Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Vatican to Dialogue with Freemasonry

Catholicism cannot dialogue with an ideology fundamentally anti-Catholicism.  That goes for Communism, Satanism, and Freemasonry.  It is metaphysically impossible without mutating Catholicism. But the new religion of modernism wants this. Freemasonry is evil.  It opposes the truth there is only one true religion, that reality is vertical and supernatural, and life’s goal is salvation, and the kingdom of God in the next life.  Pray for the pope he puts a stop to this and makes reparations before he dies. Just one more reason to be a traditionalist. 

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Putin Murdering People?

He may be, but my thesis is he isn’t.  Russia is effectively at war with the US and NATO countries.  Speaking out against your president during war time how he is handling the war, in such a way that could undermine national security and the war effort, could be interpreted sincerely as treason. Past capital punishment for treason, especially during war time, seems reasonable.  If Putin is giving the order to take out these dissidents, it’s because he regards them as traitors and dangerous to the country.  And as president, he has the legal authority to take out people even in a clandestine way. As does ours.  Also, their political structure isn’t democratic in the way the West is, and the Church does not condemn autocracy.  It is akin to kingship. There is one man standing up to the globalist West, effectively standing for the old order of Christendom, for better or worse that is Vladimir Putin.  

Monday, February 12, 2024

Woke Super Bowl Ad

The Enlightenment convinced us the material is superior to the supernatural.  This philosophy is celebrated through modern sports, where sports has become a religion. Making sports and the cult of the body a religion is called somatolatry, which has its grand feast days such as the NBA finals, the Olympics, and most of all Superbowl Sunday.  The Left has taken over organized professional sports with wokism, with the likes of Mark Cuban.  It’s like what Bud Light did with that ridiculous, in-your-face transexual ad.  It being very bad for business suggests sinister people pushing this. When a Super Bowl ad preaches the “true meaning” of Jesus’ message by showing a priest washing the feet of a homosexual flaunting their homosexuality, or a woman washing the feet of a teenage girl outside a family planning clinic, i.e. involving baby killing, it’s time to boycott. It’s better to organize a Catholic version of Super Bowl Sunday watching old Super Bowl classics before it was taken over. Or better yet have a backyard football game followed by wings. But no more Bud Light.  And no more NFL or NBA until they get rid of wokism. God would be happy. 

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Trump Chooses Vivek

You heard it here first. Trump is choosing Vivek as his running mate.  Vivek and his wife entered the party at Mar-a-lago with Trump and Melania. And Vivek had a joyful look on on his face.  He’s the nominee.  I do think he is a bit sophomoric to be the VP and potential president, but he is very conservative and full of energy. 

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Time to Get Pumped Up about Trump

No more RINOS and Leftists.  No more Marxist coups enabled by the GOP.  We must stop the Leftists from turning this country into Venezuela or the USSR.Besides God, one man is literally our only hope. Because he is not bought and paid for and has zero fear. He will not stop. He created the MAGA movement as a political opposition to the leftist revolution.  The next year will be a political battle more intense than four years ago.  The Democrats will do everything in their power to win through fraud and a political witch-hunt. Once Trump IS the nominee, it will be political war.  Time to get pumped up again. Catholics are political. Wear our Trump hats and fly our Trump flags, and rally. The future of the family, the unborn, the economy, the place of the Church in the nation, the nation itself depends on it. Go President Trump! 

Friday, February 9, 2024

Tucker Interviews Putin

Tucker didn’t handle it well. He started off with a factually incorrect statement and then appeared angry the president was giving a long winded answer, which turned into a long thirty minute lecture on Russian history probably because of Tucker’s bratty attitude.  I like Tucker but this was one of his biggest interviews ever.   Putin should have been more diplomatic though in engaging Tucker as a journalist representing the West, if he wants to prevent world war and find a diplomatic solution soon.   At times he seemed proud, though in many respects I admire his leadership and agree with his world view about the West.  This interview to me signals more war ahead.  Kyrie eleison.  

Monday, February 5, 2024

Cardinal Burke’s Silence

The de facto head of the resistance to the Francis agenda has been silent since he was disciplined by Pope Francis, the release of the new same sex blessing document, and being called to meet with the pope.  Meanwhile traditional Catholics are waiting to hear again from Cardinal Burke. 

Burke knows the agenda will continue to unfold, the Church needing cardinals and bishops to lead the resistance, as he first did at the Synod on the Family, and that if he fades into the shadows that will only hurt this resistance movement and enable the further auto-demolition of the Church.  

