed by extreme fatigue. After many tests and doctors, my diagnose was psychosomatic disorder and mild back issues, ruling out neurological and other serious disorders.  

The symptoms quickly began to resolve after Christmas, the last four months there being generally little remaining symptoms, compared to before, except a pattern of bad allergies and ear infections that began last September culminating in a ruptured ear drum in March with elevated tinnitus.  And a very bad tooth abscess taking a month to resolve, requiring two root canal procedures.  

3 weeks ago I started what would be my 6th round of antibiotics in 6 months, for a sinus injection.  A few days later, the pain and fatigue in my limbs returned now for over two weeks.  This a recurrence due to a psychosomatic reaction from stress plus some mild nutritional deficiencies from yet another round of antibiotic, having mild GI symptoms. On the positive side, my sinus infection seems to have cleared up, and outer ear infections are clearing up.  Without this recurrence of pain, I would be feeling fairly well normal and recovered.  

I was worried about B12 deficiency neurological damage, but that had already been essentially ruled out with an EMG nerve test showing no nerve damage in arms or legs, plus retesting my levels they are fine.  This is not the first time I’ve gone from no pain to a flare up in all limbs to later resolve.  

It is all a bit unnerving, pun intended, to keep accepting this daily as mainly psychosomatic, but as I’ve already generally recovered up to this point, I know this is temporary and will resolve. God’s will be done in His time.  Even then there is a longer term recovery period of weight loss and fitness training to remedy back issues, and stress management. 

My arm pain has been greatly subsiding which is encouraging. Anyways, that’s it, please keep me in your prayers.  To generally recover to return to full time work to support my wife.  Specifically to return to no pain as it was two weeks ago. God knows how many merits my wife has gained for her reward in heaven helping me through all of this and working full time.  

Sunday, May 26, 2024

A Word to the Orlando Biting Priest

Well done Father.  You defended Our Lord in the Eucharist.  Under that fraction of a second you had to respond to the lesbian social justice warrior, besides pushing her away in that moment, it is understandable your reflexes responded also biting the arm trying to desecrate Our Lord.  She called it a cookie.  But it is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord.  Who is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.  You have a video and witnesses, so it will be a cake walk defending yourself in court. Blessed Holy Trinity Sunday. 

Friday, May 17, 2024

New Vatican Document on Marian Apparitions

There is a Crisis in the Catholic Church, emanating to a great extent from inside the Vatican since Vatican II.  Evidence points to the full 3rd secret of Fatima warning Catholics about this, and that the secret was initially not released by the Vatican, or later the full secret, to hide this fact.  

Fr. Gruner(RIP) of the Fatima Center, who had communication with Vatican contacts over the years, spoke about modernists in the Vatican trying to silence the message of Fatima. A message also distributed through other Marian apparitions.  We were led to believe Francis finally consecrated Russia as Our Lady of Fatima requested, which the Fatima Center studied to conclude it hadn’t.  

And lately we have learned about serious scandals surrounding Cardinal Fernandez, and the problem of the homosexual blessings document, and most recently some very problematic statements in his document on human dignity, evidence pointing to him being under the direction of the modernists ruling over the Synod on Synodality, with plans for even more radical changes in the Church.

Is it any wonder then that traditional Catholics would be concerned what problems would come from the new document on apparitions, released today?  I read it, and nothing jumps out to me as problematic in itself, in a plain reading of the document. The process of investigating, approving or forbidding devotion to a certain apparition is now more centralized to avoid some of the dysfunction and novel practices that sometimes spring up.  

At face value that seems good, to root out some of the religious insanity and heterodoxy associated with certain unapproved apparitions which are inauthentic. However, consider who ultimately is now in charge of giving the approval from the Vatican .  It is no longer the local bishop on his own.  

If Mary appears in his diocese, with a similar message than at Fatima or Akita, that confirms that ongoing message,  that message now has to be approved by the Vatican, which would seem unlikely. To me the document itself doesn’t seem to be problematic, but the people behind it, and their agenda. Kyrie eleison.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Kennedy Hall on the Charismatic Movement

See his recent YouTube presentation on the subject. Share it with people you know in or potentially in the Catholic Charismatic Movement. It started with religious liberals, two Catholic lay people,  a husband and wife, he a college professor, attending a Pentecostal prayer group in the 1960’s, during the revolution in both Church and society.  They wrote a book called CATHOLIC PENTECOSTALS, about how, in their opinion, someone can be both a Catholic and Pentecostal. 

