Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Calling all Clear Creekers! In Need of Land. Want to build a Cabin!

Hey Fellow Okie Traditionalists.  Do any of you live out by Clear Creek Abbey?  I am looking for land to build a small, weekend cabin, now or in the foreseeable future.  Either to buy, or with permission to use a remote spot in the wilderness, to make a small camp and hike around a bit.  Do you know of any land for sale, or anyone who might let me build something like this in their woods?  Would be greatly obliged for any feedback.

I'm an old "Friend of the Monastery," as they call it, visiting there dozens of times in the last couple decades.  As city-dwellers, we've made our parish home Most Precious Blood Catholic Church, just southwest of downtown T-town in the countryside by Chandler park, where the Traditional Latin Mass is offered.

Attended the CC Workday last weekend, and a campout there last October.  Love to drop in for the Divine Office once in a blue moon, when I'm passing through that part of the state.

Right now I can afford a tiny plot of land and to build a little cabin, but in a year or two a bigger section to build a bigger cabin.  I love to hike, fish, hunt, and just immerse myself in nature, which has always indirectly nurtured my spiritual life, and offered a much needed repose from the modern world.  I would be more than willing to help with any land offered for possible use, by clearing out dead trees, etc, and can sign something about liability.

My Idea:

So I've been enjoying the great outdoors during these colder winter months from my Okie armchair, as I call it, watching on Saturday mornings youtube videos about what is called "bushcraft" camping, which has inspired me to do something like this.  This video is my favorite:

And the Clear Creek area would be just the perfect place.  Just an hour from Tulsa.  Of course the monks are nearby, where I can go to pray and attend Mass, but also the countryside is some of the prettiest I've encountered in this part of the state.  What better place for a weekend retreat?

So if there is a bit of land available out there, my idea would be to very quietly hike into the woods with just a backpack on my back, for a day or two, and to clear out some dead wood to make a small shelter, a rock fire ring, and clear the ground around the "cabin" 10-15 feet around the structure, leaving the rest of the area untouched and very clean.  Very low impact and quiet.  At first, I would pitch a tent or make a lean-to, as I come out on occasional weekdays to make the little "cabin."   Would hope to hike around a bit, and fish if there is a nearby stream. 

Would you love to do something like this, to have such a blessed, simple place to get away from it all once in a while?

Here is my email:

Or comment below.  Thanks for any feedback.

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