Friday, September 22, 2017

Connecting the Dots about To-Be Beatified Okie Fr. Stanley Rother

I like facts, and putting them in my visual field where I can compare them and look for patterns. Every reality is connected to another reality. Everything is connected to something, which is connected to something else.

And I find that when you lay out the facts, as it were, reality sheds light on the situation and shows you that over-arching truth. You don’t have to be a logician or fountain of information. Just a simple set of essential facts set in the context of over-arching laws and principles will get’r done. 


Just look at the Constellation Virgo phenomenon. It was God who arranged the facts. Twelve stars crowning the Virgin, with the Sun at her back, the moon at her feet, and the planet Jupiter emerging from her womb after nine months, all this converging on September 23rd, 2017. And this corresponds point-by-point almost verbatim with the Revelation of the Lady in the Book of the Apocalypse. You don’t have to be a biblical scholar or a mythology professor to see how the 9/23 Virgo Phenomenon matched what is described in Holy Scripture.

I think all this applies to the case of Fr. Stanley Rother (RIP) of Okemah, Oklahoma, now raised to the altars as Blessed Rother. 

Laying Out the Facts:

Here’s the facts that enter my visual field about Blessed Rother. He was from a simple, down-to-earth state. He specialized in farming. He was ordained a priest after Vatican II. He is almost always depicted wearing lay clothes and a rainbow stole. The modernists use images like that of priests to represent a Conciliar ideology of the Catholic priesthood—priests being ordained principally to serve the issues of social justice. Those are facts. 

He was put on a Hit List in Guatemala, in Latin America. He did not leave his flock, and was killed for being a priest, representing the Church serving the poor. All of this was in the 1970s. His cause for Canonization was put forward by the Church in Oklahoma in the 1990s. It became fast-tracked under Pope Francis. More facts.
He served Hispanics and died for them. Today Oklahoma is one of the main states with a large population of illegal immigrants, where the two Catholic Dioceses here oppose the Republican policy of strict immigration law enforcement in Oklahoma. The US bishops--including the Okie bishops—support a progressive policy that is widely tolerant of illegal immigration. Their policy runs contrary to President Trump’s policy. Those are just facts.


The same exact year that Fr. Rother is finally raised to the altars as an American Saint, Donald Trump becomes President, representing a populist, nationalist movement that is ultra-conservative about immigration policy. Trump is building The Wall. Pope Francis objected to building Walls. Archbishop Coackley of Oklahoma City is on record saying he thought the Beatification was fast-tracked because Fr. Rother represented to Pope Francis his vision of the “New Evangelization.”

Oh, and Pope Francis is from Latin America. He was elected to better represent South America. The plot thickens. There are quite a few priests lately in South America, and around the world, killed, whose death might be defined as “martyrdom,” but none of them are being beatified or canonized that I’ve heard of.

Just the killed priest from Oklahoma, just one state north of the US-Mexico border. If you are an illegal immigrant coming in through Texas north, you go straight into or through Oklahoma. All those are obvious facts.


What else? A common opinion among traditionalists is that post-Vatican II Catholics beatified or canonized are done so for political reasons, more than because of the three parts of what makes a saint--heroic virtue/penance/orthodoxy. Their canonizations are considered canonizations of the ever evolving Conciliar Reform/Theological World View. 

Connecting the Dots:

Those are 25 Facts I listed about Blessed Rother. I mean, can’t we connect the dots? Hello. Using just some simple logic and basic Catholic common sense?

Here goes.  Conclusion: the pattern suggests that under the pontificate of Pope Francis, Fr. Rother is being manipulated as a Political Symbol of a progressive policy in favor of illegal immigration, of Hispanics Fr. Rother served, from South America, across the US border into North America.   

Fr. Rother was chosen because he was from Oklahoma where today illegal immigration of Hispanics is front stage, and basically supported by the Oklahoma bishops. God bless our Okie bishops, but I think those are established realities.

Summary:   Yes, Fr. Rother died knowing he was on a Hit List because he was a Catholic priest serving the poor of Guatemala, which, according to the Vatican met the definition of martyrdom, making him a saint.   However, aren’t all the facts closely correlated enough to strongly suggest that the “Media Version of Blessed Rother” is being used by modernists in the Church to promote a progressive policy about immigration of Hispanics in South America, to the US? That his Beatification this year of 2017 is partly a political statement against President Trump’s immigration policy?

I'm not certain. But it does seem probable. All the facts align pretty well, like the stars and planets of the constellation Virgo. Time will tell, how the Rainbow-stole version of Blessed Rother is marketed and used in American church politics.

And I’m wondering if I’m the only person on the web making this connection? Maybe it helps I was raised Catholic here in Oklahoma and for decades have heard and seen the Rainbow-stole version of Fr. Rother.

Let me know what you think in the Comm box below.


Blessed Stanley Rother, pray for us!


OkiePapist said...

I have to say that I have always been suspicious of Blessed Rother just because of that stole. As a side benefit, I went to the Cathedral today for confession and it was locked up. All the priests were in OKC. Sacraments I guess we're not important.

Joseph Ostermeir said...

That's frustrating. Several times I've waited 30-45 mins going to confession there Sat. afternoons, the line not being too long, but getting turned away 5 mins before Mass. Felt like John Candy in that scene in Summer Rental, standing in a long line waiting for a table at a restaurant, staring at the lobsters in the tank, and at the last minute someone gets the last lobster and he cant get a table. Its so frustrating that its actually like a comedy.

Pic from movie:

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading about Rother. He apparently was the first priest to "pay respect" to the pagan deity Maximo
He occasionally drank with the elders who made him an honorary elder. Her ecumenical!

Maria K. said...

I double-checked your claim, and you're right.

On page 174, the author says, "[T]he elders of Santa Cruz assured me that Stan Rother had been the first priest to show respect for Maximon."

Page 178: "Rother's friends in Santiago included the confrades. He drank with them on occasion, and they named him an elder... even the evangelicals I spoke with claimed to have been friends of his and invited him to their services."

This is interesting: On page 177 it says, "An American nun who had worked with Rother poked gentle fun at his blindness to the sexual activity going on under his nose and then added: 'Father Stan had selective vision, I guess."

Maria K. said...


Anonymous said...

Check out The Hirsch Files regarding Fr. Stanley Rotherham.

Anita said...

Missed the fact that he was from Okarche, not Okemah.