Their idea of Catholics engaging in very emotion-based prayer experiences in a group setting, to find healing and peace, caught fire and spread across the US through Catholic colleges.  The spiritual teaching is fundamentally not Catholic, but Protestant, specifically Pentecostal, which began with the Protestant Holiness faith healing movement, rooted in the heresy of the Albigensians of the 13th century who created a ceremony of spiritual blessing akin to a second baptism, as well as Gnosticism which claims special, secret knowledge and spiritual experiences for those initiated into the inner circle.  

With charismatics, you join a prayer group, receive the laying on of hands of lay people neither ordained nor having any authority to do so, and then receive the “baptism of the Holy Spirit.”  This is heresy because there is no second baptism after the sacrament of baptism.  It creates a new, special version of Christianity apart from that established in the Catholic Church founded by Christ.  There are already traditional prayers to the Holy Ghost, and prayers for healing.  The implication is you seriously lack the spirit of Christ and a relationship with Christ unless you become essentially charismatic. This is exactly the attitude Evangelicals often take towards Catholics, themselves heavily influenced by this heretical movement. 

I attended Mass once at charismatic Franciscan University, epicenter of the Catholic Charismatic Movement,  and the behaviors were bizzare.  Another occasion at my local cathedral, a lay woman Italian “mystic healer” led a charismatic healing service from the sanctuary walking around it preaching.  She laid hands on people for healing.  As a young man, I was gullible and stood at the bottom of the sanctuary steps and let her lay hands on me, and like every other person in line, I idiotically let myself fall backward.  It was not an authentic movement of the Holy Ghost.  It was groupthink and mind control. It was a good thing they had people to catch me. 

Monday, May 13, 2024

Ascension St. John’s Cyberattack

I’m waiting on an MRI/CT through Ascensions St John’s for a potential surgery to relieve my ear and sinus symptoms. It turns out imaging isn’t taking the referral right now because the Ascension system is still to a great extent down from the cyberattack  on their system. Being on their charity program, not able to go outside the system, I’m at the mercy of Providence when this crisis will resolve. God’s will be done. May God resolve it soon, and punish the perpetrators, because no doubt many people’s health is seriously hurt by this, I suspect even some people dying.  Imagine you’re a cardiovascular surgeon needing to give someone an urgent life saving surgery, but how can you when you can’t access their imaging, labs, send out messages and orders, or use the computer system during surgery.  It takes a certain level of psychopathy to do something like this.  Given the current political climate, my first guess is it’s a terrorist group in or associated with Iran, in retaliation for us defending Israel from Iran’s direct attack on them.  As we enter into WW3, that’s how the enemy will get us on our soil, through terrorist and cyberattacks.  Ascension being I think one of the largest health systems in the US, given the nature of health care, this is very serious.  It’s affecting their entire system across the nation, not just in my area, and affecting people with sinus problems, which in my case has been rather debilitating as part of my overall condition, but still relatively minor.  The neocon globalists are partly to blame provoking these people, but ultimately we are all to blame, this being, I believe, the early stages of the Great Chastisement foretold by Our Lady.  She calls us to prayer and penance and to obey God’s commandments  So that’s what I’ll do. 

