Monday, May 13, 2024

Ascension St. John’s Cyberattack

I’m waiting on an MRI/CT through Ascensions St John’s for a potential surgery to relieve my ear and sinus symptoms. It turns out imaging isn’t taking the referral right now because the Ascension system is still to a great extent down from the cyberattack  on their system. Being on their charity program, not able to go outside the system, I’m at the mercy of Providence when this crisis will resolve. God’s will be done. May God resolve it soon, and punish the perpetrators, because no doubt many people’s health is seriously hurt by this, I suspect even some people dying.  Imagine you’re a cardiovascular surgeon needing to give someone an urgent life saving surgery, but how can you when you can’t access their imaging, labs, send out messages and orders, or use the computer system during surgery.  It takes a certain level of psychopathy to do something like this.  Given the current political climate, my first guess is it’s a terrorist group in or associated with Iran, in retaliation for us defending Israel from Iran’s direct attack on them.  As we enter into WW3, that’s how the enemy will get us on our soil, through terrorist and cyberattacks.  Ascension being I think one of the largest health systems in the US, given the nature of health care, this is very serious.  It’s affecting their entire system across the nation, not just in my area, and affecting people with sinus problems, which in my case has been rather debilitating as part of my overall condition, but still relatively minor.  The neocon globalists are partly to blame provoking these people, but ultimately we are all to blame, this being, I believe, the early stages of the Great Chastisement foretold by Our Lady.  She calls us to prayer and penance and to obey God’s commandments  So that’s what I’ll do.