We should pray and offer our penances he doesn’t do this, but stands up even more boldly.  What can they do to him realistically if he does?  Take away his entire pension?   Remove him from the college of cardinals?  As long as he acts within his rights and duties, he can stand rightly before God, and surely benefactors would support him if he lost his pension.  

After Burke was called to meet with Pope Francis he was asked how it went, and all he said was “I’m still alive,” which indicated he was being reprimanded, and likely for being the de facto head of this resistance movement.  I imagine he was told or warned to stop what he has been doing or else he’ll be punished more.  

My interpretation of Burke is he very much doesn’t want any disunity between himself and the pope, no matter the doctrinal problems, to even give the impression of a schismatic rebellion or the impression he is the leader of such a rebellion.  His temperament seems much more reserved than say an Archbishop Lefebvre.  

I like Cardinal Burke.  I don’t support his view that Vatican II in itself was not the problem but it’s implementation, or his over-the-top critical statements about the SSPX, but he is the most traditional Cardinal and one of the top five most traditional bishops.  We owe a lot to him for his works on behalf of Tradition.  

Cardinal Burke, if by chance you were to read this, God knows exactly why you are now being silent.  There’s many factors we don’t know.  But I hope you continue to fight the good fight for the Catholic Faith.  

Saturday, February 3, 2024

James Martin Meets with Irish Bishops

He met with all or most of the Irish bishops to discuss how to implement the same sex blessing document, a priest who has said homosexual acts are not sinful. This confirms the interpretation some bishops will take a liberal approach to the document permitted by Rome.  We can expect soon public blessing events in the parish church, in liberal dioceses (that would then seem to be most dioceses) as long as it’s not directly in front of the altar or wearing wedding garb.  Fernandez confirmed the couple itself is blessed, and may be planned and inside the church.  This would be affirming the relationship, if not the sexual act itself.  The Vatican knows Martin counseled an entire country’s bishops on this, that he holds a heretical view on homosexuality, but is not and certainly will continue not to discipline him. The faithful bishops will take an orthodox approach to the document either not implementing it or allowing only blessing of the individual and discreetly.  Kyrie eleison.

Friday, February 2, 2024

US Attacks Iran. Our Lady of Akita’s Prophesies.

We’re bombing today Iranian targets in Syria. Russia and China warned us not to.  Iran is our sworn enemy, wanting to wipe us off the planet.  To them we are the aggressor, that is Iran, China, and Russia in particular.  We remain on the brink of world war.  

Remember Our Lady of Akita, an approved apparition, that a) the world will fall into decadence, b) the Church will fall into apostasy, c) God will chastise us, d) through fire from heaven, e) more people dying than from the great flood.  It’s an approved apparition echoing Fatima, La Sallete, etc. 

I believe in these apparitions, and expect soon a Third World War that is nuclear.  Start prepping, and pray and do penance. 

A year plus supply of food, water, ammo, flashlights, batteries, matches, lighters, camper stoves, propane, short wave radio, ham radio, solar oven, portable solar panels, gardening tools, seeds, barter items: liquor, cigarettes, toilet paper, gold/silver, etc. 

Blessed Feast of Candlemas. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Health Update. Please Keep Me in Your Prayers

Right after Christmas within just a couple days my symptoms greatly resolved, the fatigue, muscle and deep nerve pain in my arms and legs, weakness, etc.  A couple weeks later the remaining burning nerve pain in my lower legs was gone for a week, but came back after I used the sauna at the gym, and from the cold last week. 

It itself had been gone for over two months from mid September to the end of November. Saw a neurologist who said he didn’t know the cause, but didn’t suspect any neurological disease which itself is a blessing. 

He even thought from my tests and history that the nerve pain isn’t from actual nerve damage but inflammation. Recovery is still having its ups and downs.  

To review, I got a very bad GI illness last Spring needing to quit my job, losing my health insurance, sick for several months, then going through several major stressful events in a short period of time, including our one car getting stolen, and then within a day I broke out in intense nerve and muscle pain down both arms and legs, then had balance and walking problems, extreme fatigue, brain fog, becoming barely able to function in that state.  I also got a very intense painful condition of rosacea in my face for the first time, lasting itself two months.

In the Fall thankfully the burning surface level nerve pain disappeared, but I had major sinus infections from the extreme stress of my state resulting in the virus spreading to my face causing Bell’s palsy, one side of my face drooping, thankfully clearing up after a couple weeks.  

But the higher level of already extreme stress that caused including my whole body still in pain and weakness, I think brought back the surface nerve pain in my legs, which has been showing signs of going away.  My focus is on diet, weight loss, daily gym routine including swimming, stress management, and of course prayer.  I also just finished two months of PT.  

