Friday, September 30, 2016

Who is this Guy Joseph Ostermeir, The Okie Traditionalist Blogger?

Me, Joseph Ostermeir:

I was pondering today my new readership.  I keep getting big spikes in my viewer stats encircling posts about the Tulsa diocese.  Are there many trads from my neck of the woods checking out my blog?  Are they curious who this Joseph Ostermeir guy is?  Perhaps they are wondering if I am in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa diocese, or if I attend a Latin Mass parish and which one? Am I married, with kids?  What's this guy doing with his blog?

Well, I'll share what I can and what I can't, and I'll start with what I can't share. Considering that yes, I am a family man, I can't really give details that would pin point who I am, or that could negatively impact my family.  Such I think is the nature of a blog used in part to express controversial ideas about religion and politics.  I have to be cautious for me and mine.

That said, I will disclose I am Irish-German, work in the health field, a family man, a native Okie who enjoys gardening, cooking, and all things outdoors.  My favorite subjects are anything related to health, the Latin Mass movement, and the philosophy of St. Thomas.   I will attend the TLM at different locations, and I will simply say that I do support/defend the SSPX and leave it at that.

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One New Goal for the Blog:

But before I start my end-of-the-week Friday night movie, allow me to share one purpose I've decided for this blog.  I want to use it to keep watch on the modernist revolution going on in my Local Okie Church, and considering my admiration for the traditional restorations of retired Bishop Slattery, I am making part of my blog's mission to share public news if/when those restorations are reversed.

I can't spare the brain cells nor time to report on the typical abuses things like altar girls in the cathedral or the doings of your average clerical modernist.   But I do intend to keep my ear to the ground for the rumblings of approaching local, ecclesiastical earthquakes.

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That said I wish all my Online Friends a pleasant Fall weekend!

Now its time for our Friday night movie!

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BJ Wexler, famous Okie host of the OETA Movie Club program.


  1. From east of the New Madrid - Be safe okie, thanks and God bless you and yours.