Monday, May 27, 2024

Health Update

Please keep my recovery in your prayers.  To summarize, I broke out in nerve and muscle pain through my arms and legs a year ago followed by extreme fatigue. After many tests and doctors, my diagnose was psychosomatic disorder and mild back issues, ruling out neurological and other serious disorders.  

The symptoms quickly began to resolve after Christmas, the last four months there being generally little remaining symptoms, compared to before, except a pattern of bad allergies and ear infections that began last September culminating in a ruptured ear drum in March with elevated tinnitus.  And a very bad tooth abscess taking a month to resolve, requiring two root canal procedures.  

3 weeks ago I started what would be my 6th round of antibiotics in 6 months, for a sinus injection.  A few days later, the pain and fatigue in my limbs returned now for over two weeks.  This a recurrence due to a psychosomatic reaction from stress plus some mild nutritional deficiencies from yet another round of antibiotic, having mild GI symptoms. On the positive side, my sinus infection seems to have cleared up, and outer ear infections are clearing up.  Without this recurrence of pain, I would be feeling fairly well normal and recovered.  

I was worried about B12 deficiency neurological damage, but that had already been essentially ruled out with an EMG nerve test showing no nerve damage in arms or legs, plus retesting my levels they are fine.  This is not the first time I’ve gone from no pain to a flare up in all limbs to later resolve.  

It is all a bit unnerving, pun intended, to keep accepting this daily as mainly psychosomatic, but as I’ve already generally recovered up to this point, I know this is temporary and will resolve. God’s will be done in His time.  Even then there is a longer term recovery period of weight loss and fitness training to remedy back issues, and stress management. 

My arm pain has been greatly subsiding which is encouraging. Anyways, that’s it, please keep me in your prayers.  To generally recover to return to full time work to support my wife.  Specifically to return to no pain as it was two weeks ago. God knows how many merits my wife has gained for her reward in heaven helping me through all of this and working full time.