At the moment I’m coming out of a pain flare up the last couple weeks, but the fact there were many days I felt almost no pain anywhere, and normal energy, sustains my hope in recovery. It may still take some time but I place my future in God’s hands, the Divine Physician, and offer my cross in reparation for my sins.  It’s better to suffer in this life than in the next.  

I ask you please to add my recovery to your daily prayer intentions.  

Sunday, January 28, 2024

My Response to the Popesplainers

How many times do you need to gaslight your fellow Catholics who sincerely object to problems with Pope Francis?  How is gaslighting charitable or Catholic?

The central problem with popesplaining is it treats ultramontane ecclesiology as if it is official Church teaching, where some ultramontane theologians held that papal infallibility extends to the entire papal Magisterium, including discipline, which would include the liturgy.  But that isn’t Church teaching.  Therefore, while you are free to hold that view, you are not free to impose it on others who don’t hold that view while judging their Catholicity for observing the pope to be promoting error.  Ironically, that also usurps the authority of the bishop or pope who alone can judge if a Catholic has become a schismatic.  

The popesplainer must allow himself to fall into cognitive dissonance and intellectual dishonesty to square the circle on Pope Francis’ scandals, and argue the papal critics are being rebellious schismatics.  It is the equivalent of calling the good bad, and the bad good, which uses duplicity and sophistry to dominate the “rad trad.”  It is a form of bullying. And it should stop, and be replaced with intellectually honest disputation, online public debates, and in the end peace between brothers in the Faith, and not internet flame wars.

I will at least say popesplaining has its merits.  It is attempting to preserve respect for the papacy and prevent people from leaving the Church.  No doubt many have fallen away from the Faith or converted to Orthodoxy because of the contradictions coming from Pope Francis.  Trying to solve those contradictions is praiseworthy in so far as it shows the Catholic Church is not falsifying itself with the problems of this pope, or any pope since Vatican II.

However, intelligent human beings who use their God-given intellect and five senses can’t be manipulated to believe that 1 + 1 = 3, when 1 + 1 = 2.  Sooner or later popesplaining itself will lead many intelligent Catholics to leave the Church over the contradictions from Pope Francis.

I would tell them instead to read the SSPX analysis of Pope Francis and the Crisis in the Church, and similar analysis, which is orthodox.  Understand the problem of applying ultramontane theology to the current situation, the limits of infallibility and indefectability, and how Magisterial documents can in fact contain error.  That could include a papal document permitting blessings of same sex couples.  Therefore, that does not falsify the Church, and there is no need to leave.

Edit: as a side note, to be clear, I am not accusing the pope of teaching error in the homosexual blessing document, though that is the impression it gives to many reasonable Catholics. 

There IS a solution to the errors of Pope Francis and the agenda coming from this pontificate spread downward on the universal Church, and that is to go to the ancient and venerable liturgical rites, whether the traditional Roman rite or an eastern rite, and let that parish be a living resistance to the modernism.  

I have mixed thoughts about talking about the pope.  On one hand, we shouldn’t be focused on the papacy.  It is central to the government of the Church, and the hierarchy is central to Church, but the state of the current pope or local bishop is marginal compared to our daily domestic spiritual life.  On the other hand, when the modernist Crisis is threatening our faith, and the Faith itself, and is to a great extent caused by the bad agenda of the current pope and those who elected him, it becomes vitally important to fight back by calling it out, by calling for resistance to a false agenda.

Also, one of the main problems with popesplaining is it denies there is a Crisis of modernism throughout the Church.  They falsely think modernism doesn’t exist anymore, just liberalism or secularism.  You don’t have to call yourself, your theology, style of liturgy, architecture, spirituality, etc modernist to be espousing and practicing the principles of modernism, and therefore are in fact a modernist, with modernism still existing.

Popesplainers identify as conservative Catholics, which is accurate even if they claim to transcend the political spectrum in the Church, characterizing those “on the right and the left” as “radical dissenters.”  However, conservative or rather neoconservative Catholics, the ones who are anti-traditionalist, which is at the heart of popesplaining, are more liberal than they will admit.  In reality, traditionalist Catholics are simply Catholics because they are as our forefathers were before the conciliar revolution. We are simply being Catholics as they were, upholding Tradition, so in reality we ourselves are not on the political spectrum to the far right.  The neoconservatives in contrast are essentially of this political spectrum to the extreme right.  Traditionalists transcend this spectrum because Tradition, and our practice of it, is transcendent and timeless.  

