Friday, September 14, 2018

Archbishop Vigano: a Hero, Welcome to come to Oklahoma

This guy is such a brave hero.  He knew when he released his report he would be hunted down by the liberal media and liberal powers-that-be in the Vatican, and even scrutinized at first from all quarters.

Yet, the press is reporting he has gone into hiding.  An unofficial hunt for him was initiated from behind Vatican walls, to answer for his report.

Well, we Okies are known for our down-to-earth common sense, and can clearly see that Vigano is a good man and did the righteous thing, on behalf of the children.  Our two Tulsa bishops even recently supported his exposure of the pedo Clerical Cabal, calling for an investigation at the Level of the Vatican/Francis.

So Archbishop, email me if you need a place to stay.  My wife is an excellent cook.  And I know our Bishops here will welcome you.  Perhaps even take a sabbatical within the walls of traditional Clear Creek Abbey here.
Cardinal Burke himself does from time to time.

What I admire most in this Bishop, in the stand he is taking, is his indifference to how he will be treated.  For him, the integrity of God and the Church is what matters.  Let the chips fall where they may.

God bless Archbishop Vigano!!  He is a hero we must support.  A lighthouse in the darkness, yet now a lightning rod targeted by the Rot in the human element of the Church.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Tulsa Bishop Emeritus Slattery Speaks! Re: Papal Level of Current Crisis

When I read this article on Lifesite news, it did my heart good, being an Okie Trad (Slattery is also an Okie Trad, btw!).


Wow, and double wow.  Spoken like the holy bishop that he is, one of the most Tradition-minded bishops in the Church today.

Btw, my Bishop Emeritus knows me personally, and that I write this blog.

Thank you Bishop!  For your courage in the statement you made.

His Successor, my Local Ordinary, anorher Successor to theApostles, Bishop Konderla made a likewise heroic statement on FB about investigating what Archbishop Vigano's bombshell report exposed.

i.e. at the Highest Level.

And he and I made up and are now friends. :)

I remember serving Mass for Bishop Slattery as a young man at Holy Family Cathedral, and meeting with him personally when I had discerned the seminary.  

The time has come to rid the Church of the Rot that has universally corrupted the Mystical Bride in virtually every Diocese.

Wouldn't you agree?

Btw, tonight I'm making jalapeno poppers to celebrate a certain career development.  Plus I'm really thankful for these subsiding temperatures and the promises of Fall:. the Fair, Oktoberfest, Halloween, All Saints Day party, Thanksgiving, more outdoor activities, and backyard fires!  

All of which I plan to blog about. :)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Professional Laymen Speak! Open Letter/Petition to Pope Francis

Here is an initiative I encourage you to support.  Please share on social media.
Thank you.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Okie Trad Exclusive: A Second Interview with Pope Michael

Preface: I've encountered a number of Catholics, who like myself do not believe David Bawden of Topeka, Kansas is really the Supreme Pontiff, but find him to be an intriguing and sincere person, who ironically seems to be teaching the Catholic Faith better than the man presently sitting on the Chair of St. Peter.   Or the vast majority of official pastors of the Church.  Perceived by many as an oddity of the traditionalist movement, I think what he has to say sheds light on the current situation, and on what really matters.

Interview of "Pope Michael" of Topeka, Kansas:

1. Francis recently amended the post-Vatican II catechism, saying the death penalty is now "inadmissible," ie always legally impermissible, because, he says, it violates the "dignity of the human person." Is he in error?

Yes, he is in error. He does not understand the purpose of the death penalty. The death penalty is to protect the innocent from the guilty, not to punish the guilty. This idea of the dignity of the human person flows from Vatican II. Dignitatis Humanae of Vatican II begins: “A sense of the dignity of the human person has been impressing itself more and more deeply on the consciousness of contemporary man,(Pacem in Terris) and the demand is increasingly made that men should act on their own judgment, enjoying and making use of a responsible freedom, not driven by coercion but motivated by a sense of duty.” This is not a Catholic concept.

2. Francis also teaches that bishops may decide in their diocese that the divorced-and-remarried may receive Holy Communion? What do you think of this unprecedented decision?

