Friday, May 10, 2024

Health Update

Please keep my recovery in your prayers, specifically that my outer ear infection and sinus infection resolve, that my overall sinus/ear situation greatly resolves soon, and that there are no serious nutritional deficiencies related to yet another round of antibiotics which disrupt the GI microbiome impairing absorption.  My leg nerve pains have returned I think because of the heat, but there is still the lingering concern vitamin B12 deficiency may have contributed before to the nerve pain (and now) as a hospitalist suggested may be the case, even though a neurologist later doubted that saying since the pain comes and goes, with a nerve test showing no bad results, it presents as inflammation (now I know from my back) vs actual nerve injury (which could happen from sustained very low B12 levels).  I saw another ENT who thankfully is treating me for the infections, ordering an MRI and CT of my head, and may do some sinus surgery to help clear up my now chronic bad allergies, especially affecting my ears.  The peforated eardrum healed, thanks be to God, and tinnitus subsided yet not yet to previous levels.  These two infections flare it up, so once resolved I expect more decrease, plus a major cause is my TMJ disorder I’m now actively treating aggressively with hot pack, massage, etc so that should decrease it as well over time. I’m sticking to my diet, daily gym, and overall health protocol, but haven’t quite reached that place yet I can say I am generally recovered and back to normal, even if that new normal may mean some periodic symptoms.    Please pray this happens soon. Everyday is a total effort to this end. Offering it up for my sins and the souls in purgatory. To the Divine Physician Who ultimately heals all illness.