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Fr. Mark Goring is Great

He says the Novus Ordo, is into the Charismatic Movement, and in my opinion was wrong in his analysis of the homosexual blessing document.  That said, I think he’s great to watch on YouTube. 

He is very sympathetic to traditional Catholics and the traditional Mass, seems very aware there is modernism coming out of the Vatican, and is very conservative.  I like his love of the outdoors, daily walks, and building his own get away retreat hermitage in the woods.  The altar in that hermitage’s chapel is placed against the wall to say Mass ad orientem.  

And I don’t expect every priest to act just like an SSPX or FSSP priest.  After all, the FSSP is based on the SSPX which is based on the Holy Ghost Fathers.  Traditionally priests from different orders had different styles.  So I appreciate his very evangelical, zealous personality reflecting his charism. 

Fr. Goring speaks about a lot of topics in a very engaging, practical, concrete kind of way, and his attitude is very focused on the truth and holiness.  He is a reminder that despite the modernism of the “conciliar church,” ie a false presentation of the Church widespread inside the Church, there are still good, edifying priests in the “mainstream.” And I couldn’t help but like a priest who built his own cabin, and for fun does solo swims for miles down actual rivers.  

Check him out on YouTube.  Fr. Mark Goring.

Sacrilege in Rome

It is a sacrilege to operate as a bishop or priest in a schismatic church, with an invalid ordination, to say a heretical, schismatic, illicit, and invalid “Mass” in a Catholic Church, which desecrates that church, requiring it to be reconsecrated, and for any Catholic cleric of any rank to actively allow this to happen in that Catholic church.  This happened recently in Rome with the Anglicans.  We must call attention to it that it may stop, so respect for Christ in the Mass be maintained, and so prayers and penances be doubled as acts of reparation. Kyrie eleison. 

Friday, January 26, 2024

Pope Francis “Clarifies” Homosexual Blessings Document

More of the same “clarification” of the same sex blessing document. He just repeats what the ambiguous document says.  It’s blessing persons, not the union.  

That was already clear.  Persons are being blessed.  The union is not. But Fernandez who wrote it already clarified twice the couple itself is being blessed.  

The pope does not address the critics objecting to this, except to say the blessing doesn’t bless the union.  But he doesn’t correct Fernandez. Therefore, as it stands, it seems clear the couple itself IS being blessed.  Somehow the relationship itself is being blessed without blessing the union.  

If this conclusion was false, all they would have to say is “the couple as a relationship is not being blessed, ONLY individual persons,” but they are not saying this.  The critics are not confused, having poor reading comprehension, or obstinately reading the document in a bad light. The remaining dubia cardinals can write Pope Francis another dubia asking “Is the couple in their relationship at all being blessed, without blessing the sexual union aspect, or only individual persons?”  

At this point it is safe to say from the “clarifications” that this document permits two unrepentant homosexual people in a sinful relationship to arrange a public blessing of their relationship (but not the sexual union itself) in the church, not just of the individuals, inviting others, taking pictures, and having a reception afterwards, as a public event.  Fernandez didn’t say it must be private or spontaneous, but not in front of the altar.  When these blessing events surely start becoming common, the confusion will only multiply.

My tone in this post includes frustration and a feeling of betrayal.  We are frustrated and feel betrayed by Pope Francis, and we have a right to those emotions and to express them with our objections to what he is doing.  We have a right to clarity from the Holy Father, to a pope clearly upholding the Faith (in particular that gravely sinful irregular relationships in themselves cannot be blessed, even if the sin in the relationship is not blessed), to the pope respecting us when we are sincerely confused by the language of a document, seeing confusion in the document itself.  We have a right not to be made out to be ourselves confused people, who haven’t put in the time already to read (multiple times for many people) the document, that is to not be gaslighted by our Holy Father. 

We must double our prayers for the pope that he will be converted from any favoring of modernism and liberalism, already condemned as heresies by popes. We must pray he will be humbled to repent from his abuses of Catholics faithful to Tradition, and towards the Faith itself. God can convert him before he dies.  

Thursday, January 25, 2024

A Response to Oklahoma City Archbishop Coakley on the Death Penalty

The bishop is again calling for the abolition of the death penalty, this time related to an Oklahoma man on death row appealing his case to the Supreme Court, as reported by the Catholic News Agency.  He is very much for abolishing the death penalty.  

