Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Hirsch Files

I'm still compulsively pluggin' away at this Blog amusement.  Its definitely an intellectual release and therapeutic.  I'm a tad bit perplexed though at a regular stream of traffic from China of all places, but its good for my stats!  And since I recently discovered my Myers-Briggs Personality type of INFJ ("Counselor")-- which it turns out traditionally enjoys communicating through the written word--I feel even more compelled to keep channeling my inner Okie Traditionalist blogger.

blogging-meme.png (640×426)

And this new hobby would probably have not presently ignited without the inspiration of a Fellow Blogger Trad Cat, namely one Laramie Hirsch whose decidely "Alt-right Traditionalist" bent informs his own daily-weekly musings on religion, politics, the blogosphere, forum dynamics, technology, and daily life. His style is refreshingly Salt-of-the-Earth, pragamatic, intellectually honest, and committed to Catholic truth.

Without futher ado,
I give you...



  1. Cool! Thanks!

    I'd chime in more, but work and family have been keeping me too busy to catch my breath.

    1. Laramie can I get an invite to your blog?