Thursday, June 20, 2024

Archbishop Vigano Facing Vatican Trial Today

He’s charged with denying the papacy of Pope Francis, breaking communion with him, and rejecting Vatican II.  We can expect he will soon be excommunicated.  Before then, he has a right to put Pope Francis and the St. Gallen Mafia on trial as part of his defense for concluding Bergoglio was illegally and invalidly elected.  

Include evidence Pope Francis knew about McCarick before rehabilitating and promoting him, to show the judges why obviously in part he is being charged. Extend the trial with canon lawyers to bring forth the information to expose why he thinks the papal election was invalid based on a leftist agenda.  Expose FrancisChurch in the trial, and expose what comes out in Vatican court online and to the press. Expose their agenda that goes back to before 2013.  

Despite Vigano’s vitriolic excesses recently, in my opinion concluding the election was invalid is not grounds for excommunication. Nor his stance on Vatican II which is essentially that of the SSPX. What comes out through this trial will hopefully expose even more clearly to the world the Rot that has attached itself to the papal office, especially since 2013.  Vigano’s contribution goes deeper than a traditionalist critique of the current state of the Church, but a direct expose by one of the top prelates of the Church of the St Gallen Mafia agenda.  

Blessed are the persecuted. Archbishop Vigano is one of the few bishops defending the Faith.  Despite any at times excesses in speech, let us get behind him no matter what the sentence is.  If he is excommunicated, no doubt it will be from the “conciliar church” of modernism, not the Catholic Church. The Holy Ghost will raise up Archbishop Vigano even more in the fight for the Faith, just as He did Archbishop Lefebvre. Catholic bloggers, let’s follow this. Traditional Catholic bishops (like Bishop Gracida who also thinks the 2013 election was invalid), priests, theologians, and scholars, please study and speak out on this. Soon we can expect diocesan TLMs to be banished, so Archbishop Vigano and the priests in his new society will be ever more important to provide the true Mass and true Faith.