Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Please DONATE to a Traditional Catholic Man in Need of Help. As Reported by OnePeterFive.

Dear Reader,

Would you please consider contributing to a fundraiser for a traditional Catholic man named Bill Price, and his fiance, from Jackson, Michigan, after he recently suffered a terrible construction job accident?  They were just about to get married next month, and he has no personal health insurance, except for the workers he employs.  I ask because I know his mother, who asked I help.  She and her husband are the lay coordinators of their Latin Mass community, at their diocesan parish in Jackson, St. Mary Star of the Sea.


Steve Skojec over at OnePeterFive wrote about this story last week.
Read about it HERE.   Steve reported about Bill's devotion to the Latin Mass and his parish community, his help of others, and how he started their Gregorian chant schola.  That is where he and his fiance met.

Providentially, I've corresponded with his mother on a traditional Catholic online forum, who sent me encouraging messages when I myself was going through my own medical crisis a year ago, during my physical therapy and recovery.   So I promised to share this story here and ask others to help him.  Would you?  

Please share by Facebook, email, etc, as I will.  This would be a great corporal work of mercy, helping one of our own, a devoted, traditional Catholic, and a business owner about to enter into Holy Matrimony.  This also gives testimony to our Catholic Faith to which Bill and his family are so dedicated.  Thanks.



  1. Thank you Okietrad. You are a good man. A good cause. I know this.

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