Saturday, February 1, 2020

Saturday Morning Musings: Coronavirus, Impeachment Aftermath.

Lovin’ this warm Saturday weather, warm for February.  Took Peanut for a hike out at Mowhawk Park, detailed the car, and got a spiffy haircut before taking the Mrs. on a date lunch.   Debating whether or not to watch the Super Bowl.

Interesting times we live in, the best of times, the worst of times, as it were.   Us right-reasoning, God-fearing people, who care about such matters as Catholic Tradition, Family, and Property, are watching daily as this Coronavirus Situation unfolds.  How serious is it, should we start prepping for it, is it a biological weapon, etc — such are the main questions circulating.  

Well, considering the relatively high mortality rate, that cases are appearing across the globe, that the world is always on the verge of the next viral pandemic, that globalism has made socio-economic breakdown far more likely today than the aftermath of say the Spanish flu epidemic, not to mention approved Marian prophesies warning of an impending Chastisement (have to wonder if the pontiff objectively worshipping a pagan idol in St Peter’s last October, with almost no sincere concern for the diabolical scandal from the Bishops will be the tipping point triggering God’s wrath), then yeah it would be a good idea to start prepping. 

Visits to Costco or Sam’s club.  Buy beans, rice, and canned goods in bulk.   Follow this situation, if it worsens, proportionally do more prepping.  My thought has been crises like this are a good wake up call for us to always be prepared, both spiritually and materially. 

Next topic:  the impeachment proceedings failed in the Senate, Trump to celebrate next week when this nonsense is wrapped up.   The socialists shot themselves in the foot on this one, though surely they knew that in their desperation. Their failure is Trump’s success.  Meaning he will be re-elected with his party rallying more behind him for the next four years.   Pundits rightly observe this impeachment failure increases polarization in America.  Perhaps in the foreseeable future, after a major crisis, the socialists will achieve final takeover of America turning it into a second world country like those in Eastern Europe, but at least the nationalist patriots, conservatives, and traditional Christians will form closer alliances in states like mine.  

Interesting times we live in.