Thursday, February 24, 2022

Ukraine, People’s Convoy. Okie Trad Opines.

Well, if this situation isn’t a threat of World War III, I don’t know what is. 

Russsia will take Ukraine and then likely neighbor States.  The US and UN will then join the war. Russia then will either do nuke strikes and/or major cyber attacks. 

An attack on one is an attack on them all, per NATO.  Barring some kind of extraordinary peace summit to prevent this, it seems to me we must prepare for the significant possibility of major attacks on American soil.   Supersonic nukes from Russia can take out LA or NYC in a matter of a couple hours. 

Time to prep if you haven’t already.  Have several months supply of food, rice and beans, spare gas, a small solar panel to charge your phone, take out cash in small bills from your bank account, have a radio with plenty of batteries, arms and ammunition to defend from looters and hunt.  Have a bug out plan and route to get out of the city as fast as you can.  It’s wise to have at least some moderate “prep” for something like this, during these times.  

In the mean time, join the People’s Convoy of truckers passing through America, protesting the Covid Tyranny.  Looks like they pass from Elk City, OK, through Tulsa, to Vinita, OK this coming Sunday 2/27.  Bring an American flag.  Pray a rosary for freedom and justice, to end the global tyranny. God’s will be done. 

And to ultimately bear witness to Truth.