Friday, May 10, 2024

Health Update

Please keep my recovery in your prayers, specifically that my outer ear infection and sinus infection resolve, that my overall sinus/ear situation greatly resolves soon, and that there are no serious nutritional deficiencies related to yet another round of antibiotics which disrupt the GI microbiome impairing absorption.  My leg nerve pains have returned I think because of the heat, but there is still the lingering concern vitamin B12 deficiency may have contributed before to the nerve pain (and now) as a hospitalist suggested may be the case, even though a neurologist later doubted that saying since the pain comes and goes, with a nerve test showing no bad results, it presents as inflammation (now I know from my back) vs actual nerve injury (which could happen from sustained very low B12 levels).  I saw another ENT who thankfully is treating me for the infections, ordering an MRI and CT of my head, and may do some sinus surgery to help clear up my now chronic bad allergies, especially affecting my ears.  The peforated eardrum healed, thanks be to God, and tinnitus subsided yet not yet to previous levels.  These two infections flare it up, so once resolved I expect more decrease, plus a major cause is my TMJ disorder I’m now actively treating aggressively with hot pack, massage, etc so that should decrease it as well over time. I’m sticking to my diet, daily gym, and overall health protocol, but haven’t quite reached that place yet I can say I am generally recovered and back to normal, even if that new normal may mean some periodic symptoms.    Please pray this happens soon. Everyday is a total effort to this end. Offering it up for my sins and the souls in purgatory. To the Divine Physician Who ultimately heals all illness.  

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Jordan Peterson on Pints with Aquinas

Well this is a pleasant surprise. I sometimes watch Pints with Aquinas despite some of its, at times, charismatic and “anti-rad trad” undertones, though Fradd supports the TLM. The fact they interviewed Jordan Peterson will help spread the Faith and bring people to the Church.  It’s supposed  to come out soon after paid viewers see it.  It will boost the podcast to likewise bring more people to the Faith.  So, praise God for that. It will be interesting to see how far or deep Fradd can challenge Peterson about considering joining the Church, or if he will directly or indirectly. Will they drink or smoke tobacco?  What will be Peterson’s demeanor?  Will he get emotional talking about God and if so how much?  Clearly his wife was healed through a miracle, and I think he deep down knows that. 

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Russia: a Thought Experiment

If Russia hated the US government, was using an organization named NATO to expand its military empire up South and Central America towards the southern border of the US, with the ultimate goal of conquering the US ideologically, culturally, and economically, to reshape us in its own idea of how a nation should be, would we not view that as a military program of aggression threatening our very sovereignty?  

Would we not at some point, when a line is crossed, seeing that this attempt is imminent and may occur at any time, conclude that we have a right to self defense? The Ukraine-Russia war of the last two years, and the historical events leading up t it, prove this scenario is actually in reverse, that we are essentially at the Russian border posing constant and imminent threat.  

The US has now made it clear it will not back down, now committing to a ten year deal to keep sending military $$$ and weapons to Ukraine. To fight Russia. No matter what view you take, the old Cold War anti-Russia view following the mainstream media narrative, or the realistic view that sees this ending unnecessarily in a Third World War, more because of the US and Ukraine than Russia, these are the facts on ground level. It’s madness. 

And again, if the situation was in reverse, and say Russia was now committing to a ten year plan of being the main military support to say Mexico, to fight us, would that not be argued to be the proverbial line in the sand that was crossed?  To justify military action against Russia in that scenario.  Yet that scenario dies not exist, only in reverse in reality in Eastern Europe.  

I believe Putin when he stated in February, 2022 that if that “line” is crossed in which their sovereignty is threatened, that they will attack us with nuclear weapons. That it could be done in a very targeted, surgical way to prevent MAD—mutually assured destruction.  At this point, will Russia not consider nuking our nuclear silos here in the US, or starting with one final warning, such as to make a peace treaty now that the US will stop provoking Russia, and funding  Ukraine,  or else they will retaliate against us.   If the situation were reversed geographically, we would retaliate.  We wouldn’t wait for them to first line up nukes and tanks across the US-Mexico border before defending ourselves. 

In their nuclear exchange philosophy, using smaller scale nuclear hits on our military facilities is acceptable.  And our government knows this.  In conclusion, the liberal globalists and neocon globalists have brought us to the precipice of war with Russia (and therefore its  closest allies), and are doing everything in their power to push us over the edge. Pray for peace. Prepare for war. 

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Remember, remember the 5th of November 

The day they stole the nation  

2,000 mules deployed, we’ll always remember 

Yet, on January 6th we voiced our consternation 

Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good 

Who commit a Coup but then accuse others of attempting the same 

Turning the USA into a Banana Republic, ever so shrewd 

Biden, Pelosi, many others we can name  

Remember, remember the 5th of November 

The day the communists stole this domain 

Never again, we must always remember 

To defend it as true Americans, we must remain