As a traditionalist, I disagree, and according to then Cardinal Ratzinger of the traditional Holy Office, a Catholic can legitimately hold views for or against it.  For nearly 2000 years the popes have upheld the right of the state to use the death penalty.  St. Thomas defended it.  The Council of Trent upheld it against Luther’s protest of using capital punishment for heretics.  It was always upheld until Pope John Paul II taught it should be rare if ever since there are other means to defend society.  Yet, the state can use it also to rehabilitate the criminal, deter heinous crimes, and for restitution.  

It is true the death penalty has been used unjustly, when those giving the sentence do so out of hatred and an animalistic sense of revenge.  Yet the state has the right and at times the duty to exact God’s revenge on the gravely unjust, even a jury giving the sentence since in a sense the jury is in the role of government, that is judging.  Ordinary citizens are forbidden by divine law to revenge.  But God gave the authority for just revenge to the state.

What about a man who raped and murders a hundred women, like Ted Bundy, showing to the jury no remorse or reasonable hope of being reformed, who is a threat to his inmates? What about those hundred women he murdered?  And their grieving families?  What about the evidence that states that use the death penalty have less heinous crimes?  That often murderers end up murdering again in prison?  What about those inmates murdered by then? And their grieving families?  Does not being pro-life mean the state may have to take guilty life in order to defend and uphold the sanctity of human life?  That abolishing this undermines a society that upholds the sanctity of human life.

The death penalty does not take away the right to life; rather the criminal forfeited their right to life in the heinous crime.  According to Pope Pius XII.  

Lastly, I do realize Pope Francis changed the new catechism to say the death penalty is “inadmissible.”  I have yet to hear an authority in the Church explain this.  To me it does sound like a total prohibition, but it doesn’t say that explicitly, so I don’t see how we can say he officially forbids it under pain of sin, like the statement inserted by Pope John Paul II.  Yet a according to our 2000 year old Tradition, every state always retains the right to use the death penalty.  In many cases the Church urged the state to exercise it.  I respect the office of pope of those last three popes who called for its abolition, but I believe this is a departure from Tradition.  Perhaps the contemporary Church can call for the death penalty to be used more judiciously but also uphold the right of the state.  

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Oklahoma City to Have Tallest Building in the US

I just saw this report last night.  My first thought, this will be another Tower of Babel.  $$$ wasted on essentially worshipping man, another monument to the age of secularist enlightenment.  My second thought was this is spending $$$ on ridiculous projects to improve Oklahoma’s image of a backward state.  My third thought was despite all this I want to go to the top of it.  It’s going to be nearly a half mile high.  

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Oklahoma Governor Stitt for Trump Running Mate!

Trump should choose Stitt as his running mate. DeSantis crossed a point of no return in his disloyalty to Trump, owing him loyalty not to run until a future election after Trump helped get him elected Governor.  Vivek is too immature and sophomoric.  That lady should be at home baking cookies.  And Carson is too low energy and not enough an executive type. Plus he needs a successor to carry forward the MAGA movement.  And that person is our Governor Stitt, very pro-Trump, one of the most pro-life, conservative politicians we have,  from the Heartland, the epicenter of what remains of what is truly America. Choose somebody who hasn’t been lately in the lime light of presidential politics, as questionable as the others.  

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Poem: The Zestfulness of the Bitter Cold


Photo taken this morning 

On a January Saturday adventure 

Looking down from a bridge at the raw frozen creek 

From the bitter frozen cold of winter, my spirit did stir 

By means of His raw, untamed Creation, the Creator I did seek 

Friday, January 19, 2024

Two Traditional Priests Cancelled

They expressed the same views of the Novus Ordo Missae expressed by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI, and got cancelled. So expressing a position in a sermon held by a pope gets you suspended.  Blessed are the persecuted.  These good priests getting cancelled only brings to light the fight for Tradition vs. the modernists.  

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Be Prepared for WW3

Iran bombed Pakistan yesterday. Today Pakistan bombed Iran. The war between Israel and Palestine has spread throughout other countries.  And the superpower leader of NATO, the US, is front and center joining the war.  Russia and China are allies with Iran. While the war continues in Ukraine.  Next will be between China and Taiwan.  An allies vs axis situation is crystallizing.  In my opinion, another world war is imminent. Prepare now: Costco, bags of beans and rice, stock a food pantry for a year’s plus supply of food, water, guns, ammo, batteries, flashlights, barter items (cigarettes, liquor, lighters, toilet paper, silver and gold).  Prepare spiritually: pray and do penance daily for world peace, for God’s protection.  Mankind today is worse than at the time of Noah. God promised He wouldn’t destroy all of mankind again, but this time billions could still be killed in a nuclear war. Be prepared.