Friday, February 7, 2020

Friday Night Musings: Guns, Skojec vs Oakes, Physical Frame

TGIF fella Okie Trads and Beyond.  We made it to the end of the work week.  Well some of us did anyway, me having to put in extra hours tomorrow.  But the nice thing about going into work on a Saturday is it’s typically quiet and you can be a bit more casual with yourself, listening to music, snacking, untucking your shirt, and such. 

Guns.  Well I’m thankful for a thread started in a trad Catholic forum recently discussing the developing Coronavirus outbreak and plans for prep.   Last week I discussed it here, how I agreed with the consensus to take a good look at this situation and start filling up your pantry.   But then when I read about how the daily life and economy in China is taking a big hit, when you think about how our own daily life is linked to them via the economy and mass means of production, then I decided it’s time to look at upping my home protection.   A shotgun seems the best choice, it’s been a while since I owned or shot one.   There’s something life-affirming about having a gun, and developing a self-defense mindset.  

Skojec vs Oakes Spalding.  Two well-followed trad bloggers these last several years, and according to them online friends.  Until a recent feud.  Oakes strongly disagreed with Skojec over a topic of debate.  Skojec then turned on Oakes his friend bringing up very personal, negative things about Oakes online that is private, to the point Skojec later deleted his comments with apology.  As relayed by C212. 

On this one I’ll side with Oakes because he did not deserve to be the object of an online smear job, and in all my own blogging-related correspondence with him, and reading his blog, I’ve always had the impression he is a very balanced, humble, and charitable guy, who, through his own use of the tool of irony, finds intra-trad nuttiness as silly and distracting as I do. 

Which is my point in even making note of their apparent fall out.  

Physical Frame.  Guys, the critical need to develop this in yourself to fulfill your nature/purpose as a man was driven home by local Okie Trad James Deprisco in his newly released book The Catholic Red Pill: a Guide for Men, available on Amazon.  See my blog post about the book.  The veracity of the argument hit me like a ton of bricks, wiping the Greenhorn out of me, who is horizontally challenged in both the sagittal and coronal planes.  But I’m working on it through daily walks, weight training, and a very strict keto diet.  And I can report back that yes, as you develop your physique and outward appearance, your spiritual, emotional, and intellectual frame also follows suit.   

Anyway, we're planning to make it to SSPX-OKC, when we can.   Weekly confessions, the True Mass, an angelic choir, and nice parish community, it’s a hidden gem.  Yessir. 


Kathleen1031 said...

I duck and try to stay out of the feuds, feeling it only gives them gasoline to even talk about them. I am assuming one side starts these things, perhaps because we are at that point in Trad-dom where frustration is setting in. We see we can't change things in Rome, and we've endured a lot from Bergoglio et al since 2013. A lot. Quite a lot. Tension is spilling over, and perhaps clicks are down, I don't know, but apparently clicks mean something in the blog world. Anyway, I wish all concerned would just consider how giddy it must make our enemies (we do have them) to observe our circular firing squad, and they must say, good, it's working.
This is no time to start devouring each other. I think people can figure out what is a low blow and unfair, if somebody is being a bit of a rat, or intentionally inflammatory.
Hey we're all a little nutty at this point.
And yes, regarding coronavirus, all the preppers who have been mocked over the years, aren't turning out to be not so kooky at this point. Coronavirus is something to take seriously and get some plans going in terms of food, security, avoiding crowds, washing hands, and if it ramps up, staying away from others. Forget masks, those could not be purchased, even online, two weeks ago. We ordered them, knew the order wouldn't be filled even though the company said it would, only to have them send us a text saying it could not be filled. No doubt they quadrupled the price and sold them to the highest bidder. There should be lots of complaints about that, because to me, it's wrong. You sell them, you should fill that order. But that's not what happened. God bless and stay healthy.
We're all in God's hands, all the time. Best place to be.

Jacob said...

Twitter will be the death of the online Trad community. I find it interesting that on their actual sites as far as I've seen, these guys do their normal thing, discussing the usual topics, sharing personal experiences, and so on, but on Twitter, it's backbiting and all-out war as differences of opinion spiral into personal feuds.

I barely used Twitter. Probably didn't even have a hundred tweets to my name, but Twitter has shut down my account. I'm glad my occasional urge to log in and see the latest on what these guys are beating each other over the head about can't be gratified.