Friday, April 19, 2024

Dr. Allen Harrelson, The Pipe Cottage Podcast

I listened to him for the first time at The Catholic Man Show, then on a recent Pints with Aquinas podcast.  He has a podcast called The Pipe Cottage talking about pipes, tobacco, and history. 

He has a PhD in History and is a history professor.  He owns 240 acres of farm land in Kentucky.  He has a deep southern accent and academic personality.  

Recently he converted to Catholicism as well as his wife and children. He describes himself as a traditionalist and conservative, having a vitriolic dislike of urban settings and modernity.  

If per chance he might come across this post, or someone forwards it to him, I would highly encourage him to find a Traditional Latin Mass near him.  One commenter suggested one in his vicinity. 

Professor, you converting to the Church during the post-Vatican II Crisis in the Church is akin to someone converting to the Church during the Arian crisis. Just as Arianism had invaded the structure of the Church back then, so Modernism has invaded the structure of the Church today. 

This began in the late nineteen century.  I highly recommend reading first Iota Unum giving the history of the modernist Crisis.  As one southern Catholic traditionalist to another, welcome home.