Thursday, July 19, 2018

Random Midweek Thoughts

Blue Hole Spring.   In the general vicinity of Locust Grove, OK.  Went there Sunday after going to the Maronite rite (somewhat traditional, but love the priest).
Wow and double wow.  55 degree spring water will lower your body temperature for hours, which feels relaxing.   Highly recommend it for your next summer, family outing.

Arby's curly fries.  Man those are good, but I really need to get back on strict low carb.  Best way to loose weight, imho, if you're horizontally challenged like me. But their curly fries are literally the best.  So crispy and well seasoned.  Deo gracias.  All things in moderation, right?

Pope Francis.   Too busy to read the headlines.  Would rather be canoing the Illinois River.  Who is game?   We can leave real early one Saturday morning, canoe just a short trip, and be back after lunch.

That blog post about trads and alcohol.  People, it was hyperbole.
I don't literally think you should "spike the baby bottle." But I suspect you all knew that.   The two alcoholic contrarian commentators, absolutely yes, don't drink alcohol, but do something to unravel the tightened cords of religiosity and scrupulosity.   How about an enema?  Just ask your local pharmacist what aisle.

It's almost the weekend fellow Okie Trads and Beyond!  Thinking of all you who read this little weekly log of my thoughts.


  1. Would it be inappropriate to say that the Calvinist/Puritanical commenters on alcohol should not only try the enema, but an alcoholic enema?

    1. I'd be tempted to say yes, just what they need, except I know there would be a nutter who would take me literally and write a long correction. They'd surely point out that an alcohol enema is extremely dangerous since the alcohol gets absorbed at a much faster rate than in the stomach, an unfortunate factoid that has resulted in a number of teenage deaths. But if they eat a whole bag of sugar-free chocolates, within an hour they'll be running to the toilet (true story, this happened to me) and minutes later relieved, at least momentarily, of their puritanism. :)

      That, or we create a traditionalist mission called "Traditional Catholic Enemas on Wheels, for Nigeria Missions." Drive from trad enclave to trad enclave around the country, in an RV, that serves as an Enema Clinic. Park in the parish parking lot. Donations go to Fr. Van Der Putten's project to build a trad church in Nigeria.
      :) :)