Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Blog Post Designed to Literally Make You Pee Your Pants Laughing

Happy Saturday!  We made it to the weekend! After a week of Ora et Labora.  Or odds are working in today's "live to work, vs. work to live" proletariat culture, it was oppressively heavy on the Labora.  

It seems very stressful for us traditional Catholics in today's world.  We have to pay the bills like anybody else, but under the pressure of subtle or even overt disenfranchisement for our Catholic identity, not to mention being gas-lighted by the Catholic hierarchy for our attachment to Tradition. No wonder some trads fall into puritanism.  This includes me at times in the past, mea culpa.

So this Saturday morning tonic is just for you. 

Goal:  make you laugh so hard you literally pee your pants, to help us uncoil.  

It's something called "urge incontinence."  When you experience a truth on an emotional level (example: the truth that we live in a dark age), sometimes it arouses the region of the brain responsible for laughter -->  which results in laughter --> which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system --> which relaxes the bladder muscles.  Hence how humor can shed light on truth, to the point of you literally pee your pants. Or at least a trickle.

Here goes:

To make you pee your pants laughing, it is vital you follow my advise, otherwise you may not laugh, at least out loud, or actually pee your pants. You may be tempted to set aside my instructions, to see what is so funny, but then I promise you, you won't get the full, therapeutic effect.

This video is a discussion between a liberal priest/bishop/nun, who are members of what is called the Independent Catholic Movement.  In the first 15 minutes, they discuss how they are similar to Roman Catholics, but are inclusive of the divorced-and-remarried, gays and lesbians, transgenders, yada yada, even praising our beloved Pope Francis' approach to ministry several times.  It is a window into the mind of religious liberals, both outside and inside the actual Catholic Church.


First, you have to rewind to the beginning.  DO NOT fast forward to Time 15:04.  You may be tempted to, but please wait, and I assure you, when you reach that point, you will thank me for maintaining the suspense, which will make the moment of humor even more intense.  I encourage just watching the first 15 minutes, 3 seconds.  It will pay off.  If you are stretched for time, you could fast forward through parts of it, but slow down to hear their liberal views.  Notice the priest and bishop are up to that point oddly dominating the conversation, the nun not saying a word.  After Time 15:04, the humor begins but there is more suspense.  The peeing should actually commence at Time 15:26.  Okay, here is the video.  

So...did I make you pee your pants laughing, as I did?  I hope at least I made you laugh out loud!  Let me know in the comments section, where we can laugh about the video.  

The times we live in.  We laugh lest we cry, is the approach I try to take here at this blog!


  1. ahhhh those who don't have the fortitude to follow the traditional Catholic teachings....we have 3 options in life....change your religion to accommodate your life or change your life to accommodate your religion....or be nothing. To the posers.....your unsettled natures and black souls still are identifiers.....can you take all the pedophiles have let all the other sinners in trying to clean their slates with false promises of'll have it on earth, but it's not free...there is still a final judgement. Stop trying to make mainstream your inability to live life according to God's plan and create man made false acceptances. Sin is still sin, trying to house it all in one religion is great as it has its own identifiers....but let's call it satanism and remove yourselves completely from Catholicism...

  2. Yep, these 3 were in the first category "change your religion to accommodate your life" in that they are all former Roman Catholics. At any rate, hope you found the absurdity laughable.

  3. indeed..thank you

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