Friday, June 7, 2024

DOJ Targets Anti-Trans Texas Doctor

It’s now illegal in Texas for doctors to perform “sex changes” on minors. But the DOJ is charging a Texas doctor of a children’s hospital with felony counts of breaking HIPPA.  For leaking medical documents, with no identifying info included, and therefore not truly breaking HIPPA, to show that this new law is being broken at his facility.  

If convicted, it will ruin his career and to some degree his life.  For acting within the law, in accord with the Hippocratic Oath, to protect children. He is protected by whistleblower legislation, and this would be obvious to the Supreme Court. These leftist prosecutors know they can get away with it because they’re protected by immunity, except narcissism usually results in a blind spot, which in this case is that there are laws against malicious prosecution, criminal and civil.  

This doctor can very well at some point file criminal charges and a civil lawsuit against all directly involved in case of malicious prosecution, empowered to do so if Trump wins, and wages retribution through the office of the president against leftists in the DOJ. The president has the authority to replace top officials with constitutionalists committed to justice for those targeted via the Biden administration. And in due time, God willing, this doctor can still practice medicine.  The culture war continues and must be fought.