Jesus said: “And I say to you, that whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and he that shall marry her that is put away, committeth adultery.” (Matthew 19:9) Those, who have divorced and remarried are living in sin, and therefore are not fit to receive Holy Communion. To decide otherwise is to cooperate in this sin and to encourage these people to commit the sin of sacrilege by receiving Holy Communion unworthily.

3. Francis has also publicly called into question the existence of hell, said birth control can be used in extreme circumstances, approved of communion for Protestants, etc, etc. Instead, how should the pope deal with these moral problems debated today?

The Pope is called on to state the truths of the Faith clearly. Moral problems are not a matter of debate, for the Moral Law is clear. Hell exists. Birth control is never permitted. Protestants are not fit to receive Holy Communion, because they are not in union with Christ's Church. Communion is more than the reception of our Lord's Body and Blood. It is also a symbol of unity. When we kneel at an altar rail and receive Holy Communion, we are professing that we are united with the church that is giving us Communion.

4. When we have a putative pope in Rome teaching heresies, aside from the question of your own claim to the papacy, how should Catholics preserve their Faith, when there is so much that tempts them to discouragement and despair?

First of all, we must pray fervently to the Holy Ghost for guidance. Then we must live the Catholic way of life, because we are all called to be saints. We have a man, claiming to be Pope, who teaches heresy. Since this is impossible, either he is not teaching heresy, or he is not Pope. If he is not Pope, then we shake the dust from our feet and depart from him, because he has departed from Jesus Christ, the invisible head of the Church. Saint Robert Bellarmine asks how can a man be head of a Church of which he is no longer a member. The simple answer is that he cannot. This should not discourage us. Rather we should look for the true Pope and join with him, because it is necessary for salvation to be subject to the Pope.

5. How have you been doing? Do you still live in Topeka? What has been keeping you busy?

I am doing fine. And yes I still live in Topeka. I have a man studying for the priesthood here, who will be ordained priest later this month. We are going to start a church here.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Greg's "Kung Fu" Traditionalism

If you have ever frequented online Trad forums over the years, places like Suscipe Domine, Fish Eaters, Catholic Info, Ignes Ardens, etc, you likely have encountered a proliferative and entertaining figure named Greg.  He has one of the largest posting histories, since these forums became such a hub for Trads these last couple decades.  Often he is chatting away online in the wee hours, as he does work on his computer.

Greg is a traditionalist Catholic, husband, father of a large family, and very successful businessman, residing in England.  Often he travels on sales trips all over the world, and shares his adventures, and his personal perspective on Church topics.  He grew up attending the SSPX, which he still prefers, but now will attend other Latin Masses.

I appreciate Greg's wit, pragmatic world view helpful for those who live outside of cloistered walls, and online reputation for reaching out to his fellow Trads around the world to help with all things related to work, business, and money.  He even called me once from England, with brilliant advise for my wife about her vestment business.

But what I find most helpful about Greg's posts is his philosophical approach to being a traditionalist today.  And it rings true and sincere to me.

He satirically calls it "Kung Fu."  Not a traditionalism that fights using martial arts, but a reference to that 1970's TV show of a Kung Fu master who travels the Wild West from town to town, helping others.  The reference is to the fact the character, after helping others, realizes its better to move onto the next town because the scene is just too precarious. 

So Greg advocates for Trads to not get too hung up on the "town," i.e. their traditional parish or the Priestly Society that administers it (SSPX, FSSP, etc.).  When the nuttiness, weirdness, or contradictions prove too much for this sensible family man, he is known to move on to another Latin Mass parish or chapel.

And he advises we always be prepared, if necessary, to do the same.

At first, I disagreed with Greg's "Kung Fu Traditionalism."  I was able to endure the nuttiness enough to stay loyal to my local chapel.  But staying true to certain theoretical positions has to be balanced by other responsibilities related to one's state in life, and the multi-varied personal needs of the individual and family.

In other words, where one ideally attends a traditional Mass is not dictated just by theological certainties or driving distance.  Many factors come into play when deciding what traditional Mass to attend, and community to join.

And the thing is, for as much as we Trads hold to our convictions, we almost always are ultimately choosing what Mass to attend based on those personal needs first, and loyalty to organizations and traditionalist specifics second.  We all want and need a traditional parish community they fit into, a pastor they can respect and follow, an experience with their fellow traditionalists that is civil and sociable, and an open environment relatively free of Jansenism.

