Saturday, August 6, 2016

The "Red Neck AC" ???!!!

In from the Heat:

My brain is now adequately hydrated enough to sit down and write this post.  The mental fog of driving around Oklahoma in August--WITH NO AC--for the love of God--has lifted.

airplane_robert_hays_ted_striker_sweating_profusely-e1378390057378-1024x893.png (1024×893)

Summer Penance:

So according to God's natural providence, a rapid sequence of events recently took place in my car's engine.

110 F Heat Index --> Radiator Fan blew --> Thermostat blew--> Radiator blew

--> AC compressor fried!

Dash of Desperation:  

So not wanting to fork over $1000+ to have it fixed, for fun/interest/dash of desperation one evening I started watching Youtube video suggestions how to stay cool in a car w/o AC, and I came across this clever, convincing video, purporting the ability to make a cheap alternative AC.

I give you the "Red Neck AC"

IMG_9146.jpg (600×450)

My Experiment:

So an hour later, and a trip to Home Depot and Autozone, I set up this contraption, filled it with ice, set it in my hot car, and gave it a whirl. After a minute the air coming out of the pipes did feel "not hot" but "lukewarm." Holding onto hope, I let the thing run for 60 minutes. Would it cool down the inside of the car in any noticeable way??



From my Okie Armchair:

Now that my electrolytes are replenished and my sanity restored enjoying my indoor AC from my Okie armchair, I can look back on this experiment and laugh.

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