Monday, May 14, 2018

Day 3 of My Vacation

Gotta love a good chair and a plate of buffalo wings, especially if you're a guy.  For those of you on a ketogenic diet (i.e low carb - medium protein - high healthy fat),  for wellness or weight loss,  I recommend making your own using a deep fryer and lard.  Comes out 2x as good as even Pizza Hut.

Lard, Okie trad?   Yup, studies show saturated fat is actually good for you.   It's processed food,  flour, and sugar that will kill you. 

Getting ready to go down to the gym for a swim and a whirlpool soak.   Does wonders for my stress hormone levels.  7 more days before I jump back on the treadmill set to level 10, like a  capitalist slave.   Any working men out there in need of a soak or a sauna,  let me know,  I can bring guests. 

Yesterday was also a rewarding tonic, us driving to picturesque Eureka Springs,  AR.   An Ozark lunch at famous Myrtie Mae's, then checked out the serene glass chapel in the woods, and the towering Passion Play statue of Jesus that looks down on Eureka Springs.  Protestant,  but edifying. 

Then a tour of majestic Blue Spring Heritage Center - a round,  blue spring that forms a lagoon, surrounded by well kept gardens,  and a nice path that also takes you through the woods.   That alone is worth the trip from Tulsa. 

After a visit to the Blessed Sacrament in the traditional St.  Catherine's Catholic chapel,  we finished the day over a German meal at the Bavarian Inn, with my Bavarian,  German mother for Mother's Day.

Happy belated Mothers Day to all mothers,  especially the Blessed Mother. 

And thank God for building leisure into his plan of salvation.

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