Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Joyous. "Momentous" Decision Made by our "Most Kind" Papa Francesco. We Won't be Sent to the Gulag. Like the Rest. Joy to the World!

Joy to the world, my fellow devotees of the "Extraordinary Form."  Our beloved, most kind Father, Francis the Merciful, told the FSSP not to worry so much.  He will now grant them in writing faculties to use the 1962 liturgical books. What a relief.  He also gave the two FSSP priests visiting him Italian coffee and cookies, hugs, smiles, and best wishes before they went home.

Un-Suspended Cardinal McCarrick, Knowing
About His Pedophile Abuses, Then Put Him in Charge of Appointing 
New American Bishops -- the SAME still unrepentant McCarrick now laicized
Facing Criminal Charges (Source: Archbishop Vigano)

It was a bit puzzling though that he finished his decree with this statement, which we noticed as we left Santa Marta:

"Without prejudice to what has been said above, the Holy Father suggests that, as far as possible, the provisions of the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes be taken into account as well."


Considering, you know that he stated verbally during the same meeting in which he jotted down the "decree," "No, no, no, the motu proprio doesn't apply to you my brothers, no."

But whatevers. He already verbalized to us the Motu Proprio (from hell) doesn't apply to us, so it must be a typo.  We got him to put it in writing on a piece of notebook paper, yet to be published if ever by the Vatican.  So it's all good.  Rest assured FSSP, Institute, etc, Francis the Merciful's "note" guarantees that all Ecclesia Dei Institutes will continue to enjoy the right to exclusive use of the 1962 books.  

Sing to the Mountains, Sing to the Sea!

Of course that is what Francis must have meant when he smiled warmly "granting us faculties." By the way, you know, after already having them since 1988, including and up to this meeting at Santa Marta.

But I digress.

Don't Trust The Smile of a Dictator

It is time to rejoice. He spared us the ax. The other 99.99% of Roman rite priests/laity out there will be sent to the "No More Traditional Catholic Mass for You 'Rad Trads'" gulag. But not us.  We are spared. Hallelujah!!   Kill the fatted lamb. Let the wine flow. We have survived this storm.  It's now in writing.

Of course it's too bad all our other brother priests (400,000+ Catholic priests) have been sent to the modernist gulag where they will be deprived of their needs for Catholic Tradition, enduring the spiritually bitter cold of the TC motu proprio, living in daily fear how the TC "guidelines" will be used to terrorize them yet again if they show any interest in the Mass of the Ages. Sure, sure, that's not good.

For them.

Sent to the Gulag for Traditionalists.  Hard Labor.
For Criticizing Francis, the New Mass, and Vatican II

But we the privileged 0.001% still get to have our little, quarantined enclaves "in full communion," and Masses in Latin facing the altar, with the 1962 rubrics.  So long as we don't officially criticize the pope, the Council, or the Novus Ordo Missae.  Kumbaya.

And of course this rumor that Francis the Merciful is about to drop the hammer on the Ecclesia Dei institutes with a pre-Easter clampdown on Traditionalism must now be set aside as fake news. It's all good folks. The coast is clear.  He doesn't expect us to ever conform more than we are already do to the "liturgical reform" and Vatican II.  No, no.

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