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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

10 Things I’d Rather Be Doing than Watching another Cardinal Burke Video on the Current Papal Crisis

God bless him for his public witness to fundamental teachings being overturned on a weekly basis from the highest level in the Church, but Cardinal Burke himself in his latest interview with one Patrick Coffin is basically saying he can’t say if Francis was not validly elected. Basically he thinks his hands are tied on a direct intervention.  

There will be no real show down, so we’re just spinning our wheels obsessively fixated on a remedy for this Luciferian mess.  Which is why at most I glance at such headlines on the odd occasion. 

I give you:

10 Things I’d Rather Be Doing:

1.  Making my famous jalapeño poppers for the men’s group this Saturday at 4:30 at the Fraternity of St Peter enclave.  Come on out and meet The Okie Traditionslist.   Hint I look like Hoss from Bonanza. 

2.  Drinking Busch Lite.  I like a Jack Daniels once in a spell, but on any night I’m fine and dandy with my low carb go to Busch Lite.  Lot more flavor than Ultra Light Michelob. 

3.  Swimming down at the ol Blue Hole.  Planning another weekend day trip when temps subside. 

4.  Re-reading St. Thomas’ Treatise on Law as a primer for my next medical ethics article on abortion.  It won’t be like something published by the JP2 Institute or in a pamphlet by the American Life League on facts and figures.  More a philosophical reflection on core ethical principles and how to surgically apply them (pun not intended) to complex abortion cases.  Case in point the debate over ectopic pregnancies posing a high mortality risk. 

5.  Walking my dog Peanut. 

6.  A long sweat bath in a wet sauna down at my gym after a therapeutic swim.  Cathartic after a day dealing with crazies in the world.  Yes sir. 

7.  Ordering the addictive combo plate down at White River Fish Market.  Makes for a not very penitential meal with trusted Okie Trad friends. 

8.  Rubbing Peanut’s belly when I get home.   She assumes the position the moment I walk through the front door.   Dogs.  A man’s best friend.  

9.  Standing in line at the DMV writing a blog post on my phone.

10.  Battling extremely slow Tulsa traffic made so by a minority of mindless, moronic slow pokes who often reduce the flow of traffic by a large percentage (and indirectly by extension the local economy).