Friday, June 21, 2024

Vigano Represents The Target of FrancisChurch

Vigano’s Vatican trial and outcome isn’t really about Vigano.  It is about the traditional Catholic Faith, traditional Catholics, and the remnant Church.  We are opposed to the St Gallen Mafia’s agenda to elect and use Bergoglio to stamp out once and for all what is left of the true Faith within the Vatican and chancery structures.  

And by FrancisChurch I mean those modernists using this pontificate to push their agenda. 

Regardless whether or not Pope Francis validly received the papacy or not, or if it’s right for Vigano to pass judgment, he has simply become the most visual symbol of this resistance to their agenda, even more so than the SSPX bishops, including Bishop Williamson.  Despite any of his flaws, Vigano is the one prelate most representing this resistance to FrancisChurch, and preserving the Faith contrary to its agenda.  

Whether you go to a diocesan TLM, the FSSP, the SSPX, or a sedevacantist Mass, this is the reality, and why we must get behind Vigano in defense of the true Faith.  How the Vatican partisans of the new religion treated Archbishop Lefebvre was the same as they are now treating Archbishop Vigano.  

While there are obvious differences, the conciliar church in 2024 is even much more of the anti-Christ than it was at the time of Lefebvre, who called Paul VI a kind of anti-Christ, saying Rome had fallen into apostasy, and even at some point calling into question if John Paul II was a valid pope.  And John Paul II was like a Pius X compared to Francis.  So it isn’t really about Lefebvre against JPII, or Vigano against Francis, it is about the True Church against a schismatic and heretical facade of the Church, an ape of the Church, that has in fact made its stronghold within the Vatican and practically every chancery.  

We get bogged down by personalities and the latest controversies, wondering how Pope Francis can outlaw the true Mass, when the reality is we have two religions and two versions of the Church.  One is the Catholic Church.  The other is a false church, and those overseeing this false church who are consciously professing and practicing modernism and liberalism, already condemned heresies, then they are at least in material schism from us, from the traditional Church.   

They will no longer tolerate us.  Their agenda, that is the modernists, is to wipe us out, abolish the old Mass, cancel faithful bishops and priests, and soon enough censure faithful lay Catholic bloggers and podcasters.  We and Catholics who engage the Catholic blogosphere are essential because almost no bishops and priests, including traditional clerics saying approved TLMs, are speaking out, because, even if they wanted to, they risk getting cancelled.  So if the modernists in the Vatican crack down on us bloggers with a document, so be it.  

If I ever get an email from my Bishop to shut down the blog, which canon law allows Catholics to do to speak or write their concerns and opinions publicly and to profess the Faith publicly, for speaking out against the false church, I would defend my rights.  It would be silencing the remnant Church which requires the laity to stand up publicly as I am doing here.  As all the other traditionalist bloggers and podcasters, and online media, supported by traditional bishops and priests already.  

I stand with Archbishop Vigano just as I stand with Archbishop Lefebvre, because I stand for the traditional Catholic Faith, and in opposition to the new religion of modernism that has practically taken over the Vatican and chancery structures, leaving us like the true Catholics during the time of Arianism practically without the churches, but with the true Faith.  We will not accept the false teaching that an individual has a natural right to publicly profess a false religion, or that God formally uses Protestant and Orthodox churches, or any religion, to save souls, or that the hierarchical Church can be reduced to a quasi-Synodal democracy, or that the Mass can be said like a secularized Protestant service.  

There already is a kind of schism inside the Church between Catholics and the modernist establishment, since Vatican II.  It is just that under this pontificate, that schism is playing out even more clearly considering what has lately been coming out of the Vatican, and the agenda to shut down once and for all traditional Catholicism.  And by “traditional Catholicism” I’m not talking specifically about Catholicism in the 1950’s, but Catholicism of 2000 years vs the ape of the Church that is eclipsing the true Church, as the moon would eclipse the sun.  So when they accuse Vigano of schism, generally speaking they are pointing that finger at us.  There IS a schism. And we are on the right side, while the modernists and liberals are the real schism.  We pray for their conversion, but will not back down publicly professing and defending the Faith. And if it comes to it, continuing on as the underground Church.