Saturday, April 20, 2024

Trump WILL be President

President Trump WILL be re-elected.  We will have a victory this year.  He and Melania will be back in the White House.

Through lawful authority, God will bring down His retribution through President Trump on the Democrats and DOJ in their political persecution of patriots who contested the Coup.  The leftist policies of Biden will be reversed. Trump must be re-elected.  He will be re-elected. 

It isn’t about Trump. It is about a patriotic movement that is more energetic and soulful than any other patriotic movement since the Revolutionary war.  It is about The People, liberty, the rights of the family and the Church, the sanctity of human life, and standing up to godless, statist communism in this country. 

The leftists overshadowed this patriotic movement with a political witch-hunt to discredit and disqualify Trump.  Just as they were wrong in 2016, they will be wrong in 2024.  And it will be glorious once again. An antidote to despair.  A shot in the arm of hope for this country.  

Remember how the sun came out in the sky when Trump was elected, his excellent achievements, all the pushback on leftism, and the ecstatic energy of crowds everywhere he went, as it is now.  But this election is more critical than the last two.  Even more is at stake.  

Readers of this blog in swing states, you must be gearing up to promote Trump in your neighborhood, workplace, churches, etc, to swing people sitting on the fence to vote for a highly flawed man who has great patriotic spirit, who is ready to also become a political prisoner for this country. 

It’s real. It’s authentic.  The man continues to be sincere and not owned by anyone. Let us rally behind him now in the months ahead, flying our Trump flags and wearing our Trump hats in public.  The momentum is building. 

It’s going to be intense. But I am willing to risk my blog stats and predict he wins, as I was sure he would win in 2016.  In 2020 I predicted he would not remain in the White House.  But now I can feel this in my bones. President Trump WILL win this election.