Monday, June 20, 2016

First Blog Post!

First Blog Post!

I'm sitting here in my armchair giving you my first post on my brand spankin' new blog, enjoying the AC while outside the heat index keeps climbing higher and higher everyday.  Its close to midnight and my eyes are drooping, but this first post is on my evening To-Do-List.  So here goes.

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Surrounded by Quicktrip gas stations, tornado sirens, and a Protestant church and restaurant on--I kid-you-not--EVERY corner, I begin this series of musings about Church and Society, life and death, joys and sufferings, and daily life from my vantage point here in the Heartland.

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I am Joseph Ostermeir, the Okie Traditionalist.  Preoccupied with the Traditional Latin Mass movement, counter-cultural living, being outside, diet Coke, buffalo wings, my summer garden, and Restoring All Things to Christ.  Ever seeking integration between the outdoors and indoor domestic living, work and leisure, urban and rural life, contemplative and social activities.  Persevering in traditional Catholicism, yet almost obsessively mindful of the pitfalls in both the secular mainstream and the inlets of the Catholic Latin Mass movement.

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My inspiration is the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas, the lessons of Mother Nature, the life of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the Holy Family, and all those Teachers and Life Coaches that have helped me reach this point in my life's journey.

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