Friday, June 24, 2016

Another Day in the Heartland

Spanish steeples hovering over billboards
Homeless drifters hoping for help
Old lady cashiers without a pension
Diners, bbq joints, Mexican food trucks

florida-saint-st-petersburg-taco-bus-authentic-mexican-food-truck-DA8E6X.jpg (1300×956)

Okie livin', livin' the life
Workin', prayin', hopin', savin'
Keepin cool, lots of Quicktrip Big Q's
Flatish but lots of trees, some run down buildings but lots of parks

Tendin' to my little oasis
Flowers, tomatoes, new porch chairs
Dogs barkin', salmon belly sizzlin'
Its the weekend, goin' garage sale-in'

I'm an Okie, Traditionalist, and thats OK
Born and raised, Catechism-thumper of the South
Ready for more summer, and ripened bell peppers
Traditional Catholic on the Move

cropped-dukes1.jpg (920×360)

You know it.

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