Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Public Announcement! Two Month Sabbatical from the Chaos.

For the next couple of months I expect to be extremely busy with work, so I will decidedly be blogging about less polemical, critical topics for now, but about more warm, fuzzy, devotional topics.  Sugar plums and kittens and puppy dog tails, and such.  :)  

Internet fight-club nuttiness from within the traditional Catholic blogosphere has never been something cathartic or edifying for me, as it is for some.  

A prominent Alt Right blogger Davis Aurini, online friend of Laramie Hirsch, because he disagreed with my criticisms (really Charles Coulombe's podcast) of their Alt Right ideology complimented me this morning:

you're an effeminate pussy, and no man of God. Repent of your wicked ways, and grow some testicles, faggot...

Davis Aurini, "Alt Right Catholic Blogger"


Then, yeah, laughing out loud, it might be the moment to pull in the reins a bit to regroup and refocus.  A bit.  No doubt some (at least one or two) will think that makes me a eunuch, but so be it.   I would rather be perceived as such, while objectively doing my duties of state, than be an "alpha male" wannabe.   

But I will still be checking in daily at my favorite Canon212 news conglomerate website during my "morning constitutional," as it were.

Kudos to Frank Walker for his invaluable work!

I'm thinking maybe some comical, creative stories, or more "journal entries," or posting articles written by other traditional Catholic bloggers like Oakes Spalding for example, who has a great sense of humor mixed into his posts.  

Though if Pope Francis makes another heretical statement, or there is some other draconian shutdown of Catholic tradition in my own diocese, I might have to share in the reports and give my two cents.  Maybe.

Fair enough, Okie trad!

Thanks Bishop Konderla!   He and I have pleasantly emailed each other several times, btw.

Also, I will be disabling the comment section the next couple months at least, since about 80% of the comments/"discussions" in the comment box lately have been oddly either:  off topic, ad hominem invectives, inane, or just plain ridiculous.  To all you 20% of reason-loving and civilized people posting in the comment section, feel free to email me, or wait until I re-open the comment box.  

There's just too many internet trolls as of late.  Despite my many vices, being patient of those who fundamentally disagree with me has been one of my commitments, but there are limits

So, less critiques for now of the Clear Creek Village, or the Alt Right, or the 2013 Conclave, but more reflections this summer on Tulsa traffic, my swimming routine, or my wife's good cooking.  

Oh, and Part 3 about St. Padrio Pio coming soon!

Hugs and kisses, fellow Okie Trads and Beyond.

The Comment box is NOT open.  :)