Friday, February 18, 2022

People's Convoy, UPDATE

So what I'm reading on their FB page, the main convoy will maintain its course along I-40.  It appears it WILL NOT pass through Tulsa via I-44.  They'll be passing through the deep south, including due east through Oklahoma, where they are more likely to grow in size, then head up north to D.C.

The convoy is set to pass through Texas on Friday, 2/25.  So maybe they will pass through Oklahoma on Saturday, and if you're in T-town and not working that Saturday, come join the support.  Details are unfolding by the day.  It's just a 45 minute interstate drive from Tulsa due south to I-40 by Henryetta.  I expect in that spot there will be areas set up alongside the interstate for supporters and media to park and get out, especially from the greater Tulsa area, with over a million people including from the suburbs.  I expect at least a few hundred vehicles from Tulsa coming down to I-40 to cheer on, if not on the order of thousands.  It will be a sight to see, and to see all those trucks, to hold up FREEDOM signs, and to (peacefully and legally of course) pray for an end to the TYRANNY.