Sunday, May 5, 2024

Russia: a Thought Experiment

If Russia hated the US government, was using an organization named NATO to expand its military empire up South and Central America towards the southern border of the US, with the ultimate goal of conquering the US ideologically, culturally, and economically, to reshape us in its own idea of how a nation should be, would we not view that as a military program of aggression threatening our very sovereignty?  

Would we not at some point, when a line is crossed, seeing that this attempt is imminent and may occur at any time, conclude that we have a right to self defense? The Ukraine-Russia war of the last two years, and the historical events leading up t it, prove this scenario is actually in reverse, that we are essentially at the Russian border posing constant and imminent threat.  

The US has now made it clear it will not back down, now committing to a ten year deal to keep sending military $$$ and weapons to Ukraine. To fight Russia. No matter what view you take, the old Cold War anti-Russia view following the mainstream media narrative, or the realistic view that sees this ending unnecessarily in a Third World War, more because of the US and Ukraine than Russia, these are the facts on ground level. It’s madness. 

And again, if the situation was in reverse, and say Russia was now committing to a ten year plan of being the main military support to say Mexico, to fight us, would that not be argued to be the proverbial line in the sand that was crossed?  To justify military action against Russia in that scenario.  Yet that scenario dies not exist, only in reverse in reality in Eastern Europe.  

I believe Putin when he stated in February, 2022 that if that “line” is crossed in which their sovereignty is threatened, that they will attack us with nuclear weapons. That it could be done in a very targeted, surgical way to prevent MAD—mutually assured destruction.  At this point, will Russia not consider nuking our nuclear silos here in the US, or starting with one final warning, such as to make a peace treaty now that the US will stop provoking Russia, and funding  Ukraine,  or else they will retaliate against us.   If the situation were reversed geographically, we would retaliate.  We wouldn’t wait for them to first line up nukes and tanks across the US-Mexico border before defending ourselves. 

In their nuclear exchange philosophy, using smaller scale nuclear hits on our military facilities is acceptable.  And our government knows this.  In conclusion, the liberal globalists and neocon globalists have brought us to the precipice of war with Russia (and therefore its  closest allies), and are doing everything in their power to push us over the edge. Pray for peace. Prepare for war.