Sunday, March 11, 2018

Went to Mohawk Park Again, in Tulsa

I want to share this experience because I think this hidden gem is an excellent place in particular for a family outing.  It is a wholesome, frugal place to connect with the Creator by means of His Creation.

Wrote about this Oasis, recently.

God's providence is a marvel, how it directs us in all the minute circumstances of daily life.  It was a cold, Sunday afternoon in early January, and I had an itch for re-connecting with the great outdoors, also known as Creation.  If you're a Tulsan like me, and live anywhere near Midtown like me, you know there aren't a lot of choices if you need a super Walmart.  The one at 81st and Lewis is just about as shady as the one on north Memorial, so I usually venture to the Memorial location since it's closer.  

That Sunday, I bought a small, backpacking-size fishing pole at Walmart.  As I walked to my car, I wondered where would be a good choice nearby to go fishing, and I thought of Mohawk Park on the north side of the city, in the countryside attached to the Tulsa Zoo.

I didn't catch anything that late afternoon, but I was really inspired by the place, how much is there:  the large park, picnic cabins with fireplaces,  a meandering stream, the city zoo, Oxley nature center/hiking trails, a golf course, and a neat Knights of Columbus lodge on the edge of the park.

Went to Mohawk Park Again, Yesterday.

So we packed one of those old-fashioned picnic baskets with chicken legs, brats, and mackerel, bell peppers, onions, and potatoes, plus some beer and pop.  I grabbed the charcoal, and out the door we went, arriving shortly later at a cabin, picnic shelter, the second to last cabin as the road veers to the right towards Oxley nature center.  Having analyzed the park, I highly recommend this spot.  A grill is very close to the cabin, and the creek runs feet behind it. It is more quiet and removed, as the park can really fill up with people on nice days like this weekend.

Here is a picture of the cabin area:

I like how these big cabins are FREE, and the whole park is open until 9 pm.  You can actually have more than a picnic experience, but the whole gamut of camping activities, minus the overnight stay.

Here is our meal:

While I unpacked our goods, started the coals, gathered firewood, and built a fire in the cabin's fireplace, the Mrs. was good to prep the food and grill.  The weather was really divine, the setting simple but picturesque.  It was a welcome retreat from the modern grind.

Here is the fire I built, and how I built it:

Got to use my new bushcraft saw.  Built my go-to fire design, a tee-pee built inside a log cabin.

Managed to catch a little time before dark to fish in the stream behind our spot:

I hear tale there are a good # of fish in this stream.  One gentleman related to me catching several large catfish there, once upon a time.

Deo gracias.  Thank God.  This was a bless-ed re-creation.  Hope you all can check out Mohawk Park one day, with you and yours.

Have a good week.  Enjoy the longer days! 

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