Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Prep Now

As in be a Prepper asap, if you aren’t already. We are on the edge of WW3.  Some say it already is a world war on two fronts: Ukraine and Israel. One bloc of nations aligned against another bloc of nations. The globalists vs. the anti-globalists. Driven by different religious or philosophical views of life and lust for money. Two powder kegs.  It sounds crazy but it’s real. Better to prep now and be ready for when global annihilation takes place as foretold by Our  Lady than to not be ready if this happens.  

You can get prepared relatively quickly.  It will take a few shopping trips to Costco, ALDIs, Tractor Supply, and your local gun and ammo.  And a handful of hours arranging a new prepper pantry. 

At Costco, get large bags of rice, beans, flour, and sugar, as well as bulk oatmeal, honey, cooking oil, canned chicken breast and tuna, coffee, peanut butter, ramen, yeast, propane, duck take, twine trash bags, liquor, and lighters.  At ALDIs get as many canned veggies and fruit as you can.  Swing by the gun and ammo and pick yourself up a used shotgun and AR-15 for home defense, and a lot of ammo for each.  Last stop is Tractor Supply to get cheap food grade 5 gallon buckets with lids. 

You’re also going to want to buy some oxygen absorbers off of Amazon. 

When you get home organize your pantry and clear out any clutter.  Best if you can store your supply on shelves. Tape a sheet across any window to keep the room dark.  In the warm months keep the vent open to let in the AC. In the winter, close the vents to keep heat out.  The room should be cool and dark. 

Next, wash out and dry the buckets, fill with flour, sugar, rice, or beans to the rim, place an oxygen absorber on the top, seal the lid, then duct tape the lid, lastly labeling the container. Most of the food will last decades. 

You could do all the basic Prep work in a couple Saturdays and then sit back and forget about it.