Monday, June 17, 2024

Latin Mass “Final Solution” Coming Soon

According to Rorate Caeli from Vatican insider sources.  RC was first to report Traditionis Custodes before it was dropped like a nuclear bomb on the Church.  The “final solution” is a reference to the Nazi “final solution” to exterminate the Jews.  Therefore we can expect soon Pope Francis will exterminate the Latin Mass once and for all. Remember, TC said the goal was to get Trads to bridge over to the Novus Ordo.  History repeats itself. After 1970, bishops acted to suppress the Latin Mass, and an underground movement was immediately formed.  

Thanks to RC for this warning, so we can be prepared when it hits, to not become traumatized like so many were after TC hit, but instead have immediate contingency plans to carry on in accord with canon law, moral theology, and the doctrine of the Faith. 

Once upon a time, Cardinal Ottaviani wrote to Mr. McFarland of Oklahoma City encouraging him to build a privately owned traditional chapel for the true Mass, which he did.  In Tulsa, the Latin Mass community began at a side altar with Fr. Spellman at the Augustinian St. Rita’s Chapel, then at a family’s garage chapel, then Masses at a hotel, then Archbishop Lefebvre blessing St. John Fisher Chapel in Broken Arrow.  Resistance to the new religion would continue in Tulsa at the SSPX chapel and then FSSP parish. Yet the SSPX left Tulsa, two diocesan TLMs have been established, yet the final solution is coming sooner if not later.

I’ve been a Catholic for 49 years, 25 going to the TLM, over 10 years to to the SSPX, and the majority of the rest to the FSSP.  Bishop Konderla supports the three TLM groups, plus Clear Creek, for pastoral reasons. I’ve seen no preference for Tradition. But he will obey the final solution when it comes.  No doubt in my mind that means no more TLM at Sts. Peter and Paul, or Holy Cross in Wagoner, and requiring FSSP and Clear Creek priests to say the Novus Ordo.  

The representative majority of Trads at the FSSP object on some level to the Novus Ordo and conciliar reform.  They adhere to Tradition while not adhering to the new religion that took over the Church after the Council.   A new religion that claims man has a moral right to false religion, approves participation in heretical worship, and is presently working on a new form of the papacy pleasing to Protestants.

We need to be prepared to go underground like the first traditionalists had to do long before any Latin Mass indult. Wherever you are.  That may mean getting quiet approval from the bishop to have Latin Masses in unofficial places. Bishops can suspend universal liturgical laws for pastoral reasons, as many already are post-TC.  Or that may mean relying on supplied jurisdiction. The Novus Ordo, while valid, is doctrinally deficient and an extreme act of imprudence rupturing the Roman rite from its Tradition.  And Catholics have a right to the ancient and venerable rite of that particular Rite to which they belong   Roman Rite Catholics have a right to the ancient and venerable Roman rite as finally codified by Pope St. Pius V.  Even more than their particular Rite, Catholics have a right to a liturgy that does not contradict the theology of the Mass as taught by the Council of Trent, that does not blur the truth of the propitiatory sacrifice (see Ottaviani intervention).  

I pray Pope Francis doesn’t do this, but expect he will.  The next Pope may end up too nice to implement “the final solution,” so I expect the modernists, who Pope Francis himself has said he must follow, to try and suppress the main practice of traditional Catholicism under him. 

Remember the Latin Mass is not a mere preference, but something that we must maintain to maintain the Faith.  The Latin Mass represents the true Faith, whereas the modernists use the Novus Ordo to represent the new religion of modernism.