Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Hirsch Files

I'm still compulsively pluggin' away at this Blog amusement.  Its definitely an intellectual release and therapeutic.  I'm a tad bit perplexed though at a regular stream of traffic from China of all places, but its good for my stats!  And since I recently discovered my Myers-Briggs Personality type of INFJ ("Counselor")-- which it turns out traditionally enjoys communicating through the written word--I feel even more compelled to keep channeling my inner Okie Traditionalist blogger.

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And this new hobby would probably have not presently ignited without the inspiration of a Fellow Blogger Trad Cat, namely one Laramie Hirsch whose decidely "Alt-right Traditionalist" bent informs his own daily-weekly musings on religion, politics, the blogosphere, forum dynamics, technology, and daily life. His style is refreshingly Salt-of-the-Earth, pragamatic, intellectually honest, and committed to Catholic truth.

Without futher ado,
I give you...


Saturday, August 6, 2016

The "Red Neck AC" ???!!!

In from the Heat:

My brain is now adequately hydrated enough to sit down and write this post.  The mental fog of driving around Oklahoma in August--WITH NO AC--for the love of God--has lifted.

airplane_robert_hays_ted_striker_sweating_profusely-e1378390057378-1024x893.png (1024×893)

Summer Penance:

So according to God's natural providence, a rapid sequence of events recently took place in my car's engine.

110 F Heat Index --> Radiator Fan blew --> Thermostat blew--> Radiator blew

--> AC compressor fried!

Dash of Desperation:  

So not wanting to fork over $1000+ to have it fixed, for fun/interest/dash of desperation one evening I started watching Youtube video suggestions how to stay cool in a car w/o AC, and I came across this clever, convincing video, purporting the ability to make a cheap alternative AC.

I give you the "Red Neck AC"

IMG_9146.jpg (600×450)

My Experiment:

So an hour later, and a trip to Home Depot and Autozone, I set up this contraption, filled it with ice, set it in my hot car, and gave it a whirl. After a minute the air coming out of the pipes did feel "not hot" but "lukewarm." Holding onto hope, I let the thing run for 60 minutes. Would it cool down the inside of the car in any noticeable way??



From my Okie Armchair:

Now that my electrolytes are replenished and my sanity restored enjoying my indoor AC from my Okie armchair, I can look back on this experiment and laugh.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Virtual Reality Goggles???!!!

Pope officially creates loophole for Divorced-and-Remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion...Hillary Clinton is nominated by the Democratic party...New IVF human embryos "enhanced" with mitochodrial DNA from a "3rd parent".......

We just keep pushing the envelope in the Quest for Cosmic Transhuman Evolution.

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And now my Internet Friends, we have the latest Revolution towards Digital-Spiritual Enlightenment.  The clever, innovative, and CHEAP means to experience in 3D endless variations of Alternative Worlds.

2294483-sony-hmz-t2_cnet_france_56593_screen.jpg (480×360)

Live, 3D karate matches with friends in Korea.  Joining the next team to summit Everest via a trancontinental Virtual Reality experience.  Geneticists shrinking themselves down to the biochemical level to fly into a cell's nucleus to virtual splice artificial genes into chromosomes to make "new-and-improved" human beings.  Just made up those absurdist examples.

And so after talking to a coworker, I am shockingly surprised to discover that 3D Virtual Reality technology is now mainstream and affordable.  For Real?  I'm pinching myself.  Part of me wants to reread C.S. Lewis' Abolition of Man which warns modern society of modern technology in the end destroying our current civilization.  

abolition4.jpg (600×635)

Yet my cognitive dissonance gives way to a euphoric excitement.  Literally, I can NOW lay down $10 at Best Buy for 3D goggles, to which I can attach my smartphone and start uploading 3D Virtual Apps!!   To quote my coworker: "Dude, I'm telling you.  Its like real.  You won't want to take them off.  It feels like you're literally there."

maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)

I keep going back to the maxim "Technology is in itself neither good nor bad," but as I feel myself pulled into the Tractor Beam of the Technological Revolution, I simultaneously can't help but feel skeptical about the psychedelic digital vortex we keep spinning into.

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