Friday, May 17, 2024

New Vatican Document on Marian Apparitions

There is a Crisis in the Catholic Church, emanating to a great extent from inside the Vatican since Vatican II.  Evidence points to the full 3rd secret of Fatima warning Catholics about this, and that the secret was initially not released by the Vatican, or later the full secret, to hide this fact.  

Fr. Gruner(RIP) of the Fatima Center, who had communication with Vatican contacts over the years, spoke about modernists in the Vatican trying to silence the message of Fatima. A message also distributed through other Marian apparitions.  We were led to believe Francis finally consecrated Russia as Our Lady of Fatima requested, which the Fatima Center studied to conclude it hadn’t.  

And lately we have learned about serious scandals surrounding Cardinal Fernandez, and the problem of the homosexual blessings document, and most recently some very problematic statements in his document on human dignity, evidence pointing to him being under the direction of the modernists ruling over the Synod on Synodality, with plans for even more radical changes in the Church.

Is it any wonder then that traditional Catholics would be concerned what problems would come from the new document on apparitions, released today?  I read it, and nothing jumps out to me as problematic in itself, in a plain reading of the document. The process of investigating, approving or forbidding devotion to a certain apparition is now more centralized to avoid some of the dysfunction and novel practices that sometimes spring up.  

At face value that seems good, to root out some of the religious insanity and heterodoxy associated with certain unapproved apparitions which are inauthentic. However, consider who ultimately is now in charge of giving the approval from the Vatican .  It is no longer the local bishop on his own.  

If Mary appears in his diocese, with a similar message than at Fatima or Akita, that confirms that ongoing message,  that message now has to be approved by the Vatican, which would seem unlikely. To me the document itself doesn’t seem to be problematic, but the people behind it, and their agenda. Kyrie eleison.