Monday, February 21, 2022

My Thoughts on Impending Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Well, Putin has now officially announced the invasion of Ukraine.  Ukraine and the US have already considered that such an act would be an act of war.  They will react in self-defense.  Blood will be shed, unfortunately.  

There will be a military conflict.  It will escalate. The threat of actual war, and risk of world war, will unfold.  One can easily predict the domino effect. 

Invasion  —> battles on Ukrainian soil —> US military intervention and/or economic sanctions against Russia —> cyber-warfare —> more military retaliation —> threat of nuclear hits.  

This situation looks very dangerous, considering the iron will of Putin to protect Russian interests, vs. Biden’s dementia and the US federal government’s arrogance to act like an empire (vs a Republic). 

God knows if there will be war.  But we must pray to prevent a war that would kill many people including civilians, and greatly affect all of us here.  

A war that could threaten the entire world.  God might passively allow that to happen now as part of the Great Chastisement foretold by Our Lady of. Fatima in 1917.  

Ukraine was once part of Russia’s ancient past.  But it had to secede because of Communist oppression under the USSR.  Russia lost all rights to Ukraine after committing crimes against humanity towards Ukrainians.  Ukrainians have their own distinct language and cultural identity, the key, defining features which make a Nation.  They have a right now to national sovereignty.  Perhaps only in a few hundred years the wounds of the past can be fully healed, and Ukraine can once again rejoin the Russian federation. 

But the real conflict is between Putin/Russia and Biden/US/the West over oil and global power.  The US has no right to control Ukraine or Eastern Europe.  We need to stop playing nation-building, which only gives western oligarchs more money and power, and stop acting like an empire, but instead focus on our national responsibilities at home. 

Unfortunately that will have to mean letting Russia take over Ukraine and eventually those Eastern European countries once under Russia.  But we can still give humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and exact justice against Russia down the road. If they actually do this, and take over Ukraine, the world must one day somehow hold Russia accountable.  But the US also has to hold itself accountable for meddling in the affairs of other nations.

My two cents.