So we choose where to go to Mass, what parish to belong to and support.  We give it as much time as prudence dictates, but in the end, if the Cons outweigh the Pros, and there are other options, then Greg's "Kung Fu Traditionalism" to me makes perfect sense. 

Yes, be loyal to your parish.  If, for example, you support the Society like I do, be loyal to its principles.  But in the end, the shifting sands of the post-modern universal Church sometimes indicate it is time to move onto another traditional Mass.  Yes, don't react emotionally to a certain pastor or congregational annoyance, hopping from church to church.  But instead, be prepared to take slow, well-thought out steps.  For me myself, my own changes in church attendance over the years were slower than molasses; the steps I took more like that of an Ent in Lord of the Rings.

And especially when you are a family man, you have to weigh those circumstances carefully and choose wisely.  I think this really is the state of being a traditionalist today.  There is no dogmatic, absolute path to take within the Church, except for our total acceptance of the Deposit of the Faith and true submission to the Hierarchy.  

Living through this Crisis in the Church is like living in a City hit by a hurricane.  We don't want to abandon the City, but we all are faced with choosing different roads to take.  We look for the road that is closest, most safe, most free of debris, most removed from the hurricane, but also where there are others of sound mind gathering together to help one another.  

What do you think?  The Comment box is open!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Okie Trad: Solution to the Clerical Sex Abuse Crisis. Bypass the Ecclesial Authority, go to the Civil Authority

Okay.  The train wreck is occuring daily before our eyes.  Sides are being taken.  But even the conservatives in the Church have little power to affect reform at the universal level, vs. the progressivist stronghold over the Vatican and current pontificate.

Yet, while the Catholic Church has always taught that Her spiritual authority is greater than that of civil government, She has also always taught that the Church in Her temporal power and material place in the world is in fact subject to civil law and authority.

And each state's Attorney General, the Department of Justice, and the World court does have civil authority.

Therefore, it seems like a straight-forward fact that ending this network of clerical child molesters, and the Hierarchy's cover-up of their rot on human, global society will depend primarily on legal action by state, federal, and international governing bodies.

Let the United Nations and the US DOJ lead the charge, with the strictist and most aggressive judicial action and punishment.  Investigate Francis and the Vatican.  If the reports are found credible, convene national and international hearings.  Give the accused party chance to defend himself.

The same course of action would be warranted for any other international corporate organization, holding the highest authorities personally and legally responsible.

And if found guilty, give the strictist punishment and sanctions to protect the thousands of children that continue to be molested by Catholic priests.  

If Francis is found guilty of covering up child sex abuse, international government and/or national governments have the authority to imprison him.

In conclusion, the conservative Prelates should take the case to the Civil Authority, and bypass the corrupt Powers that Be.   Decades of cover-up prove that handling the crisis internally is fruitless.

Submit to God-given temporal authority, if you really want the world to submit to the spiritual authority of the Church.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Labor Day. The Clerical Crisis. BBQ

Such are thoughts on my mind today.
Happy day of leisure to you all, though I'm not sure what to think about Labor Day.  Just another patriotic holiday to round out the summer?  Or a socialist holiday?  Dunno.  If you know, share below in the comments.

The current crisis in the Church.  Watching the post-Vignon report clash over what to do, who is to blame, and how high up the hierarchy will accountability be placed, is playing out like the last Presidential run, with all it's intrigue, controversy, and battling all the way to election night.  Dare we Trumpers hope for a similar kind of miracle in the Church, to expose and topple down the Establishment network of clerical child molesters?  Is it even conceivable that if that miracle should happen, probably at the hands of civil government and the media, that traditional restoration across the Universal Church might occur?

On the first point, I am hopeful; but on the second point I'm somewhat skeptical.  Not that I wouldn't love to see the Latin Mass become mainstream in every parish where it belongs.  Catholic Tradition after all is meant to be universal across the Church, as it is universal across the timeline of Church history

BBQ.  Well, it's Labor Day, so I think we're almost duty bound to grill or buy BBQ. I'm thinking to make my famous jalapeno poppers.

Happy Holiday!