Tuesday, June 21, 2016

God created Alcohol!

God created Alcohol!

Ok all you Friends out there in Cyberspace. I'm at it again.  Channeling my inner Joseph Ostermeir--Okie Traditionalist Extraordinaire--to give you my 2nd Official Blog Post!  Hooray!  Kudos as Gatsby might have said to Nick Carraway over a martini poolside!

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Yes, a quick reference of my old theology and organic chemistry books confirms one indisputable fact--The Giver of Life created Alcohol!  First He created fermenting bacteria and yeast, but the 2 Carbons, 1 Oxygen, and 6 Hydrogens that form this divine molecule come directy from His Truely!

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I ruminate on this sublime truth having ingested a few ounces of Vodka following a hard day of work, chores, errands, and bearing the purgatorial heat of Okie-ville. Perhaps it is an excuse for regular (modest) consumption of Spirits, but I have always found motive in drawing from the well of God's divine nectar on occasion in that alcohol consumption is an integral part of traditional Catholic civilization. Just consider St. Benedict's daily prescription for monks to drink wine:

"Each one has his own gift from God, the one in this way, the other in                        that. Therefore it is with some hesitation that the amount of                                        daily sustenance for others is fixed by us. Nevertheless, in                                           view of the weakness of the infirm we believe that a hemina {just under               half a liter [sounds like a pretty generous portion!] } of wine a                    day is enough for each one."   (The Rule of St. Benedict)

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Which brings me to my present context--Oklahoma!  Oklahoma was in fact one of the very first states to embrace Prohibition DECADES before the crazy project went national, with unbridled, salivating enthusiasm.  It was the "Bone Dry Act" of 1907 that prohibited the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages (!), cleverly to include an absurd (bigoted?) BAN on fermented grape juice (wine) used on Catholic altars across the state.

   I don't know about you, but when I get        home from work on a Friday evening, I      like to frequent the little liquor store          across from the grocery store.  A pint of    Rum and a 2-liter of Diet Coke will do      me just fine for the weekend. 

   Recently, I overheard hipster customers    praising a new proposal in the                  Oklahoma legislature to withdraw their    prohibition of selling wine (yes, wine)      in grocery stores. A welcome change!

New Friends in this Matrix we call the Internet, I leave you with these final words from the good Apostle (St.) Paul:

"Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and                thine often infirmities."  (The Bible)


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