Thursday, January 19, 2023

New Book Now Published on Amazon!

The book is called Back to Nature.

Its description reads as follows:  A Philosophical Reflection on the Post-Modern World, and the Imperative to Return to the Natural Order.  Written from the perspective of classical Western philosophy, especially the Wisdom of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas.

I talk about subjects like the Four Causes in natural philosophy, the threat of Artificial Intelligence, the wacky plans for Mega Cities in China, Aristotle's view of the ideal City based on Nature, the Unmoved Mover argument for God's existence, the dangers of the technology revolution, and a call to return to the land and more simple country living as an anecdote to the poisonous way of life we call contemporary, modern society.  Its a very engaging, but deliberately short read, well worth your time and $.

Low price:  soft back only $8.95.  E-book is only $2.99.  

Its my second book I wrote while on sabbatical from The Okie Traditionalist from mid October to mid December.  Still posting excerpts here of chapters as blog posts.  Also thinking up my next title to start soon.

If you like reading these pages, please buy this thought-provoking and entertaining book. 

Buy It: