Monday, August 6, 2018

Random Thoughts to Start the Week

I'm on vacation, so I've had more time to blog these past days.  Deo gracias, I passed a certain milestone in my career, and am deeply thankful for all God's blessings.  Our life will certainly change soon, which brings all sorts of plans and aspirations in the months and years just ahead, and a renewed outlook.  Onward and upward!

Lately I've been thinking about the death penalty issue, our health care system, the crisis in the Church, recent and planned summer outings, my eagerness for Fall, etc.  So why not channel some thoughts about each of these topics in one blog post?

By the way friends, if you like to write, and think you have anything of substance or something helpful to share on any subject, I highly recommend starting your own blog.  It is quite catharctic, fun, and leisurely.

A blog about anything:. Gregorian chant, adopting children, the shooting range, whiskey, liturgical customs, camping.  Any topic can promote the good, true, and beautiful.

The death penalty.  So it seems Pope Francis has caused many people to Google the word "inadmissible."  I'll raise my hand and admit I googled its definition, for clarity sake, even though a logical breakdown of the word makes obvious its meaning.   "Not able to be admitted legally." Speaking to the universal Church through the CCC, which is a universal catechism, he is saying without qualifier that in no country on Earth today is it morally licit for the State to use capital punishment, under any circumstance whatsoever.  Ever.

So if a dictator were to commit genocide in his country, and "ethnically cleanse" millions of a certain race, if imprisoned he absolutely could not make restitution for his crimes by being put to death, because it would violate his dignity as a human being.   If a 21st century version of Adolf Hitler were brought to trial, the pope is forbidding any judge to consider the death penalty.   

Unbelievable, both figuratively and literally. 

Our health care system.  It can be characterized as a mine field, somethings good, many not so good or outright bad, which you have to navigate to find good health care, or if you work in health care to work in a truly professional, ethical, and therapeutic environment.   The culture of life vs culture of death, as it were.

I find that health care professionals who are committed to clinical and ethical excellence, in treating the whole person, in keeping with the noble ideals of a Christian medical ethic/care of the sick, are in the minority.  Afterall, you really have to do your homework to find a 100% pro-life doctor who treats in accord with nature.  Yet if you can navigate around the mines, you will find countless good, caring, and effective health care people and establishments.  The key I think is for believing Catholics who work in the health field, to do so according to Catholic, Christian standards, to be first and foremost a model of excellence, clinically, ethically, and spiritually.  The "restoration of all things to Christ" in all professions and trades begins with us, right?

St. Camillus
A patron saint of those who 
work in Health Care

The crisis in the Church.  It's part of our daily news.  Almost a hobby to follow.  An integral part of the discussion at any Traditionalist gathering.  We are trying to psychologically and spiritually cope with papal gas-lighting, while being forced by circumstance to unnaturally retreat from most parts of our Church, leaving us in a state of Ecclesiastical PTSD.   Our sympathetic nervous systems are perpetually in over-drive, in a "fight or flight" response.  We flee to our Trad enclaves, ever ready to fight, yet trying through prayer and abandonment to God's Providence to maintain a state of spiritual peace.  Quite the challenge God has given us.

Our summering outings.  Blue Hole spring, Flint Creek, Grand Lake, and the Verdigris River.  We enjoy parking our car in the shade, grilling, soaking up the beauty of nature, and maybe a swim or fishing.  Wanting to go back to Blue Hole spring.  An oasis.  Just east of Salinas, OK which is north of Locust Grove.

Eagerness for Fall.  I try and appreciate all the gifts of God's creation, including each of the four seasons.  But when Oklahoma enters the deep heat of July and August, I start counting the days until Fall.  Something about high heat and humidity is not good for my temperament, which is why I feel I "come back to life" once temps go back to the 70s or less.

Wishing you all a good week.

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